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  • Season 6
    • Bye-Bye Baby!
    • Look Who's Breathing
    • Guess Who's Going to Dinner
    • There's No Place Like... No Place
    • Pinup Mama
    • Mama in One
      Mama in One
      Episode 37
    • The Big Nap
    • More Power to You
    • Mama Takes a Dive
    • The Big Wheel
    • War of the Roses
    • My Phony Valentine
    • Bubba's House Band
    • Mama's Layaway Plan
    • Take My Mama, Please!
    • Very Dirty Dancing
    • Psychic Pheno-Mama
    • Mama Bell
      Mama Bell
      Episode 31
    • What a Dump
      What a Dump
      Episode 30
    • Bedtime for Bubba
    • Full House
      Full House
      Episode 28
    • My Mama, Myself
    • Found Money
      Found Money
      Episode 26
    • Many Unhappy Returns
    • The Really Loud Family
    • Naomi's New Position
    • Baby Talk
      Baby Talk
      Episode 22
    • Ask Aunt Fran
    • Ladies Choice
    • I Do, I Don't
    • Bye-Bye -- Baby!
      Bye-Bye -- Baby!
      Episode 20
      Naomi is upset because her baby is late, so Mama tries to calm her down by telling her that the Harper men always come through when their women are in need. She tells her how sweet Carl was when they had their first child, and this calms Naomi. But after she leaves, Mama tells Iola that Carl didn't do anything and she took a bus to the hospital. Later that night, after Vint gets home from work, Naomi comes up and tells everyone she is in labor. Mama tries to organize everything and calls the doctor, but Vint shouts for her. Naomi says the baby is coming now, and Mama has Vint get the pickup, which he smashes. Naomi goes into labor and Vint passes out. Later on, Iola and Bubba get home and learn Mama helped Naomi deliver a baby girl.moreless
    • There is Nothing Like the Dames
      Iola is helping Mama prepare a fancy luncheon for an exclusive Raytown society group, the Dames. After Mama decides what she will serve, Bubba comes home and tells them he got the lead in the fraternity play, but the lead is of a woman. Vint and Naomi, who have been house hunting, return and say they have found a place. But it turns out they have gotten a mobile home and plan to live in a trailer park. Everyone helps them fix it up, and on the day of Mama's luncheon is when they are planning to leave. But the mobile home breaks down, and Vint and Naomi are stuck in the driveway. The rest of the lunch doesn't go well, with the Vint and Naomi issue and Bubba coming home in his costume, a skirt and heels. When the Dames see this, they call the family low class, and Mama tells them to leave. She never becomes a Dame, and Vint and Naomi learn that to get their home fixed will cost a lot.moreless
    • Look Who's Breathing
      Bubba is helping Mama and Iola prepare for Bingo, as Naomi and Vint are taking a childbirth class. The night of the big Bingo game, Mama and Iola are preparing to leave early, as Naomi comes up for her next class. Vint follows, wearing a sympathy pregnancy belly for the class. As the family is teasing him, the phone rings. It is Vint's boss, telling him he is in a situation and needs him right off. Naomi needs a new coach and she ends up getting Mama, who would rather be at Bingo. At Naomi's class, the teacher is late, and when she finally does arrive, Mama tries to rush the class. Annoyed with everything, Mama tells the class that breathing techniques won't help when they are in labor. Mama tells all the women that they'll have horrible pain during labor, and after the child is born, it will be hard at home. Mama is told to leave after that.moreless
    • Guess Who's Going to Dinner
      As Mama, Iola, and Naomi are preparing for Mother's Day, Vint comes in and says that he won tenth place for dinner for two at Abdul's Garden of Eating. Mama and Naomi end up getting in a fight about whom Vint will take, since it is a Mother's Day dinner. Mama and Naomi both try to bribe Vint into taking them to the dinner the night before. Both women plan with Vint on how they will meet him at the restaurant, and leave, thinking they've fooled the other. Vint tells Bubba he gave each of them a ticket, and they are each expecting him to show up. Mama arrives first, than Naomi, and the two get into a fight. Vint shows up, and give Baba a note to give the women. After they read the note, they decide to take the dinner home, and share it with everyone.moreless
    • Pinup Mama
      Pinup Mama
      Episode 16
      Mama and Iola are trying to get elderly men to a church dance, and Naomi suggests they make a flyer. Meanwhile, Bubba is working on a class project for photography, and takes pictures of Lisa, a young attractive woman, and his family. Bubba finally develops the photos, and even creates a joke picture of Mama's head on Lisa's body, which he plans to make into a poster. Since Mama's picture looks so good, Iola suggests she puts her picture on the flyer. Mama has Vint go to the printers to get her flyers developed, as Bubba plans to get his poster made. Vint accidentally drops both folders that the pictures are in, mixing them up, and the gag shot of Mama appears on the flyer. When Mama gets to the mixer, all the men hang around her. Iola finds out why from the angry older woman, and tells Mama, who screams.moreless
    • The Big Nap
      The Big Nap
      Episode 15
      Mama has been spending the past week watching detective movies on TV, leaving the family to be forced to go out to eat. The family isn't happy about this, but rub it in the next morning when Mama is falling asleep while doing her housework. But Mama's life soon starts to mirror her movies. Iola comes over and reveals that her Mother is missing. The family splits up on how to search for her, and Mama stays home near the phone. But while waiting, she falls asleep, and dreams she is a detective in the 1940s, where she has to search for her client Miss Neighborly's mother. Though in the dream, the "Mother" never existed, and everyone turns against Detective Harper. Mama wakes up and told that Iola's Mother has been found at the Donut Hut.moreless
    • Mama Gets Goosed
      Mama Gets Goosed
      Episode 14
      Mama and Iola get back from Christmas shopping, and Naomi, Vint, and Bubba are putting up a fake silver Christmas tree. Mama isn't exactly in the Christmas spirit, but when Mama reads the card from her cousin that says she is giving her a present to remind her of the old days on the farm, she decides to have an old-fashioned celebration. When the gift finally arrives, everyone is shocked to see it is a live goose. Mama reads the card from her cousin, which says that the goose, Leland, is meant to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner. Everyone is against killing the goose, except Mama. The goose keeps attacking her, which the family says is because he knows Mama is going to slaughter him. When the day of Leland's execution finally comes, Mama has trouble going through with it, and in the end, serves a vegetarian dinner, with Leland as the guest of honor.moreless
    • Mama Takes a Dive
      Mama Takes a Dive
      Episode 13
      The Harper house is freezing because the furnace is broken. Vint can't fix it, and Mama can't afford to buy a new one, so Naomi and Iola suggest she gets a bank loan. But while at the bank, Mama slips on a roll of pennies, and the family suggests she sues the bank. She hires a sleazy lawyer, Sam Travis, who plans to sue the bank for over three million dollars and makes Mama look worse than she is. After being given a sling and neck brace, Iola is fooled, and the family is hoping they will be able to convince the bank's insurance company. When the insurance agent arrives, Mama acts like she is completely helpless. Iola arrives as the insurance agent says that she isn't convinced. This upsets Iola, who mistakenly calls Mama "Mother," and Mama decides to blow the scheme. She shows she isn't injured but ends up still getting a settlement for falling. But her lawyer has her just sign it all over to him to cover his "expenses."moreless
    • War of the Roses
      War of the Roses
      Episode 12
      Mama and Iola are preparing for the Crystal Thorn, and Mama is intent on winning with her Herbert Hoover. However, Iola is worried about the slow bloom of her Dainty Bess. But after she returns from getting something for her flower, Iola reveals to the family that Mama's rose has cross-pollinated with Iola's. Mama and Iola get in a fight about the flower, and neither wants it. When Mae June, the woman who has won Best Rose twelve times visits, she is very impressed with the flower, saying it could win the award. Meanwhile, Vint is trying to make-up with Naomi, and Bubba suggests giving her the rose nobody else wants. Mama returns home and sees the rose is missing. She thinks Iola took it, and accidentally reveals to Iola that Mae June said it was a winner. Naomi comes outside with the rose, and after realizing she has it, Mama and Iola chase after her. The three women fight over it, and end up destroying it.moreless
    • Mama Takes Stock
      Mama Takes Stock
      Episode 11
      As Mama is looking for the Harper Family Christening gown for her unborn grandchild, she discovers s stock certificate, which Bubba takes in to his business class where he is learning about the stock market. Soon after, Vint comes home, and learns that he is going to lose his job because Kwik Keys is going out of business. The family and Iola are upset, but Vint stays calm, just until he is alone with Mama. Then he starts crying. So Naomi and Mama try to help him search for a job, and Iola starts a petition to save Kwik Keys. Bubba returns home from class to tell Mama that her stock certificate is worth something; it turns out she owns ten shares of Bernice, the company that owns Kwik Keys. As the head of Bernice is visiting Vint at Kwik Keys, Mama and ten "shareholders" enter to stop the store from closing, and succeed.moreless
    • Bubba's House Band
      Bubba's House Band
      Episode 10
      As Mama, Vint, Naomi, and Iola are preparing for the Church Carnival, Bubba is looking for a band for Homecoming, and finally succeeds in booking the Bonecrushers. However, he tells the family that the band will be staying with them. They arrive soon after, but it turns out the Bonecrushers are an all-female heavy metal band, much to the family's surprise. The hardcore girls intimidate the family at first, but thanks to a few stories they tell about their personal lives, the Bonecrushers help Mama and Iola out with their projects for the Church Carnival. Snake helps Iola fix her project, and Ciji and Mojo help Mama out the recipe of Ciji's Gram Gram's candy cakes. The girls even trade in their leather and chains for a retro look to sell their cakes at the carnival. For Mama and Iola and the Bonecrushers, everything is a success. But the girls decide to go back to their metal look, which disappoints Mama.moreless
    • Take My Mama, Please!
      The Harpers and Iola have dinner at the Bigger Jigger. While comedian Shecky Lewis is on stage performing, Mama heckles him, and the comedian challenges her to perform at Open Mike Night on Monday. The following morning, the family tells Mama she needs a new routine and tries to help her out with their own routines and jokes. But she decides to do material from a book she bought. The big night comes, with Mama going second. But the first guy who goes uses the exact same jokes as Mama. He finishes with the crowd cracking up, and Mama is worried about what she'll do. She gets up on stage and tries to make something up, but fails. After attempting Sylvester Stallone, Bubba suggests she do Jack Nicholson, and Mama makes fun of him, which leads her to make fun of the whole family.moreless
    • Psychic Pheno-Mama
      Vint and Naomi return home after meeting a physic, telling the whole family about her. Mama doesn't believe in her supposed powers. Madam Rita visits the next night, and Mama decides to see what is all going on with this woman. Soon Madam Rita goes into her trance and become The Duchess. Once The Duchess tells Mama she has a message from Carl, Mama gets hooked and starts talking to Carl. After that, Madam Rita visits the house a few more nights, and everything she predicts comes true. But Mama has her suspicions, figuring out how Rita could get most of her information, the beauty shop where she works. Soon after, Vint confirms, without realizing of course, that he gives away information about Carl. Mama decides to prove Madam Rita/The Duchess is a phony by becoming Esmerelda, Queen of the Gypsies. Soon all is revealed.moreless
    • A Blast From the Past
      Mama gets an invite to the 50th Gilmore Junior High School Reunion, which she has no plans on attending. At the same time, Naomi has started a catering business, which isn't going well, but decides to apply to cater the Reunion. Mama reveals the reason why she doesn't want to attend; she was given the nickname "Hot Pants," after an untrue story. Naomi reveals that she will cater the Reunion, and Mama realizes that she'll have to go. When Mama gets there, everything is all right at first, until someone calls her "Hot Pants." The family also hears about some girl nicknamed "Hot Pants," and when they mention it to Mama and Iola, Iola reveals it is Mama. The family is surprised, but when the guy that caused Mama to earn the nickname, she makes him reveal the truth. From then on, everything goes well for Mama.moreless
    • Mama Fights Back
      Mama Fights Back
      Episode 6
      Mama is upset because a blender she bought was broken, and Ray Mart would not take it back. She calls KRAY's Chuck Duval, The Shopper's Pal for advice, but after telling her that he can't help her, she goes off on him. Mama creates an uproar, so much so that the manager of KRAY offers her a radio show as a consumer advocate, after letting Duval go. With the family and Iola as crew, Mama finds great success with her show. But soon she wants to add more pizzazz to the show. She adds theatrical effects and begins attacking local businesses. While a hit with the audience, the sponsors are not pleased, and Mama's radio career is soon ended.moreless
    • Tri-State's Most Wanted
      Iola is doing props for the Pepper Pot Playhouse, hoping Mama will donate her couch. Mama refuses, until she meets the star of the play, Leslie Lemoyne, falling for his charm and asking him over for dinner. Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi watch "Tri State's Most Wanted," and after hearing the reward for Bobby "Tex" Snider, become convinced they can catch him. They never succeed with Tex, and decide to move on to someone new the same night Mama and Leslie will have dinner. Vint and Naomi leave, leaving "Tri State's Most Wanted" on. Mama sees the latest felon and realizes that it is Leslie just as he is arriving. Mama plans on turning him in and captures him by tying him up, though Leslie thinks that Mama is being kinky. But she calls the cops to turn him in. When the family gets home, they don't see Mama and wonder where she and Leslie are since he never showed up to the show. But the two arrive home and all is cleared up.moreless
    • Now Hear This
      Now Hear This
      Episode 4
      Naomi has big plans for her baby, wanting it to have many things, including an intercom. Mama is against it at first, but gives in. Vint installs the system in the house and tests it with Mama. But soon after, the family begins eavesdropping on each other. Mama goes first, hearing Vint, Naomi, and Bubba say how she is a control freak who lives in their lives because she has no life of her own. Mama complains to Iola about her family, calling Naomi a lazy slug, Vinton a middle-aged baby, and saying Bubba is in love with himself, which they hear. At dinner that night, the family fights about hearing what was said about them, and they decide to solve their problem.moreless
    • Mr. Wrong
      Mr. Wrong
      Episode 3
      As Mama and Iola are sewing a quilt for Naomi's baby, Mama tells Iola she hopes the next baby quilt she makes is for Iola. This makes Iola break into tears, revealing she wants a husband and family. Mama tells her that she'll help her land a man. However, none of the activities prove successful for Iola. Luckily, she is able to find a man herself. Burt Cooper, Iola's new beau, takes her out for many dates, and Iola decides to introduce him to the Harpers. But after meeting him, Mama and the family learn that this Burt isn't that great of a guy, and the plans he has in store for his and Iola's future aren't pretty.moreless
    • An Affair to Forget
      Naomi is feeling the effect of pregnancy, as well as feeling Vinton might be losing interest in her. Her husband is also working overtime, training the new trainee, which just so happens to be an attractive young female. After finding his wedding ring in the bathroom, Mama begins to suspect that Vint is having an affair with the trainee, Heather. Mama and Iola go to Kwik Keys to do some investigating, and accidentally hear Vint and Heather in the storeroom looking for a blank. They believe that the two are having a quickie. But then Naomi comes down to surprise Vint with a picnic in the mall, meeting the new trainee, and discovers that she is the sister of a friend.moreless
    • Mama's Medicine Show
      After reading how much it costs to raise a child, Vint and Naomi decide to go into business for themselves. Just then, Bubba comes home with a cold, and Mama gives him her mother-in-law's miracle tonic. The family realizes they can make a profit from that. Vint and Naomi plan to use their profit for their child, and Mama plans to donate her profit to the Church Expansion Fund to become Church Lady of the Year. Bubba, Vint, and Naomi all sell cases of the Miracle Tonic, and Mama takes some down to the Church Lady's League. However, Bubba discovers what the Tonic really contains, and the family realizes that they must stop Mama from selling any to the Church Ladies League.moreless
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