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    • April Fools
      April Fools
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      April fools day has Mama in a particularly foul mood, as always. First Bubba gets her with a hand buzzer and Vint scares her with a plastic snake. Before leaving Naomi gets her too with a sign on her back that Iola finds. The fun though isn't contained to the family as Iola gets her too with a special 'lemon sponge cake', that turns out to really be a lemon and sponges. All this time, Mama is hoping to win the golden troll award. The last draw is when Naomi, Vint and Bubba blow off yard work for a day on the lake watching the ski show. While Mama's next door, the family gets a call telling them they've won the award and should expect the media around 4 0'clock. Only problem is Mama doesn't believe them when she's informed of the wonderful news. Thinking the family's pulling another big joke on her. Mama and Iola plan their own April Fools day joke, by covering the front yard with all the junk from the garage. Only to find out it wasn't a joke by the family, so then Naomi, Vint, Bubba and Iola go about doing the work they had promised to do earlier. In the end, Mama announces that the whole thing was a joke of hers, she had called from next door and set it all up.moreless
    • The Best Policy
      The Best Policy
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Vint brings home a new electric blanket he received for signing up for a life insurance policy. A few minutes later, his insurance agent arrives for him to sign the papers, and as it turns out it's an old boyfriend of Naomi's, Stony Hall. Stony explains that the policy is worth $200,000 in case of accidental death and much to Mama's dismay, Vint announces that Naomi is his sole beneficiary. Following the announcment, Vint starts having accidents. First, he almost electrocutes himself while working on Naomi's hair dryer (while it's still plugged in) and then falls down the basement stairs, slipping on a bottle of Naomi's nail polish and spraining his ankle in the process. This gives Iola the idea that Naomi is trying to bump Vint off for the money. She becomes convinced, as does Mama, after Bubba spies Naomi and Stony eating at a Chinese restaurant with the insurance policy in hand. Mama and Iola watch closely as Naomi fixes Vint a bowl of soup, and mixes in a mysterious powder, thinking it's poison they rush to his defense. After stopping him from eating the soup, they began to smell gas and assume it's coming from the heater. When the pilot light blows out, Naomi comes to the rescue and stops the gas. Then, at last, Naomi explains that they decided to not take the policy, simply because it was too expensive.moreless
    • Farewell Frannie
      Farewell Frannie
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Mama's sister, Frannie, has just passed away, and even if she can't bring herself to tell how Frannie actually died (it was by inhaling a tooth pick in the ladies room at the Bigger Jigger). Mama is never the less determined to give her late sister something she never had, a "perfect day". But things soon turn from perfect to terrible as one disaster after another strikes. First Mama finds out Don and Loraine won't be there and of course Buzz and Sonya won't either (for unexplained reasons) and Ed and Eunice have moved to Florida (a blessing). Then Ellen calls and says she's got something more pressing business and can't make it either. Later, as the the family gets home from the funeral, we find out Vint forgot to shut the hearse door, resulting in the coffin flying out of the hearse and down the on-ramp to the free way. The house is a mess and they believe they've been robbed, but it is soon revealed that Eunice and Ed's son Bubba (just out of reform school) has arrived after finding his old home locked up. Mama has to tell him, Ed and Eunice moved to Florida and he has to stay with her, because he's on probation and can't leave the state. Also much to the aggravation of Vint and Naomi, Mama gives Bubba, Fran's old room.moreless
    • The Really Loud Family
      The Really Loud Family
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Mama's already annoyed and trying to avoid Roselle so she won't have to head up the latest charity drive. While Bubba's late for dinner, which of course annoys Mama even more. He's learning to use the school video camera as he's planning to make a film about the Harper family for a school project. So to begin he has everyone gather at the dining room table, problem is their all decked out in their best clothes. Bubba catches Mama on film talking to Roselle, which forces her to agree to do the charity event. But Bubba soon realizes that everyone is acting to stiff so he scraps the project and starts again. First by talking to Naomi about her former puppy. Then he talks to Uncle Vint, who tells a funny story about Mama plastering the bathroom. Next he talks to Iola who tells the story of Eunice and Ellen's dolls. Mama then has her say on the way kids are being raised today and a few comments about her own family. Lastly, Bubba catches the whole family fighting in the front yard and Mama mouthing off about Roselle. Problem is the camera had a short in it and only caught some of what Bubba taped. The end result has Naomi looking like a tramp and Mama looking like a drunk and a bad mother. But it gets her out of the toy drive.moreless
    • Now Hear This
      Now Hear This
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Naomi has big plans for her baby, wanting it to have many things, including an intercom. Mama is against it at first, but gives in. Vint installs the system in the house and tests it with Mama. But soon after, the family begins eavesdropping on each other. Mama goes first, hearing Vint, Naomi, and Bubba say how she is a control freak who lives in their lives because she has no life of her own. Mama complains to Iola about her family, calling Naomi a lazy slug, Vinton a middle-aged baby, and saying Bubba is in love with himself, which they hear. At dinner that night, the family fights about hearing what was said about them, and they decide to solve their problem.moreless
    • The Wedding (1)
      The Wedding (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Naomi and Vint's wedding is coming up. Mama, Naomi, Fran, Ellen, and Sonja clean up the house in preparation while Vint and Buzz go to a bachelor party. While the women, minus Sonja, are having a little party, Ellen is worried that her husband Bruce is having an affair, and the family tries to tell her that he is not. She believes them, and they begin talking about Eunice and end up making fun of her. But when Eunice visits, she makes trouble and tells Ellen that her husband is cheating. Buzz returns with his intoxicated father, and soon a fight breaks out, mainly because no one wants Eunice to sing.moreless
    • Mama's Medicine Show
      Mama's Medicine Show
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      After reading how much it costs to raise a child, Vint and Naomi decide to go into business for themselves. Just then, Bubba comes home with a cold, and Mama gives him her mother-in-law's miracle tonic. The family realizes they can make a profit from that. Vint and Naomi plan to use their profit for their child, and Mama plans to donate her profit to the Church Expansion Fund to become Church Lady of the Year. Bubba, Vint, and Naomi all sell cases of the Miracle Tonic, and Mama takes some down to the Church Lady's League. However, Bubba discovers what the Tonic really contains, and the family realizes that they must stop Mama from selling any to the Church Ladies League.moreless
    • Grandma USA
      Grandma USA
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Mama is surprised to learn she was entered in the Grandma USA contest by Bubba. She is at first reluctant to compete, but changes her mind when she finds out the grand prize is a dream kitchen, complete with a self cleaning oven. Vint then starts to wonder why they would select Mama over all the other entries, Bubba says it's because he sent in Naomi's picture instead of Mama's. A fact this is only discovered after they are greeted by the host, Raytown personality Eddie Edwards, and he thinks Noami is entering. After considering his options, Edwards agrees to let Mama compete instead, thinking it might be a novelty to have someone in the pageant who really looks like a Grandma. Which, as it turns out, none of the other's certainly don't. For the talent competition, Mama sings a song her daddy taught her when she was young, so she could sing to his buddies at the Jigger (now the Bigger Jigger). Mama makes the final three, but ends up finishing second in the final vote. A result she doesn't take well, as she takes over the show and demands a recount.moreless
    • Cat's Meow
      Cat's Meow
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Iola is distraught when her cat Midnight dies,although everyone else is thankful,noting that the cat was as mean as a rattlesnake. But Iola refuses to let go and nothing can console her---until she decides to have it freeze-dried.She goes all out and buys a model that meows when you pet it.She leaves it with Mama for a while and Mama takes it out to the front porch and leaves it. That's where Vint falls on it as he, Naomi and Bubba are bringing in a trunk they just bought from the police surplus. Thinking they killed the cat, they bury it,and go into to open the trunk.Which has a hole on the side of it and is the home of a Mama cat and her kittens.One of which looks just like Iola's former pet.Who adopts it immediately.moreless
    • The Wedding (2)
      The Wedding (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      The day of the wedding has come, and Mama is under a lot of stress trying to clean the house for the ceremony. She gives Vint her late-husband's sapphire ring and tells him to not let Eunice know because she wants it. When Eunice does arrive, Mama tells her she won't have a solo. But Eunice goes ahead and asks Naomi, who tells her to go ahead. Eunice is helping Naomi get ready, when Naomi reveals Vint was given the sapphire ring. Eunice becomes angry and gets drunk. When the time for her solo comes, she acts up and starts attacking the family. Soon a fight breaks out, but it is resolved when Ed takes Eunice home. When the wedding is over, Mama and Fran are sitting in the living room, enjoying having the whole house back. Then Vint and Naomi return and reveal they have to move back in because the Arizona thing was a scam and they lost all their money.moreless
    • Mama on Jeopardy
      Mama on Jeopardy
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      When Iola hears that Jeopardy's holding local auditions in Raytown, she drags Thelma along instead of going to the white sale. Iola is mostly interested in meeting Alex Trebek (who isn't in town). So as it turns out Mama is the only one who could answer more than two questions correctly (both about Shakespeare) and they end up inviting her to appear on the show. Her opponents on Jeopardy quickly jump out to a huge lead and Mama has a hard time getting into the game. At the end of the Double Jeopardy! round, Mama lucks up and answers a thousand dollar question right and then gets a Three Stooges question and manages to get herself out of the hole by $100 and is elgible to play Final Jeopardy! The Final Jeopardy! category is Shakespeare, but the question completely stumps her, and the champion wins again! Thelma thinks she's going home with Press-On Nails, but announcer Johnny Gilbert tells her she's won a trip for 4 to Hawaii. She kisses Alex, which makes Iola faint & annouces she's taking her worthless family with her to Hawaii.moreless
    • Bedtime for Bubba
      Bedtime for Bubba
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Mama's sitting up late waiting for Bubba when Vint and Noami come in and start telling her about the new best seller they just bought.It seems the book gives couples ideas on how to get pregnant more easily.One of them they seem intent on trying is doing it in different places. Bubba finally does come in and introduces his new study buddy Toni Malone,a girl.Mama flips and refuses to leave them alone until Bubba threatens to move into the college's Co-ed dorm.Which convinces Mama to go to bed. The next morning,while cleaning Bubba's room they find a black lace bra in the sheets.Thinking it's Toni's,Mama tries to get Bubba to admit to it over dinner,but he doesn't.So Mama and Iola get the idea to stitch bells to his mattress,that way if Bubba and Toni do decide to do something they'd be caught.But in the middle of the stitching job,they hear someone coming so they hide in the closet. It's Vint and Naomi,and as it is soon revealed,the bra was Naomi's and they where in Bubba's room the night before. So now Mama's convinced she can trust Bubba,and the next time she happily goes to bed as he and Toni begin to study.They start making out though as soon as Mama's leaves.moreless
    • What a Dump
      What a Dump
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Mama plays host to the neighborhood block party, where Mayor Tutwiller is set to make a major announcement. Mama thinks he's going to award her the "Golden Trowel" award for the best yard in Raytown. But he instead announces that the city council has voted to make Raylane the new city dump and buy all the houses on the block. Mam though refuses to move, even though everyone else is for it.
      Bubba plans to move into the dorm and Vint and Naomi find a newspaper ad for their dream house, which with the money they'll get from the city for the old house, they can now afford. Meanwhile, Bubba is working on a history paper for on the founder of Raytown, James A. Ray. It seems he can find plenty of facts about his life but nothing about his death.
      Until he goes to the hall of records. While Mama tries unsuccessfully to start a petition to save the block, then just as the day of demolition arrives, Bubba announces he found out that James A. Ray died at a house at 1 Old Decatur Road. The exact address of Mama's house before the street name was changed. So Mayor Tutwiller is forced to name it a historical landmark.moreless
    • Where There's a Will
      Where There's a Will
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Mama finds Frannie's dairy when she goes to get Bubba for breakfast. Inside is a note telling Mama to call the executor of her will, Larwin P. Finstadler. When Mr. Finstadler arrives he informs Mama that Fran was worth $35,000. Fran's will stipulated 10% of that would go to the "Ray of Hope Home for Wayward Girls". But the other $31,500 was to be split evenly between Mama, and Vint and Naomi. Only one stipulation stands between Mama and the money, she has to keep from losing her temper for a period of two weeks and it's totally on her honor. So for the next two weeks Vint and Naomi wait on her hand and foot, trying to keep her from getting upset. Including paying Bubba $10 to do his homework and doing the dishes and most of the other housework. While they begin to bicker among themselves, Mama relaxes and takes it easy. On the last day, Mr. Finstadler arrives, and Mama comes back from the Beauty Spot in a terrible mood. Her car was smashed up and the guy left a note just to fool the witnesses into thinking he was leaving his name and address. Then she sat in paint waiting for the bus, destroying her new dress. Mr. Finstadler says the dress doesn't suit her anyway and she tells him off and throws him out. So the entire estate goes to the "Ray of Hope Home for Wayward Girls".moreless
    • Mama Makes Three
      Mama Makes Three
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      Vint and Naomi learn that they can't naturally conceive a child. Iola suggests that they adopt a child instead. So they decide to do so. Everything goes incredibly well for them, until they have to meet with a psychiatrist after telling the Adoption Agency that Mama would help raise the child. Mama's behavior at the session upsets Vint and Naomi, making them fear they will not get their child. But luckily, after getting bad news from Iola, Naomi comes in with great news.moreless
    • Family Feud
      Family Feud
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Vint tells the family about his plan on taking Mama, Ellen, Naomi, and Buzz with him to play Family Feud after getting a letter being invited on the show. Mama is against going, but Vint tells her they need her because she is an important factor, being the "sweet old lady." Mama agrees, but doesn't do well when the family practices playing the game. When they are on the show, they do pretty well and come very close to winning the game. It is Mama's turn to answer the final question, and the family gives her two answers, but she answers with something different, and hers turns out to be wrong, while the answers the family gave her are right. The Harpers lose, and when it is time for the episode to air, Mama asks for Carl to spare her the embarrassment. Suddenly, the power goes off on the entire block.moreless
    • An Ill Wind
      An Ill Wind
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      In this Thanksgiving episode, Mama, Bubba, Vinton, Naomi, Iola, and Aunt Effie (Dorothy Van) all go for cover in the basement when an unexpected tornado passes by Raytown.
    • Santa Mama
      Santa Mama
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Vinton is chosen to play Santa @ the Raytown Mall. However, with too much practice, he loses his voice! So Mama fills in the last second as Santa Claus. She deals with many brats, but was touched by a little girl who wanted tools for her unemployed daddy. Mama's also upset that her star's missing (the one her husband made for her on their 1st Christmas).moreless
    • Mama Fights Back
      Mama Fights Back
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Mama is upset because a blender she bought was broken, and Ray Mart would not take it back. She calls KRAY's Chuck Duval, The Shopper's Pal for advice, but after telling her that he can't help her, she goes off on him. Mama creates an uproar, so much so that the manager of KRAY offers her a radio show as a consumer advocate, after letting Duval go. With the family and Iola as crew, Mama finds great success with her show. But soon she wants to add more pizzazz to the show. She adds theatrical effects and begins attacking local businesses. While a hit with the audience, the sponsors are not pleased, and Mama's radio career is soon ended.moreless
    • Very Dirty Dancing
      Very Dirty Dancing
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Mama is sacked out on the couch after laser surgery to remove a Corn from her toe. Having Bubba wait on her hand and foot, when Vint and Naomi come in, dressed for a dance contest their going to. Mama's starts talking about her memories of the place where the event being held and everyone decides to go along with them as their cheering session. Mama runs into an old friend, Ramon and they decide to enter the contest against Vint and Naomi, as do Bubba and Iola. Two of the final three are ofcourse Vint/Naomi and Mama/Ramon. It comes down to having to draw from a hat to determine which dance your gonna do. In the end Mama and Ramon win in an upset after doing the "Latin Sizzle" aka Dirty Dancin.moreless
    • Psychic Pheno-Mama
      Psychic Pheno-Mama
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Vint and Naomi return home after meeting a physic, telling the whole family about her. Mama doesn't believe in her supposed powers. Madam Rita visits the next night, and Mama decides to see what is all going on with this woman. Soon Madam Rita goes into her trance and become The Duchess. Once The Duchess tells Mama she has a message from Carl, Mama gets hooked and starts talking to Carl. After that, Madam Rita visits the house a few more nights, and everything she predicts comes true. But Mama has her suspicions, figuring out how Rita could get most of her information, the beauty shop where she works. Soon after, Vint confirms, without realizing of course, that he gives away information about Carl. Mama decides to prove Madam Rita/The Duchess is a phony by becoming Esmerelda, Queen of the Gypsies. Soon all is revealed.moreless
    • Bye-Bye -- Baby!
      Bye-Bye -- Baby!
      Season 6 - Episode 20
      Naomi is upset because her baby is late, so Mama tries to calm her down by telling her that the Harper men always come through when their women are in need. She tells her how sweet Carl was when they had their first child, and this calms Naomi. But after she leaves, Mama tells Iola that Carl didn't do anything and she took a bus to the hospital. Later that night, after Vint gets home from work, Naomi comes up and tells everyone she is in labor. Mama tries to organize everything and calls the doctor, but Vint shouts for her. Naomi says the baby is coming now, and Mama has Vint get the pickup, which he smashes. Naomi goes into labor and Vint passes out. Later on, Iola and Bubba get home and learn Mama helped Naomi deliver a baby girl.moreless
    • The Key to the Crime
      The Key to the Crime
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      The "Courteous Crook" is loose in Raytown and the police are stumped. So Mama has all the locks changed in the house and goes to quick keys to get her new key copied for everyone. While there she runs into a long line and wants to go right to the front of it. But the other customers refuse, until a nice gentlement offers her his place in line and his pin to fill out the Key Club registration card. A little later as Mama, Iola and the family come back home from an evening on the town, they discover they've been hit by the "Courteous Crook". Who did a real nice job cleaning the grout in the downstairs bathroom. Officer Sneed soon arrives to take a statement and make a list of what's missing. After Vint talks in detail about some of the locks, Sneed asked him to come downtown with him. Where they arrest him as being the "Courteous Crook". Mama and Iola become determined to find the real culprit. They begin to talk about the Mama's visit to Quik Keys earlier, where she realizes who the crook really is. So they head for Quik Keys for the evidence, problem they are met by the crook himself. Seems he was getting all the address's from the Key Club cards and all he had to do was find a lock smith dumb enough to make the keys for him (that's Vint). So Mama and Iola crack the case and free Vint.moreless
    • The Big Wheel
      The Big Wheel
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      The entire family is abuzz with Lotto fever, except Mama that is, who just wants Iola to get back with the cinnamon so they can start on the snickerdoodles for the church bake sale. Iola returns with a lottery ticket she bought with the change from Mama's money. Trying to pick her numbers, Mama suggestions Iola can borrow her kids birthdays. The night of the drawing, Bubba and Naomi have two tickets each while Vint spent his entire check on tickets. To everyone's surprise, Iola matches all 6 numbers and wins a chance to appear on the Lotto Show. That is until Mama decides she wants her ticket back, Iola refuses and Vint announces he matched all of the numbers too (just not all on the same ticket). So after a huge fight, Mama invites Iola back over and they convince her to share the ticket with them. Mama is picked to spin the big wheel for a chance at 2 million dollars. It lands on the million slot, but as they start celebrating it moves again and lands in the 100 dollar slot.moreless
    • The Love Letter
      The Love Letter
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Naomi is giving Bubba and Vint a love test to see how romantic they are, from the latest issue Lady's Circle.As it turns out Vint is a "cold fish" and Bubba is a "Red Hot Romeo". So Vint decides to try and be more romantic and talks Bubba into writing her a love letter.

      Vint puts it in her make up case, but Bubba moves it to her purse while Naomi watches.Thinking Bubba wrote it to her she begins to worry. Slipping it into the Lady's Circle, which is where Iola finds it,thinking Vint wrote it her. She then leaves it accidentally on George's clipboard while he working on Mama's refrigerator.

      Iola shows up minutes later ready to claim Vint as her own, while Naomi tries to explain to Bubba,and Mama is freaked out thinking George is after her. Soon enough it is revealed though that the where the letter came from.moreless
    • Mama Bell
      Mama Bell
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Mama forgets one of Bubba's phone messages but refuses to admit she needs to write them down, as she did earlier with Naomi. So Iola suggests they get a answering machine. Thinking it would cost to much, Mama refuses, until Iola says she has one they can have for free. Meanwhile, Naomi brings a stray dog home and her and Vint try to find a home for it, while trying to keep it hid from Mama. They lock it up in the garage, where Mama keeps hearing it bark but they convince her she's losing her mind. After intercepting a series of phone messages, Mama becomes convinced there gonna send her off, because she's going crazy. But all is soon revealed, and the dog finds a home at the senior citizens center.moreless
    • Naomi's Identity Crisis
      Naomi's Identity Crisis
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      Mama complains about Naomi never doing anything around the house and to please her Naomi heads for the kitchen to help her do the dishes. Before she reaches the kitchen door, Mama comes back through and accidentally hits her in the head, knocking her cold. When Naomi wakes up, she can't remember anything or anyone (including her own husband).

      Finding out it may be weeks or longer before she gets her memory back, Naomi goes to Mama for some advice on what she used to be like. Mama, sensing an opportunity to lighten her own workload, explains to Naomi she used to be a whiz around the house and she loved to do the very things Mama hated most. Like cleaning the toilet and waxing the laundry room floor.

      After a few days everyone begins to notice something is wrong and Mama is certainly the blame for Naomi's new found love for housekeeping. An argument soon ensues and ends when Naomi is once again whacked by the same door that caused her amnesia in the first place. Only this time it restores her memory and for the first time since being married, "She has a headache."moreless
    • Ladies Choice
      Ladies Choice
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Mama's reign as the Church Ladies League President only has two weeks to go and being that it's limited to one term Mama needs someone to nominate her for a second term. So she drafts Iola to take on the CCL's power broker in Alberta Meechum. but it doesn't quite go as planned as a very nervous Iola stumbles through her nomination of Mama. Thelma versus Iola Alberta makes it clear that she thinks it's unfair to ask anyone to carry the load of being president for another two years. So in a shocking twist she nominates Iola and it's soon decided to have an election. The campaign turns nasty quick and Mama challenges Iola to a public debate. One which features a new more confident Iola. With Vint, Naomi and Bubba at her side, Mama makes a passioniate plea to be re-elected. Which only starts the name calling back and forth between the her and Iola. In the end neither of them are elected as they began fighting and have to be broken up by Lolly Purdue, who in turn is then elected to be the new president in Mama's place.moreless
    • No Room at the Inn
      No Room at the Inn
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      It is the morning, and the family is interrupting Vint and Naomi. Sonja asks Vint to have a slumber party, but Vint says that that day is the one-year anniversary of when he married Naomi, and that he is taking her to a romantic motel. Before they leave, Mama gets a call from Aunt Effie, who needs her help because she fell down. Mama hitches a ride with Vint and Naomi to Effie's. Later on, as Vint and Naomi are enjoying their honeymoon, there is a knock on the door, and it is Mama. She explains what happened and says wants to go home. Vint refuses to do so, so she says she'll spend the night there. There are no rooms available, so she gets a rollaway bed. She has trouble sleeping there and wants the waterbed, but ends up in the rollaway bed anyway. Mama continues to cause trouble when she watches TV and learns it is a porno. She wakes Vint and Naomi up, and they all head for home, when Sonja's sleepover has gotten out of control.moreless
    • Bubba's House Band
      Bubba's House Band
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      As Mama, Vint, Naomi, and Iola are preparing for the Church Carnival, Bubba is looking for a band for Homecoming, and finally succeeds in booking the Bonecrushers. However, he tells the family that the band will be staying with them. They arrive soon after, but it turns out the Bonecrushers are an all-female heavy metal band, much to the family's surprise. The hardcore girls intimidate the family at first, but thanks to a few stories they tell about their personal lives, the Bonecrushers help Mama and Iola out with their projects for the Church Carnival. Snake helps Iola fix her project, and Ciji and Mojo help Mama out the recipe of Ciji's Gram Gram's candy cakes. The girls even trade in their leather and chains for a retro look to sell their cakes at the carnival. For Mama and Iola and the Bonecrushers, everything is a success. But the girls decide to go back to their metal look, which disappoints Mama.moreless
    • Best Medicine
      Best Medicine
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      The family is in the middle of a game of scrabble when Ellen stops by with a gift for Mama and to attempt to once again apologize for missing her Aunt Fran's funeral. Mama refuses to forgive her and throws her out. Later, Naomi comes in and says she heard that Ellen was in the hospital about to under go surgery. With that, Mama drags the rest of the family to the hospital to visit her. The visit soon turns very uncomfortable for Ellen as Mama begins yelling at the family for one and then another. Not able to stand it any longer, Ellen calls for the nurse and orders her to throw the family out and post an armed guard at the door. Mama finally sends everyone home, but sneaks back in herself and stays with Ellen through the night. Mama and Ellen soon forgive one another for all the years of fighting and Ellen finally reveals to Mama why she is the hospital in the first place, she's having a fanny tuck. Mama then makes some revelations of her own, when she says out of all her kids, she always loved Ellen best.moreless
    • Mama Gets Goosed
      Mama Gets Goosed
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Mama and Iola get back from Christmas shopping, and Naomi, Vint, and Bubba are putting up a fake silver Christmas tree. Mama isn't exactly in the Christmas spirit, but when Mama reads the card from her cousin that says she is giving her a present to remind her of the old days on the farm, she decides to have an old-fashioned celebration. When the gift finally arrives, everyone is shocked to see it is a live goose. Mama reads the card from her cousin, which says that the goose, Leland, is meant to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner. Everyone is against killing the goose, except Mama. The goose keeps attacking her, which the family says is because he knows Mama is going to slaughter him. When the day of Leland's execution finally comes, Mama has trouble going through with it, and in the end, serves a vegetarian dinner, with Leland as the guest of honor.moreless
    • A Blast From the Past
      A Blast From the Past
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Mama gets an invite to the 50th Gilmore Junior High School Reunion, which she has no plans on attending. At the same time, Naomi has started a catering business, which isn't going well, but decides to apply to cater the Reunion. Mama reveals the reason why she doesn't want to attend; she was given the nickname "Hot Pants," after an untrue story. Naomi reveals that she will cater the Reunion, and Mama realizes that she'll have to go. When Mama gets there, everything is all right at first, until someone calls her "Hot Pants." The family also hears about some girl nicknamed "Hot Pants," and when they mention it to Mama and Iola, Iola reveals it is Mama. The family is surprised, but when the guy that caused Mama to earn the nickname, she makes him reveal the truth. From then on, everything goes well for Mama.moreless
    • Mama Gets a Job
      Mama Gets a Job
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      After learning Aunt Effie got a job, Mama is upset because she has nothing productive to do with her life, so Naomi suggests she get a job. Mama goes to an employment agency, and after freaking out on an entry test, she has her interview. Though Mama doesn't have experience or an education, she lands a job at the Raytown Travel Agency as a receptionist. She starts on Saturday, but has trouble her first day. She can't figure out how to answer the phone because she didn't know which button to press, and when she gets her first customers, the Brennans, the family ruins it for her. They keep calling with problems they want Mama to solve: Buzz can't find his sneakers, Vint needs his shirt ironed, and Naomi can't put her makeup on because Sonja locked herself in the bathroom. Mama can't take it anymore and becomes rude with everyone, including the Brennans. She is fired because of how she is acting, which she blames on her family. Mama gets home, solves all the family's problems in a few minutes, and tells Vint that it is their fault she got fired.moreless
    • Rashomama
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Naomi, Ellen, and Eunice are in a panic at the hospital because Mama has had an accident. Vint comes and asks what has happened. But each of the women has their own tale about how it happened. In Naomi's story, she is Mama's darling and Eunice and Ellen fight and accidentally hit Mama with the pot. In Ellen's story, Ellen is the saint, Naomi acts like a child, Eunice is mean, Mama is two cans short of a six-pack, and it is Naomi and Eunice who accidentally hit Mama. In Eunice's version of the story, Ellen is an evil, rich snob, Naomi is a complete tramp, and Ellen and Naomi hit Mama with the pot. After the stories are told, Mama is released, and Vint asks who hit her, but she says she's never seen any of them before in her life. Later at home, they are sampling the jam, and Vint helps Mama clean up, accidentally hitting her with the pot.moreless
    • Gift Horse
      Gift Horse
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      The game is about to go into extra innings and Vint, Naomi and Bubba are glued to the set. Mama on the other hand wants to be glued to the set, so she can watch the last part of a mini-series she is following. When Vint points out if Mama would buy them a VCR, she could be taping her program as they finish watching the game. Meanwhile, Iola brings over the latest of her gifts to thank Mama for watching her gold fish, while her and her parents are out of town. Tired of Iola's gaudy gifts, the family comes up with a plan to get rid of the gifts and get the money for their new VCR at the same time. They decide to have a yard sale. Everything goes swimmingly as they easily earn enough money for the VCR and plus a little extra. But everyone refuses to buy even one of Iola's "Homemade Horrors." Thinking they should hide the money Vint stores it in one of Iola's unsellable gifts for safe keeping. Iola and her parents arrive home sooner than expected and she finds her "hand-made treasures" for sale. She throws a fit and takes her gifts with her when she leaves. Realizing Iola has the money for their VCR now, they're forced to invite her over to reconcile. In the end they make up, and Iola knowing they probably would, went and bought the VCR for them.moreless
    • War of the Roses
      War of the Roses
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Mama and Iola are preparing for the Crystal Thorn, and Mama is intent on winning with her Herbert Hoover. However, Iola is worried about the slow bloom of her Dainty Bess. But after she returns from getting something for her flower, Iola reveals to the family that Mama's rose has cross-pollinated with Iola's. Mama and Iola get in a fight about the flower, and neither wants it. When Mae June, the woman who has won Best Rose twelve times visits, she is very impressed with the flower, saying it could win the award. Meanwhile, Vint is trying to make-up with Naomi, and Bubba suggests giving her the rose nobody else wants. Mama returns home and sees the rose is missing. She thinks Iola took it, and accidentally reveals to Iola that Mae June said it was a winner. Naomi comes outside with the rose, and after realizing she has it, Mama and Iola chase after her. The three women fight over it, and end up destroying it.moreless
    • The Sins of the Mother
      The Sins of the Mother
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Bubba comes in drunk from a post football party, well after his curfew (around 1:00 AM). Mama flies off the handle and promptly grounds him for 4 weeks and then quickly makes it six as her anger boils over. Iola shows up and the reason for Mama's seemingly unreasonable anger is revealed.

      It seems that when Eunice was Bubba's age she begged Mama to get her on the Mother's Day show at the church, so she could showcase her singing case. The day of the event Eunice's long time crush Duke Reeves and his friends invites her on a picnic with the popular kids, and wants her to bring the food.

      This makes her late for the show with Mama and when she does show up, she's drunk. Her and Mama end up getting in a huge fight in front of everyone and it ruins the day. Bubba then realizes why she was so hard on him and promises to never do it again. So she lets him go to his swim meet.moreless
    • Mama Learns to Drive
      Mama Learns to Drive
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Mama desperately wants to go to the mall and pick up a hat she really wants, but no one can drive her. The family suggests that she learns to drive. Mama refuses because she says that she is too old. When Mama leaves, the family starts trying to figure out who will teach her, and it becomes Vint. He teaches her about the different keys. Then Buzz and Sonja decide to teach her the rules of the road. Mama doesn't do well in that. Mama asks Fran to drive her to the mall, but Fran has Mama drive instead. It doesn't go well and Mama gets in an accident. Ellen decides to help teach Mama to drive in the Mall's empty parking lot. Mama ends up crashing Ellen's car into a plant in the center of the lot. Soon after, the store calls and tells Mama if she doesn't pick up her hat in forty-five minutes, they won't hold it any longer. Mama borrows Fran's car, picks up her hat, and heads to the DMV for her driver's license. She has some trouble there, but gets her temporary license and tells the family, who has been worried about Fran's missing car and Mama, all about her day. The family is really impressed, but they refuse to lend her their cars.moreless
    • My Phony Valentine
      My Phony Valentine
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      It's Valentine's day and Naomi feels unloved and Vint buying her cheap stuff for doesn't help. Mama and Iola however are busy making hearts for the Valentine's day banquet at the church. Naomi starts bugging Iola about not having a date,so she says she had one but turned it down, while getting some snacks Mama hears this. Feeling sorry for her, Mama tells Iola that the movie they were gonna watch tonight is off and she should get herself a date. Mama then comes up with the story that she too has a date. Now Mama has to try and find a gentleman to go out with. Iola comes over later the afternoon and tells Thelma that Roselle got a date from "Rent-A-Gent". So feeling desperate Thelma calls "Rent A Gent" and gets a date herself. When he arrives however she finds out that he's a 30 something,not a 70 something like she had ordered,seems they run low on them around this time of year. Naomi and Bubba's date are insulted when they find out that Mama got a heart shaped box of chocolates and roses while they got cheap junk. Thelma then sends her date home. Later that night Iola comes in and tells Thelma that she made the whole thing up because Naomi made her feel jealous.They sit together and agree from now on they'll be more trithful with each other.moreless
    • Dependence Day
      Dependence Day
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      Mama and Iola are planning to go on a cruise, but Iola's mother forbids it. Mama tells Iola it is about time to stand up to her mother, and by doing so, Iola's mother kicks her out. She ends up staying with the Harpers, and soon after, the family wants her out.moreless
    • Take My Mama, Please!
      Take My Mama, Please!
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      The Harpers and Iola have dinner at the Bigger Jigger. While comedian Shecky Lewis is on stage performing, Mama heckles him, and the comedian challenges her to perform at Open Mike Night on Monday. The following morning, the family tells Mama she needs a new routine and tries to help her out with their own routines and jokes. But she decides to do material from a book she bought. The big night comes, with Mama going second. But the first guy who goes uses the exact same jokes as Mama. He finishes with the crowd cracking up, and Mama is worried about what she'll do. She gets up on stage and tries to make something up, but fails. After attempting Sylvester Stallone, Bubba suggests she do Jack Nicholson, and Mama makes fun of him, which leads her to make fun of the whole family.moreless
    • Tri-State's Most Wanted
      Tri-State's Most Wanted
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Iola is doing props for the Pepper Pot Playhouse, hoping Mama will donate her couch. Mama refuses, until she meets the star of the play, Leslie Lemoyne, falling for his charm and asking him over for dinner. Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi watch "Tri State's Most Wanted," and after hearing the reward for Bobby "Tex" Snider, become convinced they can catch him. They never succeed with Tex, and decide to move on to someone new the same night Mama and Leslie will have dinner. Vint and Naomi leave, leaving "Tri State's Most Wanted" on. Mama sees the latest felon and realizes that it is Leslie just as he is arriving. Mama plans on turning him in and captures him by tying him up, though Leslie thinks that Mama is being kinky. But she calls the cops to turn him in. When the family gets home, they don't see Mama and wonder where she and Leslie are since he never showed up to the show. But the two arrive home and all is cleared up.moreless
    • Pinup Mama
      Pinup Mama
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      Mama and Iola are trying to get elderly men to a church dance, and Naomi suggests they make a flyer. Meanwhile, Bubba is working on a class project for photography, and takes pictures of Lisa, a young attractive woman, and his family. Bubba finally develops the photos, and even creates a joke picture of Mama's head on Lisa's body, which he plans to make into a poster. Since Mama's picture looks so good, Iola suggests she puts her picture on the flyer. Mama has Vint go to the printers to get her flyers developed, as Bubba plans to get his poster made. Vint accidentally drops both folders that the pictures are in, mixing them up, and the gag shot of Mama appears on the flyer. When Mama gets to the mixer, all the men hang around her. Iola finds out why from the angry older woman, and tells Mama, who screams.moreless
    • Cellmates
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Eunice is given a surprise birthday party at the Bigger Jigger by her husband Ed, Mama, and Vint. But she is upset because she was promised a fancy dinner. The party soon takes a nasty turn, and Mama and Eunice get into a fight. They get arrested after accidentally hitting two police officers and have to share a cell. Soon Scarlet, a prostitute, arrives, and she and Mama start a conversation. Eunice and Mama continue to fight about things, and Scarlet can't take it anymore and makes them realize their problems aren't so bad. Ed comes to bail Mama and Eunice out, and says high to an "old friend" Scarlet after she recognizes him. When they get home, Mama and Eunice have a heart-to-heart conversation.moreless
    • Porn Again
      Porn Again
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Mama is appalled when she finds a girlie magazine named Casanova under Bubba's bed while cleaning. She firsts wants to know were Bubba could get such a magazine. It soon comes out that Naomi, who wasn't paying much attention, sold it to him a few days before at Food Circus. Thinking something needs to be done, Iola has the idea to boycott Food Circus until they stop selling magazine's like that. Iola, Mama, Aunt Effie and Pearl form MOP (Mothers Opposing Pornography), and set out to picket in front of Food Circus, much to the dismay of Naomi. Who insists they go home. First Pearl breaks ranks for a tuna offer and then Effie needs to use the bathroom, and finally Iola leaves when the store offers Triple Coupons. Just as it seems all hope is lost, the media arrives and they end up getting on the National news. Continuing the fight, the quartet are busy planning their next move, when they get a call from Hollywood about a movie offer. Naomi comes in, wanting to negotiate, Mama plays hard ball refusing to give in unless her demands are met, until she's reminded this will be good for the movie. The manager of Food Circus agrees to move the magazines behind the counter, with only the titles showing in exchange for the strike being called off and MOP agrees.moreless
    • Look Who's Breathing
      Look Who's Breathing
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      Bubba is helping Mama and Iola prepare for Bingo, as Naomi and Vint are taking a childbirth class. The night of the big Bingo game, Mama and Iola are preparing to leave early, as Naomi comes up for her next class. Vint follows, wearing a sympathy pregnancy belly for the class. As the family is teasing him, the phone rings. It is Vint's boss, telling him he is in a situation and needs him right off. Naomi needs a new coach and she ends up getting Mama, who would rather be at Bingo. At Naomi's class, the teacher is late, and when she finally does arrive, Mama tries to rush the class. Annoyed with everything, Mama tells the class that breathing techniques won't help when they are in labor. Mama tells all the women that they'll have horrible pain during labor, and after the child is born, it will be hard at home. Mama is told to leave after that.moreless
    • The Mama of Invention
      The Mama of Invention
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Iola meets a man that is interested in one of her inventions.But as it turns out Vint,Naomi and Bubba have an invention of their own,the Petlocks.When Mr. Wheeler arrives he barely glances at Iola's invention before noticing Vints' invention and saying he thinks it's a brilliant idea.He asks for 800 dollars in Good faith money to start,with which he will match with 800 of his own. Mama is skeptical and refuses to let Vint have the money.That's when Detective Sneed shows up and drops the news that Wheeler is a con artist.He enlists Mama and Iola in a plot to catch Wheeler red-handed.Sneed gives Mama 800 dollars in marked money and has her wear a wire to record the conversation. Vint decides at the last minute that Mama is right and the lock idea is dumb,and Mama has to talk him out of it. Wheeler arrives to pick up the money with Sneed parked across the street in an unmarked fan. They quickly agree on the deal and Sneed busts in and arrests him.He outsmarts them and pulls a gun,and tries to make a get away.But he's recaptured by Iola and her Invalid tosser.moreless
    • The Big Nap
      The Big Nap
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Mama has been spending the past week watching detective movies on TV, leaving the family to be forced to go out to eat. The family isn't happy about this, but rub it in the next morning when Mama is falling asleep while doing her housework. But Mama's life soon starts to mirror her movies. Iola comes over and reveals that her Mother is missing. The family splits up on how to search for her, and Mama stays home near the phone. But while waiting, she falls asleep, and dreams she is a detective in the 1940s, where she has to search for her client Miss Neighborly's mother. Though in the dream, the "Mother" never existed, and everyone turns against Detective Harper. Mama wakes up and told that Iola's Mother has been found at the Donut Hut.moreless
    • Where's There's Smoke
      Where's There's Smoke
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Mama desperately wants to be named President of the Church Ladies League, but the decision is made solely by Reverend Meechum. So Mama invites the Reverend and Alberta Meechum to dinner. It's just then that Bubba sees in the newspaper that one of his former inmates at Juvenile Hall has escaped.She arrives in Raytown and climbs up to Bubba's window and demands he get her some food. When Mama comes to check and see if he is ready for the dinner, Bonita hides in the closet until she leaves. The Reverend and Alberta arrive early, and they soon set down to dinner. As they are saying grace, Mama sees Bonita outside the kitchen window and panics. The doorbell rings and it's Bonita who walks right in, sits down and starts eating. Mama tries to pass her off as her swedish exchange student, but the ruse comes undone as Vint exposes her, and Alberta throws a fit. Prompting Mama to tell her off. Vint and Bubba talk Bonita into going back to Juvey to finish her sentence and Reverend Meechum says he has decided to name Mama the President of the Church Ladies League after what he saw tonight.moreless
    • Obscene Call
      Obscene Call
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Naomi is trying to win the Friendly Employee of the Month at Food Circus by being extremely kind to everyone, but Mama isn't pleased with this because she is taking her time. Naomi ends up winning, and while the family is celebrating, she gets an obscene phone call. Naomi doesn't tell the family, but the guy calls again. Then she reveals what is going on. The phone rings a third time, and Mama has Vint answer, but he gives the phone to Naomi. The family tries to figure out why this guy is after Naomi and how to avoid this, but the tries fail. After Buzz and Sonja leave, the family tries to figure everything out, and Mama, Fran, and Vint start blaming Naomi for getting the calls, and she storms out. The next day, the guy calls again, and talks to Mama, Fran, and Vint. They now feel for Naomi and head to Food Circus to apologize. After a while, she accepts the apology, but when they get back home, the obscene phone caller calls again. This time Mama answers and tells him off, and he hangs up.moreless
    • Mr. Wrong
      Mr. Wrong
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      As Mama and Iola are sewing a quilt for Naomi's baby, Mama tells Iola she hopes the next baby quilt she makes is for Iola. This makes Iola break into tears, revealing she wants a husband and family. Mama tells her that she'll help her land a man. However, none of the activities prove successful for Iola. Luckily, she is able to find a man herself. Burt Cooper, Iola's new beau, takes her out for many dates, and Iola decides to introduce him to the Harpers. But after meeting him, Mama and the family learn that this Burt isn't that great of a guy, and the plans he has in store for his and Iola's future aren't pretty.moreless
    • Steal One, Pearl Two
      Steal One, Pearl Two
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Bubba wants to borrow $200 to buy a new drum set, while Iola's upset that she can't get her jewelry box open to put her pearls away, so she brings the box over for Vint to open. When he can't, Bubba quickly borrows a bobby pin and opens it easily. Iola heads home only to return a few minutes later in search of her beloved pearls, which have mysteriously disappeared. Iola is quick to accuse Bubba, who comes in with a brand new drum set, claiming he borrowed them from a friend of a friend who's name he forgets. Pretneding to defend Bubba, Mama throws Iola out. Now convinced, she too accuses Bubba. Feeling betrayed by his own family Bubba attempts to run away from home. She finds him at the "Rayhound" station and tells him the story of what happened when Eunice tried ran away (she only made it across the river to Bump). Saying she believes him now, Bubba decides to come home. In the end they find the pearls, where they had been all along, stuck to the back of a pillow on the couch.moreless
    • There is Nothing Like the Dames
      There is Nothing Like the Dames
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      Iola is helping Mama prepare a fancy luncheon for an exclusive Raytown society group, the Dames. After Mama decides what she will serve, Bubba comes home and tells them he got the lead in the fraternity play, but the lead is of a woman. Vint and Naomi, who have been house hunting, return and say they have found a place. But it turns out they have gotten a mobile home and plan to live in a trailer park. Everyone helps them fix it up, and on the day of Mama's luncheon is when they are planning to leave. But the mobile home breaks down, and Vint and Naomi are stuck in the driveway. The rest of the lunch doesn't go well, with the Vint and Naomi issue and Bubba coming home in his costume, a skirt and heels. When the Dames see this, they call the family low class, and Mama tells them to leave. She never becomes a Dame, and Vint and Naomi learn that to get their home fixed will cost a lot.moreless
    • Ellen's Boyfriend
      Ellen's Boyfriend
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Ellen has been torturing the family with slides from a trip to Europe, which the family has not been enjoying. But this time Ellen just drops the slides off because she has joined a group for the widowed and the divorced. At this group, Ellen has met an attractive, younger man named Glen, but doesn't want Mama to meet him because of the age difference. At the same time, Vint has been vying to win a contest and Kwik Keys. That night, as Glen and Ellen are at dinner, Mama, Vint, Naomi, and Fran show up because Vint won the fancy dinner. After the family learns Glen is Ellen's new boyfriend, Mama freaks out, and Glen ends up leaving. Ellen doesn't go with him thought because of Mama. Afterwards, Ellen visits Mama, and the two get in a fight. But Mama reveals she is jealous that Ellen moved on after losing her husband, though she never could. They make up, and Ellen heads to make up with Glen.moreless
    • Bubba's Double Date
      Bubba's Double Date
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Bubba and Vint are busy preparing for the annual school prom, which he and Naomi will be shaperoning this year. Meanwhile, Iola stops by to introduce her niece Vernette and to see if Thelma has any books that need to be repaired. Vernette is completely speechless when she meets Bubba and has an instant crush. Bubba gets bad news when his girlfriend Wanda Lynn cancels their date at the last second. He tries in vain to find another, even resorting to asking the 'Borden girl from down the street'. Who's only 14 but can't go anyway because she has to go to a family reunion. Finding this out, Iola hits upon an idea. Vernette can go with Bubba. Mama happily agrees without even asking Bubba. Bubba is wondering who Mama has him a date with and is pleasantly surprised when Wanda Lynn calls and decides to go with him afterall. Vernette arrives only to find out the bad news. Wanda Lynn demands that Bubba leave with her immediately, while he's worried about Vernette's feelings. Growing tired of her actions, Bubba dumps Wanda Lynn and asks Vernette instead.moreless
    • A Big Hand for Mama
      A Big Hand for Mama
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      After nearly being hit by lightning, Mama finds a new outlook on life.
    • Positive Thinking
      Positive Thinking
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Eunice comes to Mama's to drive her to the foot doctor, feeling bad about the way her life is going. She feels nothing good ever happens. Buzz gets home and tells them he made the debate team after buying a tape that made his start thinking positively. Eunice buys the same tape, listens to it, and begins thinking positively. She becomes very cheerful and nice, gives the family presents, and even finally gets a role in a production at the Pepper Pot Playhouse. However, Mama comes with her one day to a rehearsal because she needs a ride to a sale. That day, the show's star, Sally, has Eunice's lines cut way down. Mama is surprised to see that she'd even take the treatment, and Eunice ends up getting into a fight with Sally and gets fired. Eunice decides to give up from positive thinking philosophy.moreless
    • National Mama
      National Mama
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      When Mama's dreams start providing the names of winning horses, the family figures they're in the money.
    • An Affair to Forget
      An Affair to Forget
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Naomi is feeling the effect of pregnancy, as well as feeling Vinton might be losing interest in her. Her husband is also working overtime, training the new trainee, which just so happens to be an attractive young female. After finding his wedding ring in the bathroom, Mama begins to suspect that Vint is having an affair with the trainee, Heather. Mama and Iola go to Kwik Keys to do some investigating, and accidentally hear Vint and Heather in the storeroom looking for a blank. They believe that the two are having a quickie. But then Naomi comes down to surprise Vint with a picnic in the mall, meeting the new trainee, and discovers that she is the sister of a friend.moreless
    • Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend
      Vint's trying to pull Naomi away from the TV, so they can go bowling. But she's hooked on the KRAY teleshopper, he finally does get her to leave. Mama at first thinks it's silly, but after seeing a ring she likes at such a great price and then deciding to order the matching necklace, she quickly becomes hooked on it. Ordering any and everything she sees and refusing to miss a show. She becomes such a regular customer that the on-air host, Travis, knows her by name. Vint, Naomi, Iola and Bubba take notice when the bill for Mama's credit card arrives and it's over $1500. Mama of course refuses to admit she has a problem and complains endlessly as the family boxes up all of her recent purchases to send them back. She holds out several items of jewelry, hoping to get to keep them. But gets caught, because the TV is rigged with an alarm, when she sneaks and tries to watch the Teleshopper again. The family and Iola then go about the task of breaking her shopping habit. It involves watching the shows with her and whenever Mama goes for the phone to place a new order, they whack her in the head with a newspaper (much like you would do a new puppy) and scream "NO". Prompting Mama to say "All I did was use the phone, I didn't make a mess." Safe to say it eventually works.moreless
    • Mama in One
      Mama in One
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Trying to update the church's phone directory is hard enough, but having to do it with everyone running in and out is impossible. But fortunately for Mama her wishes of a quite house are answered. First Bubba announces that he's pledging a fraternity called "Sigma Alpha Pie" or "SAP" and will be away all weekend. Then Iola asks Mama to watch her goldfish for the weekend while she takes her parents on a trip. Vint gets a call next and he and Naomi are invited to use a friends cabin all weekend. Mama anticipates a few days of peace all alone, but after finishing the update on the phone directory and realizing the Tv is on the blink and not being able to read, she is totally consumed with boredom. So much so that she starts talking to the goldfish, while also over feeding him. Not to mention reorganizing the kitchen is a complete failure as she ends up out on the front Porch "Singing in the Rain" literally. Mama can't wait for the family to get back and she prepares a big turkey to welcome them home. But Vint and Naomi go straight to bed in an attempt to recapture the megic of the weekend. Then Bubba, who has just become a "SAP", comes in and also goes to bed, seems he's tired and full from eating worms and other assorted items. Lastly Iola arrives to pick up her goldfish, but she can't stay cause her mother got a rash and has to be rubbed down every twenty minutes. So Mama's all alone again.moreless
    • More Power to You
      More Power to You
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      Naomi and Vint rush in to get ready for the awards banquet that night for Food Circus. While Mama complains to the meter guy about her electric bill saying it's always a certain price but this month it's $20.00 higher and she refuses to pay it. Bubba comes in wanting $25 to rent a computer to do his paper on, about Abraham Lincoln for History class. Mama's attempts to try and sort out the problem with the Power Company fail as she is continously giving the run around.After a final refusal by her to to pay the bill,they cut off her electricity.Bubba loses his paper and Vint and Naomi have to get ready in the dark.He ends up dressing like a clown and she looks worse. With Iola's "Candles of the Holiday's" collection lighting the house,Mama and the family set down to dinner and she tells the story about the Ray river flood.Which gives everyone the idea to have a sing-a-long.But Iola ruins the mood when she let's it out that Mama is the reason there's no power. As it turns out Bubba's paper turns out great and Naomi loses the award and since she didn't show up, it looked like she didn't care.But the best news comes when the Power Company turns the power back on and admits there was a error in the billing. ofcourse now they want Mama to pay a $50.00 reconnect fee.moreless
    • My Mama, Myself
      My Mama, Myself
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Iola arrives to collect for the church rummage sell. While Naomi and Vint have nothing, Mama is looking through her jewelry case. Soon finding her dear departed mother's old brouch. Naomi comments that it may be worth some serious money. Bubba then comes in and annouces his college class is going to Oswald Caverns and it'll only cost two hundred bucks. Which Mama refuses to give him. Naomi and Vint convince Mama to let them have the brouch appraised and that's when the ghost of "Grandma Crowley" appears to Mama and tells her not to sell her it. Later, as Vint and Naomi leave for the jewelers. Iola shows up and is spooked to hear the story of the ghost. Vint and Naomi arrive back and say the brouch could be worth $1600. Mama demands they go back and get it, so she rushes them through dinner, where Bubba announces he got a job to pay for his trip (which he ends up getting fired at). Iola returns to inform Mama about her findings in the latest issue of a psychology magazine. Which prompts Mama to tell her mother to beat it and sell the brouch (which was a fake) so Bubba can go on his trip.moreless
    • For Better or For Worse
      For Better or For Worse
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      As the family is sitting down to dinner, Naomi comes over and announces that she has sold her home and is going to move away. To celebrate, she and Vint head to the Bigger Jigger. After drinking and celebrating, they return to Mama's, and Naomi ends up spending the night. The next morning, Mama sees Naomi leaving and freaks out. She tells Vint he cannot see Naomi anymore, and Vint tells Naomi. But Naomi has a plan to move to Arizona to manage a trailer park that wants a husband and wife team. Vint ends up asking Naomi to marry him, and she says yes. Vint tells Mama, who is in shock. She calls Naomi a tramp, and Naomi puts Mama in her place. They say they plan to just get married on their way out of time. But Mama tells them they can get married at her house.moreless
    • A Room With No View
      A Room With No View
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Vint has a cold, and Naomi swears it's because they have to sleep in the basement. Being it's damp and just a breeding ground for germs. Meanwhile, Bubba is also upset that Mama cleaned his room and mis-placed his drum sticks. She also refuses to let his 'loser' friends Dwayne and T-Boy, who he's wanting to form a band with, even in the house. Seeing that everyone's already unhappy, Iola suggests they air their grievances in front of the hole family. After hearing everyone's complaints, Iola proposes a plan that the family can vote on, Vint and Naomi will switch rooms with Bubba. That seemingly solves all the problems, being that Bubba can now have his band and Vint and Naomi finally get the bedroom they've always wanted. But Mama refuses until she's out voted and forced to go along. The switch doesn't work as well as planned though with Mama being kept up all night with Naomi's "heavy breathing" and Bubba refusing to stop playing his loud music. It all comes to a head when Mama returns from a delightful day out, to find the house in an uproar. Bubba is soon forced to stop playing his music and decides he no longer wants the basement if he can't have his band, and Vint and Naomi agree, so everyone goes back to status quo.moreless
    • Birthright
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      An anonymous letter convinces Vint that he's adopted, so he sets out to find his biological mother.
    • A Grave Mistake
      A Grave Mistake
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Mama can't get anyone to go to the cemetery with her, so she just goes by herself. After arriving and having a long talk with Carl, she notices that the grave that is reserved for her actually has another woman there. Mama is distressed by this and rushes home. When she gets home, she cries to the family and complains. Ellen, who purposely arrived late so she wouldn't have to take Mama to the cemetery, offers to go visit the cemetery to clear things up. But when they meet with an employee, he discovers that Carl's headstone was put on the wrong grave, and Carl is actually buried two plots down. Mama now feels ashamed that she has been pouring details of her life to a complete stranger. Mama has been cheating on her husband, in her opinion, and says Carl has to send her a gift that shows he forgives her. Soon after, Sonja returns from her date, upset that he was talking to a cheerleader. Her date, Michael, comes in, and after Sonja doesn't forgive him, he gives the flowers he brought to Mama. Mama believes this is the sign because she is allergic to the flowers, and only Carl would give her flowers she's allergic to.moreless
    • Bed and Breakdown
      Bed and Breakdown
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      During breakfast Vint mention the Tri-State fair and how it's gonna be the biggest ever. Naomi says the Chamber of Commerce has asked people to rent rooms in their homes since all the hotels are filled. While Mama can't get the oven door to stay shut or even get it to work at all. Which gives her the idea to rent a room in the house out to earn money for a new one. Problems arise when first Mama and then Bubba and lastly Naomi all book the room at the same time. Bubba refuses to tell the cheerleaders they can't stay and Naomi might lose her job if she tell's her boss' nephew no. So it's decided since they have three rooms, the entire family will sleep in the living room as all the guests move in. Trouble starts when everyone wants to sleep on the couch. Iola comes up on the idea of drawing to decide where everyone sleeps. Mama ends up in the hammock, which is difficult to get into and right as she does, she's interupted again. Which spirals into a huge mess, complete with Peggy Sue the Pig eaten Miss Throirnberry's prize winning Rose and Mr. Thornberry walking in on the cheerleaders, and everyone ends up checking out in the middle of the night.moreless
    • Black Belt Mama
      Black Belt Mama
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Naomi returns from her self-defense class and shows the family what she learned. Fran and Sonja are impressed with what Naomi does and says and decide to join. Mama doesn't want to go though and decides to go to her Bingo game. But that night, Mama returns home to Vint and Buzz, holding only her purse strap. She is trembling and reveals she was mugged at the bus stop. After describing him and calling the police, Mama decides to join Naomi, Fran, and Sonja at the Karate class. Mama tells the class about what happened, but her family starts putting the blame on her. Mama also has trouble doing the stretching exercises before they learn any moves. After those, Chuck, the instructor, tells Mama she'll work with the star pupil of the class, who happens to be Naomi. Mama doesn't enjoy working with her, but does do well in the class. A few days later, Mama is waiting at the bus stop with an elderly lady and tells her things she learned at her self-defense class. Soon, the same mugger attacks Mama again, and after a challenge, she gives her purse away, and before he leaves, she tells the guy to take the other woman's purse. As his back is turned, she hits him with the iron she just bought. The family celebrates Mama's accomplishment when the story is printed in the paper.moreless
    • After the Fall
      After the Fall
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Aunt Effie is in the hospital, after she falls re-shingling the roof of her house. Mama thinks she's is just in shock, and needs to be around the family. Meanwhile, Vint finds the puzzle of the Monitar and the Merimac at Kippur's Drug, the one he's been looking for. So no one's in the mood to go to the hospital. Mama finds Effie in the gift shop with her gown wide open, standing in a daze. So, she decides to take her home and take care of her herself. When the family finds out that Mama brought Effie home to stay, they're shocked, but Thelma believes in Effie. She has 2 weeks to get her better, or she'll have to go back to the hospital. The next 2 weeks are not easy, and Thelma is more patient with her than anyone ever thought she could be. While the family continues to work on the puzzle. But, the weeks do come to a close, and it appears Mama's planned failed. But on the last day, just before she is ready to leave, something happens. The family is busy yelling at Thelma about wanting to keep Effie home, when Effie finds the last piece to Vint's puzzle and fits it in. After that, she finally talks, and the whole family is happy to have her back to normal again.moreless
    • Vint and the Kids Move In
      Vint and the Kids Move In
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Mama is in a hurry to get to the mall, but her plans are ruined when Fran has to go into work. Mama's son Vint and his two children, Buzz and Sonja, stop by to do some laundry. But while there, Vint ends up revealing that he has gotten evicted and they need a place to stay. Mama tells them they can move in with her. As the family is moving in, Mama's neighbor Naomi Oates drops by and demands Mama trims the branches on her elm tree. When she sees Vint, they have a mini-reunion, and Vint starts falling for her. Fran comes home, and asks what's going on, and learns Vint and the kids will move in. Fran is upset at first and says she will move out, but decides not to since it isn't a good time.moreless
    • I Do, I Don't
      I Do, I Don't
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The family along with Iola, Amy and Allan attend the wedding of Cousin Izzy and Ida Sue, which prompts Bubba, Mama and Iola to picture married life with their respective others, or their wanna be others. Bubba first asks if Vint and Allan think it's to soon to give Amy his I.D. bracelet. He then begins to picture his life with Amy as a married couple. They've already got a set of twins, with a set of triplets on the way, not to mention Mama who has gone senile. This unsettling thought makes Bubba think twice about tying himself down so young. So he takes her Amy home so she can wait for some other guy to call. Next Iola has a fantasy about what her life would be like if she married Vint. With her a carbon copy of Naomi and vice versa, while Mama's a lush. Naomi stops by and Mama invites her to dinner, which is Vint and Iola's 2nd wedding anniversary. Mama complains about being out of beer, so she sends Vint and Naomi on a beer run. With Alan talking about his beloved ex-wife Rebecca, Mama has a spooky fantasy about being married to him. In it it's their anniversary and he is trying his best to turn her into his ex-wife, with the aid of her own family and Iola.moreless
    • Fangs A Lot, Mama
      Fangs A Lot, Mama
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Naomi is worried sick because Vint is late getting home and hasn't called.When he does arrive home,he announces he's been invited to join the The Mystical Order of the Cobra,a local Men's club.He has to memorize the entire contents of the Cobra hand book so he heads off to the basement to study,alone.

      Naomi is excited at first,but Mama tells her the story of a woman whose husband joined and soon ended up leaving her.Vint is soon having trouble learning everything he needs when,Bubba suggest he use crib notes,which he gives to Mama in an envelope to give to Vint.But Mama,not wanting Vint to make it in,changes the cards with her recipes.Iola helps Vint get ready for the induction crermony that night,by lending him,her father's old robe.

      Later as Mama tells what she did,Iola tells a story of what will happen if Vint doesn't get in,he'll be hissed out.So Mama, not wanting that to happen to Vint,rushes to the ceremony and sneaks in.She takes away Vint's crib cards after he misses his first two questions and they mistake the cards as her's and they hiss her out.In the end Vint gets in after getting the last question correct.moreless
    • Have it Mama's Way
      Have it Mama's Way
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Iola shows up to announce the Church Ladies League is setting up a trip to Hawaii. The vacation will run $900 per person, which would wipe out Mama's savings. While Naomi wants her and Vint to go, but it would costs them twice as much. Vint wants to use the money on a "new" used pick-up truck, the pick-up of his dreams. Which results in a fight between them. Meanwhile,Bubba is about apply for a job at a burger joint, when Mama sees his application and forces him to re-write it. After the manager tells Bubba he's had a lot of applicants, Mama (trying to get Bubba a job) talks her way into a job at the restaurant. Both end up getting a job and start on the same morning. Mama firsts starts out being nice and too slow for the Manager's liking (Bubba had already waited on 4 customer's to Mama's one), she then goes for speed and is too rude for his liking, so he tells her he'll give her one more chance. That's when the family comes in with Iola. Naomi goes over to Bubba, and Iola wants lunch instead of breakfast, so Mama gets fed up and throws a huge fit, and gets herself fired.moreless
    • Mama Gets the Bird
      Mama Gets the Bird
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      A hot sticky day on the lake at Uncle Oscar's funeral finally comes to an end as the family and Iola arrive home. They start talking about how much of a success he was with his boat rental business out on RayLake. Naomi wonders aloud who will get the business now that Uncle Oscar is gone. Since his only other living relative was Cousin Cora and he hated her, Mama figures she's a shoo-in for the grand prize. The family is all busy planning how they'll run the business, when Mama gets home from the reading of the will, and reveals he left the business to Cora and gave her the bird, literally. Captain Petey, Uncle Oscar's faithful side kick. Little does the family know that he holds the keys to a treasure, Uncle Oscar's gold bars. He first gives them a clue in a rhythm and that sends the family running to take the house apart looking for gold. After Mama and Iola tear up the kitchen and Bubba and Naomi search their rooms, they get another clue about the yard. As they run for the door, Vint announces he's already looked. A third clue prompts them to take the cage outside, and upon opening the door, Petey flies away. Thinking the whole thing was a wild goose chase, they toss the cage. Only to get a letter a week after the funeral, saying it was the cage that was made of gold all along and it was worth $50,000.moreless
    • Desperately Seeking Anyone
      Desperately Seeking Anyone
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Mama and Naomi's plan to find a date for Iola backfires when the date is more interested in Mama.
    • Fran's Dress
      Fran's Dress
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Fran and Vint both have big nights, which they are nervous about. Vint, who has a bowling tournament, wants Mama to wash and iron his shirt and have dinner ready early. And Fran, who has an awards banquet that night, asks Mama to iron the dress she plans to wear. Ellen comes by to pick Mama up and has to remind her of an appointment she has. Mama isn't paying attention to what she is doing, and because she is in a rush to get to her hair appointment, she accidentally burns a hole in Fran's dress. Mama and Ellen rush to Neidermeyer's, hoping they can find the exact same dress. They come home with one they were promised was the same, but it turns out it is different. Fran gets home early and tries on the dress. Vint gets home, learns Mama didn't wash his shirt or make dinner, and storms out. Fran comes downstairs in the dress and asks why it is different. Mama reveals what happened. Fran freaks out about the dress and other things Mama has messed up. Mama breaks down and starts worrying that she is losing it. Fran tells her not to worry and decides to wear another dress.moreless
    • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
      Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Seperated Vint and Naomi are forced to live with Mama.
    • Reading the Riot Act
      Reading the Riot Act
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      Bubba and Vint are playing basketball out back, when Mama comes out and starts talking about Lolly Purdue and how bad a job she is doing as the CCL President. Mama's also trying to avoid Lolly because she doesn't wanna have to hand write the thank you notes Lolly wants. But little does Mama know, that Iola has already agreed to do it. Just as they are finishing Lolly shows up with some bookmarks she wants put in the envelopes, even though they've already been sealed. That gives Mama and Iola the reason they need to try and impeach her. So they schedule a special meeting of the CCL's board. But Lolly shows up unexpectedly, and Mama puts her to work in the kitchen. As Iola and the other ladies move to the porch (then onto her house), Mama makes a major discovery; Lolly can't read. That's why she messed up the recipe and a number of other things. So as her and Mama began to talk, they decide to start a program for people who wanna learn to read and write.moreless
    • Child's Play
      Child's Play
      Season 4 - Episode 8

      After the family acts like a bunch of hooligans in church, the Reverend and Mrs. Meechum come by to ask Thelma if she would watch little Eugene while they visited the shut-ins at the hospital. Of course, being the president of the Church Ladies League, she could not say no. Eugene is no picnic to be with. Firstly, while Thelma is making her stew, Eugene tells her that Papa always takes him to Burger Boy on Sundays. When she tells him that he is having stew there with the family, he calls her fat. As soon as she leaves the kitchen, he steals the bottle of hot sauce and plans to use it against the family. While Thelma and Naomi are fixing the table for lunch, Vinton and Bubba are playing hide-and-go-seek with Eugene. Then, Eugene comes into the dining room and tells them that the boys got tired of playing that, and he didn't know where they went to. After that, Eugene complimented Naomi on how lovely her dress was. Then, he pinched her butt. She told him to keep his hands to himself and to sit down and eat.Vint and Bubba come into eat all dirty and scummy. When asked what happened to them, the explained that Eugene had locked them in the garage and that they had to break themselves out. Thelma is dusting when Eugene put a sign on her butt that says "Caution: Wide Load" on it. He is drawing at the table, and he draws a big picture of a farm scene. When Thelma asks where he got such a big piece of paper, he reveals that he drew all over the good tablecloth. While Eugene has himself locked in the bathroom to hide from Thelma, Iola comes over with a gift for him. It turns out to be a ball on a stick. Eugene doesn't like it, and he breaks the ball off. When Iola sees this, she breaks the toy in half and threatens to stab him with it. Just when Thelma thinks that the nightmare is over, Alberta explains that Lloyd was run over by a wheelchair at the hospital and that she needs to be with him. So, Thelma is volunteered to babysit Eugene overnight. As Thelma goes to walk up the stairs for the night, Eugene asks her if she will tell him a story. She does, and he falls asleep on her. Not wanting to wake him, she sleeps with him on the couch. Thelma wakes up and finds herself tied up. Vint thinks that they are playing a game, so he thinks nothing about untying her. The Meechums arrive later, and then they untie her. Thelma tells them about how bad he is, and how he deserves to be spanked. Alberta says that they do not believe in that, but Lloyd has a different idea. You can hear Lloyd spanking Eugene as the show closes.

    • Harper Versus Harper
      Harper Versus Harper
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Naomi is tired of the way Mama treats her because she won't let her do anything for her husband or stepchildren. Mama's vacuum cleaner has broken, and Vint tells her that she can use Naomi's. When Naomi finds out, she is very upset. Mama uses it, but it blows up. Naomi blames Mama for ruining her vacuum cleaner, and Mama blames Naomi's vacuum cleaner for ruining her rug. Vint examines the vacuum and finds Naomi's keys. Mama and Naomi blame one another for this and take each other to court. In court, Mama causes trouble, and Mama and Naomi's bickering angers the Judge. The Judge also gets mad at Fran when she "confesses" to taking off the tag of the rug. In the end, he finds them both Mama and Naomi in contempt of court, fines them each one hundred dollars, and orders that they pay their own damages. When they all get home, Mama and Naomi continue to fight, and Vint yells at them and tells them he'll solves both problems, which quiets them.moreless
    • Pomp and Circumstance
      Pomp and Circumstance
      Season 4 - Episode 25
      Mama and Bubba will graduate from high school together, but Bubba wants to skip the ceremony.
    • Mama's Birthday
      Mama's Birthday
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      It is Mama's birthday, but she does not want to make a big deal out of it. Instead, she wants everyone to help her clean the attic. Buzz is the only family member to not make up and excuse, so he ends up helping her. As they are cleaning out the attic, Buzz asks Mama to tell him about her thirtieth birthday. Mama tells him what all happened, that Carl was supposed to get a promotion, though didn't get it. And Mama later discovered that he gave it up to another co-worker. Besides this going on, all of her children were helping out with her birthday party, which turned out to end badly. Mama finishes her story, and Buzz and Mama head back downstairs, where the family has organized a small surprise party. They give her the freezer she wanted on her thirtieth birthday party, and that night, she talks to her late husband.moreless
    • Supermarket
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Mama is getting annoyed with Naomi at Food Circus and tells all her customers to go to a different checker. Mr. Palmer, the manager, gets to talking with Mama, who gives him advice, and he ends up offering her a job. She will be the Customer Consultant and give the customers advice and is put right next to the express lane. Naomi isn't pleased with any of this. Things get even worse when Mr. Palmer tells Naomi to train Mama to be a checker and gives Mama Naomi's check stand. Mama does okay on the test run, but when the customers come, Mama has trouble. When some products don't scan, she has trouble entering them by hand. And with one particular can of chili, Mama can't find the price. By the time she does find it, there is a long line of customers. Mama has even more trouble and ends up quitting. After she does so, everything is well again in the Harper house.moreless
    • Naomi's New Position
      Naomi's New Position
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Naomi's on top of the world with the news that she has an interview for the now vacant Assistant Manager's job at Food Circus. While Vint worries if she gets the job she'll never be home. All of this is because a new manager (Archie Woods) has taken over and begins to shakes things up, including firing the old Assistant Manager. Naomi arrives for her interview full of new ideas for the store. Problem is there are several job requirements that she didn't count on when she applied. Like, for instance, having to make it with Mr. Woods if she wants the promotion or for that matter to even keep her old checkers job. She's horrified and it takes a while before she can explain to Mama and Iola what exactly happened. Mama's outraged and heads down to Food Circus to confront Mr. Woods. Who thinks it's Naomi at first but then sees Mama come barreling through his office door. She says Naomi's not interested but she is and begins chasing him around the office, coming on to him. She then secretly turns on the store microphone and gets him to admit what he did to Naomi so everyone could hear. Then she beats the snot out of him with her purse.moreless
    • Soup to Nuts
      Soup to Nuts
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Mama is the editor of the years church bazaar cookbook, in it she plans to use her own recipe for Chili. Iola objects thinking it should be hers that Mama uses. Soon Naomi too throws her hat in the ring, saying she makes the best Chili. So the three decide to have to a chili cook-off with the winner getting her recipe in the cookbook. Vint, being stuck in the middle of this brewing argument, is choosen, against his will, as the judge of the contest. All three have identical supplies, with Mama and Iola also have identical ingredients. While Naomi's chili is far different from the other two as it includes two giant cans of store bought chili, plus beer, cheetos and several other items not usually associated with chili. Each bringing back a certain memory from one of her ex-husbands or boyfriends. Each bowl is lettered as the contest begins and Vint decides the 'B' bowl is the best, which belongs to Iola, and she runs home to show her father and dare her mother to throw it out again. As soon as she is gone though, Mama and Naomi force Vint to make his real decision, but instead, he dumps both bowls together, saying it's got to be the best chili ever, but after just one bite he starts gagging. Prompting Mama to say "Vint that better be Naomi's half your gaggin on."moreless
    • Mama Buys a Car
      Mama Buys a Car
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Mama cannot make her Meals On Wheels deliveries because Fran didn't come back in time, so she decides to buy her own car. While looking through the ads, Mama sees a used car salesman, realizes she knows him, and figures she can get a good deal on a car from this Willie Potts. Mama goes to Willie's dealership, finds a car she falls in love with, and gets Willie to sell it to her for one thousand dollars. Mama drives it home and the whole family wants to be taken for a ride. When she pulls off the curb and starts driving, the hubcaps pop off, and the engine blows up. Mama and Vint go to visit Willie. Mama asks for her money back, but Willie refuses to refund her money and tells her to get out. As they are leaving, Vint remembers that Willie was a weasel as a child. Mama storms in Potts' office and tells Babcock, who is interested in buying all the cars, what happened. Mama ends up getting all her money back, and Babcock doesn't buy any of the cars. Mama decides to look for another car from someone she doesn't know.moreless
    • Baby Talk
      Baby Talk
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Mama and Iola are working hard on a homemade quilt to enter an upcoming contest when Iola comments about the house being so quiet lately. Vint and Naomi arrive home from visiting a friend of their's who just had a baby girl. Which gives Naomi the idea that she wants one too. Mama's dead set against the idea and makes it clear to Vint about her feelings. When that bit of pushing fells to get through. Mama decides to give them a taste of what having a baby is like. So, thinking they have a day off, she sets a little plan into motion to discourage them. Namely asking to babysit for one of her neighbors, who has a baby with a real penchant for high pitched crying. Problem is Naomi and Vint have decided to go into work late, leaving Mama to baby sit little Garth. It's a chore to finally get him to stop crying, but every time Mama gets him to be quiet someone slams a door and he starts again. In the end, Mama is wore out and falls asleep right as Naomi and Vint come in. Never having seen Mama so relaxed, they decide a baby is just what the family needs.moreless
    • Workman's Holiday
      Workman's Holiday
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      The church rummage sale is rolling around once again and Mama's cleaning out her attic to help do her part.But refuses to give away a little handy craft she made for Vint when he was young,a pink bunny rabbit lunch box,named Binky.Little does Mama know that it is a sore spot with Vint.He considers it a child hood trauma.They ofcourse have vastly different memories of the lunch box. So when Vint forgets his lunch at home,Mama takes it to him,in Binky.Which causes Vint to freak out and catch his finger in the key grinder and pass out from the sight of his own blood.The resulting "tragedy",leaves Vint unable to work or do anything for himself.But Mama decides it's time for him to go back to work and tells Vint's boss that he will be there to open up the store the next morning. Vint refuses saying after what he's been through,he may never go back to work.Iola comments the only way to get Vint back to work is to restore his confidence.So Mama forces him to down to the store,and gets him to show her how to use the key grinder, bragging on him the whole way.It works perfectly as Vint goes back to work.moreless
    • Educating Mama
      Educating Mama
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Bubba's teacher lets him know he won't be graduating high school unless he goes to night school to make up a course in English that he did poorly in during the semester. So while Mama's making a big stink about Bubba not graduating, the news comes out that Mama never finished high school either. So she joins Bubba at night school to try and get her high school diploma.

      But she is soon faced with the same problem she was some 40 years ago. It seems the reason she quit in the first place was the teacher wanted her to read "The Scarlett Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. But when she couldn't get past the first page he humiliated her in front of the entire So she left and never went back. So what do you think the first book the is asked to read in this time around?

      Iola comes over and Mama is once again struggling to get past the first page, but once she figures out it's all about sex and romance, she can't put it down. While Bubba tries to slide by (along with every other person in the class) with Raynotes (a version of crib notes). As it turns out Mama's the only one who actually took the time to read the book.moreless
    • Mama and Dr. Brothers
      Mama and Dr. Brothers
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Vint and Naomi are having trouble in the bedroom, while Vint is afraid he's gonna lose his job, with Kwik Keys being taken over by a large corporation. Mama and Iola soon discover exactly what it is when they turn on Good Morning Raytown, and special guest Dr. Joyce Brothers agrees to take a few phone calls live on-air. The first one is from a woman, with a husband named Clint (who works at Kwik Keys), she says her husband's having trouble performing lately. Mama figures out rather quickly that it's Naomi talking about Vint's and her problems. Dr. Brothers says their problem might have to do with stress at work, or it could be stress from living with an inlaw. Later, after taking phone calls all day from people about the show, Mama questions Naomi about it, and Vint arrives home soon afterwards and is in a foul mood. To solve the situation Mama rushes to the airport with Vint and Naomi to catch Dr. Brothers before she leaves for Tulsa. Joyce suggests Vint and Naomi take a trip to get away from everything in an attempt to liven up the marriage. They then rush off to make the reservations for a weekend in Hinkley.moreless
    • Many Unhappy Returns
      Many Unhappy Returns
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      It's the day before Mama's birthday and Vint decides to make her a present instead of buying her something. It ends up being a really ugly cocktail belt, which Bubba's not sure what to think of when he sess it. A little later, a knock comes at the front door and it's Vint's boss, Mr. Carstairs. He wants Vint to hold on to a gift he bought for his "Mother", his pet name for his wife. A $200 diamond bracelet. The problem's start when Mama finds it and thinks it's for her after she reads the card and it says "to my darling mother." So not being able to except such an expensive gift she takes it back to the store and exchanges it. Buying gifts for everyone else in the process. Bubba gets an LP, Naomi gets her bed sheets and Vint's get the watch he wanted. While Mamma get the thing she wanted all along, a cordless electric mixer. Then the whole story comes out about how Mama got the money for the all the gifts. Right as Mr. Carstairs arrives, Vint explains to Mama that the bracelet wasn't for her. But the whole situation is resolved when Mr Carstairs excepts Mama's electric mixer as a replacement and says he'll dock Vint's pay for the rest.moreless
    • Gert Rides Again
      Gert Rides Again
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Mama's Aunt Gert is having a birthday, and Mama is heading down to the nursing home to visit her. But when she is down there, she sees that Gert is very bored and is not lively and exciting like she normally is. When she is there, the nurse says that Gert will have a surprise party the next day, but not to ruin the surprise. When Mama gets home, she starts fearing that she will end up like Gert, especially when the family treats her the same way they treated Gert. So Mama decides to head down to the surprise party. But Mama accidentally spills the beans about the surprise party and tells Gert to get dressed and ready. After a while, Gert becomes her old self and picks out a dress. After she arrives at her party, she and Mama brighten it the boring event up and everyone has some fun. The next day, Gert and her friend Alvin show up and tell Mama they are moving into their own place, having just spent the night together.moreless
    • Country Club
      Country Club
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Vint is in shambles because his bowling ball is missing, and Vint, Naomi, and Mama are searching for it. Ellen comes over to announce that she was named Raytown's Woman of the Year. The family isn't very impressed by Ellen's news. But Ellen has another reason for her visit too. She wants to borrow Mama's Mother's diamond broach, and Mama lets her. Vint and Naomi are upset that Mama gives Ellen whatever she wants when she already is rich and belongs to the Raytown Country Club. Mama isn't impressed by the Country Club because she got an invite to join. Vint and Naomi see the letter and discover it is an invite to the Women of the Year Banquet. They decide to go. At the Banquet, Ellen is having a delightful time, until her family arrives. They embarrass her, first by ordering beer, then by taking an entire plate of hors d'oeuvres, then by dancing, and then by complaining about dinner and wanting another dessert. After the dinner, Mayor Tutwiller, starts the ceremony and has Mama say a few words about Ellen. Mama does some stand up and tells an embarrassing story about Ellen as a child. Mama, Naomi, and Vint get home and reflect on the enjoyable night.moreless
    • Teacher's Pet
      Teacher's Pet
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Mama tries to become romantic with her night school teacher.
    • Mama's Layaway Plan
      Mama's Layaway Plan
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Vint, Naomi and Bubba are preparing for the upcoming Bowl-A-Thon, hoping to beat the Huflanders, who've won 8 years in a row. When Mama returns with Aunt Effie from their Cousin Ludie's funeral, were they where the only mourners. Deciding this won't happen to her, Mama begins to plan her own funeral. Including spending the $1200 the family had saved for their Grand Canyon trip. Having to replace Mama on their team, Vint, Naomi and Bubba choose Iola, as Mama refuses to go, saying it's to expensive. Soon after they leave though, Mama gets a shock from the lamp and passes out. Dreaming about her own funeral and how everyone walked out to go bowling. She wakes up to find out, the family won the Bowl-A-Thon, after the Huplanders had to forfeit. She decides postpone payment on her dream funeral and announces their going to the Grand Canyon next weekend.moreless
    • The Mama Who Came to Dinner
      The Mama Who Came to Dinner
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Vint and Naomi return from a dinner party, but Naomi is complaining. She is upset because she cannot host any parties or invite anyone over. But Fran comes up with a way Vint and Naomi can have a dinner party. Mama is against it, until Naomi says anything they could have at Mama's would be second rate. Mama then decides to let Naomi have her party. The food is served buffet style. But the night of the big dinner, right before the family leaves to go to a movie, Mama bends over to pick something up and has a back spasm. The family lays her on the floor in the middle of the living room. Fran, Buzz, and Sonja leave to go to the movies. Naomi and Vint's friends come over, and Mama ends up ruining the mood of the party. The guests leave only an hour and fifteen minutes after arriving. Vint is angry with Mama, but Naomi helps calm him down. After Vint leaves, Naomi teaches Mama a lesson by putting a "table" over her, covering her with a tablecloth, and leaving her there.moreless
    • Hate Thy Neighbor
      Hate Thy Neighbor
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      Mama's sworn enemy and next door neighbor, Fred Gebhart blows leafs back into Thelma's yard which starts a screaming match that has to be broken up by Iola.She then makes Bubba rake up the leafs,where he meets Fred's grand daughter Terri,who just moved to Raytown.The attraction is instant between them. After only two dates Bubba and Terri announce their getting married.Which makes both Fred and Thelma insist they break up.Vint and Naomi think it's great as does Iola,as this becomes the topic of conversation until Thelma can't handle it anymore. Fred then comes to visit and they come to realize that since their gonna be in-laws they had better try to settle the feud.It comes out that the whole fued had nothing to do with them,it was actually there spouses who did everything.So they bury the hatchet. Just then Bubba announces the engagement is off because he and Terri have differing opinions on where they should go on there honeymoon.Which brings Thelma and Fred into the fight and the fued starts again.moreless
    • Found Money
      Found Money
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      The mail is late,meaning Mama's pension check is late also,so she has to wait around for the mailman.Come to find out Iola had it the whole time and now it's to late to get to the bank to deposit it.So Iola suggests that Mama use the new Auto-Teller, instead of letting her checks for the bills bounce.

      Mama deposits the check and asks for $20.00 cash,which the machine deducts from her account,but never gives to her.So she blasts it with her pocket book and it soon starts spitting out money.$800 to be exact.

      Later at the dinner table,the family and Iola take part in Bubba's survey for his and all disagree on what people should do with found money.It soon comes out that the teller-matic gave Mama $800 and suddenly everyone agrees that they should keep the money,with everyone having ideas on how best to spend it.But Mama decides to return to the bank the next day and put it in her account instead.

      While there she runs into the guy who's account the money was actually subtracted from and she returns the money without having to admit where it came from.moreless
    • Full House
      Full House
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Mama, Naomi and Iola are planning to go to a show at the Pepper Pot Playhouse, while Vint and Bubba are set to play poker with the "poker pals". Mama finds out who's starring in the play and decides not to go, so Naomi and Iola leave as the "pals" arrive. Mama's headed off to bed when the phone rings, come to find out the other guys can't play. So Vint begs Mama to set in. Mama proves to be a much better player than anyone expected and is soon the hit of the evening, sharing embarrassing stories about Vint as a kid. Until she gets pulled away from the table by Vint and he begs her to build him up, so the "pals" will think he's a big man. Problem is that doesn't go as well and Mama soon begins boring every one with her endless stories. The last shoe drops when Mama reveals, in another story, that Vint touches the end of his when he's not telling the truth. Which ends up costing him a hand and he storms out mad. Naomi and Iola return and Naomi thinks the play was horrible. Later, Mama finds Vint on the front porch and he says he wants her to stop coming to his rescue everytime he's in trouble. Then he touches his nose, which makes her believe he wasn't telling the truth after all.moreless
    • Mama Takes a Dive
      Mama Takes a Dive
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      The Harper house is freezing because the furnace is broken. Vint can't fix it, and Mama can't afford to buy a new one, so Naomi and Iola suggest she gets a bank loan. But while at the bank, Mama slips on a roll of pennies, and the family suggests she sues the bank. She hires a sleazy lawyer, Sam Travis, who plans to sue the bank for over three million dollars and makes Mama look worse than she is. After being given a sling and neck brace, Iola is fooled, and the family is hoping they will be able to convince the bank's insurance company. When the insurance agent arrives, Mama acts like she is completely helpless. Iola arrives as the insurance agent says that she isn't convinced. This upsets Iola, who mistakenly calls Mama "Mother," and Mama decides to blow the scheme. She shows she isn't injured but ends up still getting a settlement for falling. But her lawyer has her just sign it all over to him to cover his "expenses."moreless
    • Flaming Forties
      Flaming Forties
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Vint and Naomi are cleaning out some of Mama's old things from the attic for the high school rummage sale. But Mama does not want her stuff given away. When everyone leaves, she looks through all the old clothes from the 1940s. Buzz and Sonja come in and see all the vintage clothes. They love them and think they'd be perfect for the school dance because they want its theme to be the1940s. Mama gets excited for the idea, but when Buzz and Sonja return a little later, they tell her that their proposal was turned down and the dance will have a punk theme instead. Mama is disappointed by this and tells the family to just get rid of her 1940s things. When the dance comes, Mama regrets giving her things away and heads to the school to get them back. But trouble starts when the band can't show up, so Buzz and Sonja get Mama to help out with her old records and to tell everyone about the 1940s. Mama does so and ends up saving the dance.moreless
    • Mama Takes Stock
      Mama Takes Stock
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      As Mama is looking for the Harper Family Christening gown for her unborn grandchild, she discovers s stock certificate, which Bubba takes in to his business class where he is learning about the stock market. Soon after, Vint comes home, and learns that he is going to lose his job because Kwik Keys is going out of business. The family and Iola are upset, but Vint stays calm, just until he is alone with Mama. Then he starts crying. So Naomi and Mama try to help him search for a job, and Iola starts a petition to save Kwik Keys. Bubba returns home from class to tell Mama that her stock certificate is worth something; it turns out she owns ten shares of Bernice, the company that owns Kwik Keys. As the head of Bernice is visiting Vint at Kwik Keys, Mama and ten "shareholders" enter to stop the store from closing, and succeed.moreless
    • Naomi and the Stork
      Naomi and the Stork
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Naomi isn't feeling well, and hasn't been for a while. She tells Mama her symptoms, and Mama realizes she has felt the same way before. She has Naomi take "Aunt Ida's Tater Masher Test," and after Naomi passes it, Mama says it means she is pregnant. Naomi is very nervous about this and is afraid to tell Vint. That night at dinner, Naomi is sick and runs downstairs after Vint says they'll be living at Mama's for five more years. While Vint is away, Mama tells Fran, Buzz, and Sonja that Naomi is pregnant. This angers Fran, and she almost spills the beans to Vint. Mama tells Vint to go talk to Naomi. Naomi asks him if he is ready for a baby, and he freaks out, but when Naomi says she is already pregnant, Vint is ecstatic. Afterwards, they say they don't want the baby to live in the basement, and the family starts fighting because none of them want to give up their rooms. The next day, the whole family heads to the obstetrician's office to offer their rooms. After a fight, the doctor tells Naomi her test results are in, and the family comes home disappointed because it turns out Naomi isn't pregnant.moreless
    • Mama Goes Hawaiian (1)
      Mama Goes Hawaiian (1)
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Mama and the family are packing to leave for Hawaii, when Iola bursts in and announces she going too (now that she's sold her mother's Mink). Arriving in Hawaii, Iola has a hole list of things to do, and first is 'Lover's Grotto'. Where legend has it, if you toss a flower into the ocean, you'll find your true love. Bubba and Iola both toss a single flower, while Mama tosses all of hers. Iola meets her 'True Love' in Lars Johanssen, a cook aboard a tanker, they discover their plans for seeing all the sights are the same and decide to go together. While Bubba meets his 'Love' in Lani, a native who welcomes him to the island. Mama too meets someone, but he's not who he appears to be, she thinks he's a beach bum, because he mooches her drink and sandwich and then won't leave her alone. Meanwhile, Naomi is sunbathing and Vint is busy watching the girl next to he and Naomi. So instead of putting sunscreen on her back as she had asked, he puts on bath gel instead. Which results in Naomi getting a head to toe sunburn and being confined to the hotel for the next few days.moreless
    • Mama Goes Hawaiian (2)
      Mama Goes Hawaiian (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      Mama has grown tired of playing cards with Naomi in the hotel just to avoid Billy. So she gather's Bubba and Iola along with their significant other's and they go searching for a hula lamp Mama is wanting desperately. Due to the fact that Roselle has the same one and has been bragging about hers for years. Meanwhile, Vint leaves Naomi behind at the hotel and takes in a round of golf. Where he meets three guys who mistake him for a stock market insider, when he says his wife is a "Market Checker." He unknowningly gives them some advice and it triples their earnings in less than two hours. Mama finally finds the Hula lamp, but drops it as Billy surprises her from behind. It's then revealed Billy is really R.W. Fields, the owner of Field Corp. Thankful for all the help Vint has given them, R.W. invites Vint and the family to a farewell party. Trying to figure out a way to get rid of Billy once and for all Mama invites him to dinner to gently break it off. Only to discover at the party, his real secret. While Bubba discovers his new flame is not a native of Hawaii, but a native of New Jersey. Mama gets her Aloha Hula Lamp in the end, as Billy has it flown over from Las Vegas as a way to say goodbye.moreless
    • Mama for Mayor (1)
      Mama for Mayor (1)
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Ellen talked Mama into holding Mayor Tutwiller's reelection campaign at her house. But during the Mayor's speech, Mama and the senior citizens complain he hasn't done anything to help them. The Mayor gets tired of Mama complaining and challenges her to run herself. The next morning, a news team is out on the lawn. Ellen says Mama won't be running, but Mama says she will be. Both Mama and the Mayor campaign, but Mama is doing very well. So Mayor Tutwiller challenges Mama to a debate, feeling she'll be unprepared. But Mama is a success, much to Tutwiller and Ellen's surprise. Election night comes, and the whole family tunes in to see the results. But one by one they fall asleep, and end up missing the results, that Mama is Raytown's new mayor.moreless
    • A Friend Indeed
      A Friend Indeed
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Iola spends all her time with a new friend.
    • Mama's Cousin
      Mama's Cousin
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Mama's worldly cousin (Vicki Lawrence in a dual role) annoys Mama with her neverending stories.
    • The Return of Leonard Oates
      The Return of Leonard Oates
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Naomi's ex-husband comes to town with the goal of winning Naomi back. After visiting her at Food Circus, he comes to the Harper house, with gifts for the family. Leonard tells her when he is going to be leaving and to meet him at the Jigger tomorrow. As Naomi is debating whether to go, Mama is demanding she takes the perm she gave her out. The next morning, Naomi talks to Fran about the dilemma, and Fran gives her advice. Mama comes in with frizzy hair and demands her hair be fixed. Naomi tells her what to do before talking to Vint about Leonard. Vint believes Leonard has returned to make up for the bad way he treated her, and Naomi realizes what she'll do. She heads to the Jigger, followed by Fran, Mama, and Vint. As she is fixing Mama's perm with curlers and beer, Naomi tells Leonard that she won't go with him. After hearing that, Leonard leaves.moreless
    • Mama for Mayor (2)
      Mama for Mayor (2)
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Mama is sworn in as Mayor and the whole family attends her inauguration, but she soon finds out that the job is not as easy as she originally thought. Mama is swamped with different amendments, bills, and propositions. She has to read all of the paperwork, but there is a lot to attend to. Mama also has trouble at her first Council Meeting. Mama can't make any decisions and even causes a garbage strike and a transit walkout. The Cub Scouts and the Sons of Lithuania are mad at her, and many are calling for her resignation. Ellen hears of all this and decides to help. She and former Mayor Tutwiller help Mama. Tutwiller gives Mama some advice, telling her to send the Cub Scouts candy and get the police the dental insurance they want, and that solves the problem. Mama decides to resign, turns the job back to Tutwiller, and returns home to the family.moreless
    • Mama's Girls
      Mama's Girls
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      Mama leads a tap dancing routine with other seniors.
    • Fly Naomi
      Fly Naomi
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Unhappy with the rut she's gotten into, Naomi decides to make a change and arrives home with the news that, after seeing an ad in the paper, she's decided to attend school to train as a flight attendant. Vint gets upset because she didn't ask him first. While, Bubba joins the debate team to be near a girl he likes. Naomi aces her first exam, which only serves to make Vint more upset. With a growing rift between Vint and Naomi, Iola tries to make her move and asks Vint to have ice cream with her one night. What Vint views as innocent, Mama see clearly as Iola trying to get her claws into Vint and tells him so in no uncertain terms. Naomi tries to get everyone in the family to help her train for that night's big test, but the only one who will is Mama. Who quickly proceeds to drive her nuts. Later, Bubba annouces he's been kicked off the debate team for not knowing the Electoral College had nothing to do with electricty. Just as the family gets excited about all the free flights they'll get as the family of a flight attendant, Naomi dashes their hopes by failing her simulated test.moreless
    • Alien Marriage
      Alien Marriage
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Claude has come up with another hair-brained scheme and tells Vint that he could make nearly two thousand dollars by marrying a woman who needs her green card. Vint agrees to do this and no plans on revealing this to the family. But they find out because the woman, Zenada, comes over. The IRS needs to know this is a real marriage, so it will look less suspicious if Zenada is living with Vint. Mama is not for this. As Mama is bringing in laundry, Naomi comes over to complain about the sap dripping from Mama's tree, and Mama tells her what Vint is doing. Naomi tells her how it is illegal and he could get arrested if the false marriage was discovered. Claude stops by with Zenada and some of her things, and Mama tells Vint how if discovered, he could be in serious trouble. Vint decides not to go through with it, and tells Claude and Mr. Costa, Zenada's brother, decide to find someone else for the job.moreless
    • Ask Aunt Fran
      Ask Aunt Fran
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Fran demands absolute silence from the family because she is filling in for an advice columnist. She needs the house to be quiet so she can concentrate on helping these people solve their problems. When she tells the family about some of the letters, Mama gives advice on what to tell them. Fran uses Mama's advice and becomes a hit. She impresses her boss, and he arranges a lunch date with her. Fran believes her editor might even want to syndicate the column, which would mean big bucks. Since Mama has given Fran all her advice, Buzz insists Mama gets half of the profits, but Fran refuses. Fran's editor picks her up for lunch, and during dessert, he tells her about a problem a "friend" has. This "friend" has feelings for an older woman he just hired, though he is married. He asks Fran's advice, and Fran rushes to call Mama, who tells her that she is the older woman and her editor is the "friend." Fran goes back, tells her editor off, and quits.moreless
    • Mama's Boyfriend
      Mama's Boyfriend
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Mama is in a really good mood because she ran into an old friend who she is going out to dinner with. Woody Miller, her friend, is also an old flame of hers, and after dinner, they talk about going up to a cabin by the lake. Mama decides to go with him, but the family is against this. When Mama and Woody get to the cabin, Mama becomes very nervous and won't loosen up. She ends up going home the same day. The family is glad to have her back, and Mama sees that she did the right thing.moreless
    • Amateur Night
      Amateur Night
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Mama, Naomi, and Fran take Vint to the Bigger Jigger to cheer Vint up because he didn't get a promotion at work. As they are about to eat, a talent contest is announced, with the fist prize of one hundred dollars, and Naomi suggests he do his Fred Astaire routine, with Fran playing piano. Vint and Fran are nervous before they go on, but Naomi helps calm them down. When they get on stage, all goes well. Vint is a big hit and ends up winning. But this starts going to his head. He changes his head lining routine to something completely different as Vinnie Vegas, fires Fran for a professional pianist, and tells Naomi, who is still supporting him, to not be his wife and just be a groupie. The women decide to not go, until they realize how harsh the Jigger crowd can be. They head down there to stop Vint from making a fool of himself. Mama follows him into the men's room to tell him a story, and Vint finally realizes not to be Vinnie Vegas. He is about to go on, but they get locked in the bathroom. Afterwards at home, Vint is better and all is well again.moreless
    • It Takes Two to Watusi
      It Takes Two to Watusi
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Naomi's best friend Luann has just been divorced and Naomi wants to set her up with a friend of her's for a double date with her and Vint to play miniature golf. But before Luann ever arrives, her date calls to say he can't make it. Naomi then suggests Bubba could be a last minute stand-in. Mama nearly goes through the roof and says no. Not wanting Bubba to associate with the likes of Luann. After a lengthy discussion, Mama gives in and let's Bubba decide for himself, while trying to lay a guilt trip on him. It's fails miserably and the foursome is soon ready to be off, until Mama announces she's coming too, with her partner Iola. Mama and Iola win the game of golf, and are ready for a game of Yahtzee, but Vint and Naomi refuse and go on to bed. Mama goes on to bed herself as Bubba walks Luann to her car, she asks for a glass of water and he runs back inside to get it for her, but what he doesn't know is she followed him in and they soon end up making out. Which makes Bubba drop and break a glass, alerting Mama, who comes down to check on him. Luann later gets away and an unknowing Mama feels she may have misjudged her.moreless
    • Mama Sees Red
      Mama Sees Red
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Mama and the Family are busy playing a game of Pyramid,which her and Bubba win easily,when a knock comes at the door.It's a guy from the State Department,who wants Mama to host a Russian exchangee for one day as apart of 'Project Heartland'.Mama finally agrees and they get ready to welcome her. Olga arrives and immedaitely starts cleaning the house from top to bottom.Which drives Mama nuts,because she had broken her back getting it ready in the first place.They finally convince Olga to take a break and Naomi gets the idea to give her a make-over.She is so pleased with it,she decides she looks to good to go back to Russia and she's gonna defect to America. Wondering how they'll ever be able to explain to Mr. Peters that Olga won't be leaving,they decide to play another game of Pyramid.Which soon turns into an all out screaming match when it becomes clear Vint and Naomi are gonna easily defeat Mama and her mis-matched partner Olga.Fortunately the screaming match make changes Olga's mind and she decides to go home afterall.moreless
    • Mama's Silver
      Mama's Silver
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Vint threatens to move out of the house after stealing Mama's silver and pawning it for bail money for his slacker friend Claude.
    • Mama Mania
      Mama Mania
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Mama's dinner is interrupted by Vint and Bubba leaving to watch wrestling on TV, women's wrestling no less.They are soon joined by Naomi and Iola, and of course Mama.Naomi recognizes one of the girls in the match as one of her old High school friends and fellow cheerleaders. So she calls her mother and invites her to dinner.

      But Didi arrives 45 minutes late and informs everyone that her partner was just put into traction and she might have to forfeit the upcoming match for the championship.Until she talks Naomi into doing it.

      At the arena Mama starts mouthing off to the Bee's opponents and gets in the ring with a bucket,with which she accidentally hits Didi with.So Mama has to take her place. In the end Mama and Naomi win the match and the championship.moreless
    • A Taxing Situation
      A Taxing Situation
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      Vint and Noami are doing their taxes while Bubba works on Mama's, but their using the long form and she's using the short. So they figure out they'll get a $300 refund, while Bubba tells Mama she'll owe $250.T hat is until she starts listing items she could deduct. Like pies she made for the bake sale and clothes she gave away for a rummage sale. Thinking she's now gonna get a refund, Mama and Iola go shopping. When they get home Bubba tells them an IRS agent was by and made an appointment for Monday morning to come back by. Thinking she's gonna get audited and hearing all the horror stories of what can happen, she makes the family help out in a scheme to try and get sympathy. The agent arrives and Mama offers him a piece of pie as Bubba comes to the door dressed as a boy scout, soon followed by Vint and Naomi taking up money for an overseas charity. The Agent then reveals he's there to give Mama a refund for $250. That is until she opened her big mouth and told him she hadn't declared all of her income. So now she'll have to re-file and pay extra interest and penalities for being late.moreless
    • Guess Who's Going to Dinner
      Guess Who's Going to Dinner
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      As Mama, Iola, and Naomi are preparing for Mother's Day, Vint comes in and says that he won tenth place for dinner for two at Abdul's Garden of Eating. Mama and Naomi end up getting in a fight about whom Vint will take, since it is a Mother's Day dinner. Mama and Naomi both try to bribe Vint into taking them to the dinner the night before. Both women plan with Vint on how they will meet him at the restaurant, and leave, thinking they've fooled the other. Vint tells Bubba he gave each of them a ticket, and they are each expecting him to show up. Mama arrives first, than Naomi, and the two get into a fight. Vint shows up, and give Baba a note to give the women. After they read the note, they decide to take the dinner home, and share it with everyone.moreless
    • Flounder's Day
      Flounder's Day
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Thelma comes out with a wheelbarrow, seeing who wants to help her mulch the yard over the weekend. But everyone, except her has plans for Founders Day. Vint will be riding on the cobra float, Naomi will be selling cotton candy by the waterfront, Iola is the stage manager for the outdoor pageant, and Bubba is starring in the play as James A. Ray. Mama talks about how she just hates that day, because of her being beat out for the lead in the pageant 50 years ago. The part she was beat out for is still sung by Verna Mae Ray. Mama tells them about how she could sing circles around her, but they picked Verna Mae because of the name value. Grandma Crowley always said her day would come. Just then, Iola comes in with bad news. She says that Verna Mae will not be able to sing this year. Mama asks why, and Iola says that she is dead. Bubba suggests that the show must go on, and Iola says that she will hold an audition for anyone who wants to try out. Thelma calls around to see if anyone wants to audition for the part. She makes the day on the day of choir practice, so none of the good singers can make it. The Director of the play shows up for auditions, but Mama is clearly out sung by her only competition and ends up giving the part to her.moreless
    • Mama Cries Uncle
      Mama Cries Uncle
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      As the family is eating dinner, they get a visitor. It is Mama's brother-in-law Roy Harper. He has come to visit Carl for his birthday, not knowing that his brother is dead. Against Mama's wishes, Vint asks Roy to stay for a while. Everyone is thrilled to have Roy stay there, except Mama. At the same time, Sonja is preparing for a beauty pageant. Roy tells the women about the time he met Princess Grace, and that story influences Sonja's look. The day of the pageant comes, and Mama has sent Roy on an errand, but Roy doesn't return home right away. When he does get home, he hasn't gotten what Mama asked for, and she complains. Mama complains about Roy, the two get into a small argument, and Mama ends up revealing she has feelings for Roy that she is afraid to express. After the family leaves for the pageant, Mama and Roy have a talk, and Roy leaves. That night, the family is celebrating Sonja's victory, and wonder when Roy will return. Mama says she is sure he will come back to claim what is his.moreless
    • Double Standard
      Double Standard
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Buzz and Sonja are getting ready for their Homecoming dance, and Vint tells them to be home by midnight. Both are upset about this, but Sonja, who is older, believes she should stay out later because of her age. Vint tells her she has to be home early because she is a girl. This makes Sonja mad. As the two are getting ready, Vint tells Buzz he can stay out later because he is a boy. Sonja finds this out when they are getting ready to leave, and she storms out. Before midnight, the family is awaiting the kids' return. Buzz comes home by midnight, and Sonja comes in a little later. She and Mama have a talk, and as Sonja is going up to bed, Vint tries to talk to her. Mama defends Sonja and her rights as a woman.moreless
    • Buck Private Bubba
      Buck Private Bubba
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Vint's former Army Sargent come to town on a recruiting trip and he and Vint go out for a night of beers. Meeting Bubba a little later, Sarge remarks what a fine soldier he'd make. Of course, has no real interest in joining up, until he gets dumped by his girlfriend. Taking some advice from the Sargent he enlists in the military. Problem is, the break up doesn't take. Bubba soon regrets his enlistment when his girlfriend comes back to apologize and they get back together. Already having signed the papers, he prepares to leave for basic training. That is until Mama discovers a loop hole in the Army handbook she looks through with Iola. Just as Bubba is about to take the oath of allegiance, Mama rushes in and breaks the news that Bubba can't join the army because he's a convicted felon.moreless
    • There's No Place Like...No Place
      There's No Place Like...No Place
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Bubba's off to a rally for the homeless, as Mama and Iola are off to the Rayplex, while Vint and Naomi are headed out to route five to see the new housing development. Mama gives Bubba $20 just in case he needs it and then he accidentally packs her wallet in his back pack and heads out. She only notices this as her and Iola are leaving. So Mama heads for the rally to get her wallet back and Iola heads for the theatre.

      But Mama gets arrested along with the the other's at the rally and gets locked up, even though she tries to convince them she's not homeless. The phone is busy when she calls home so she's out of luck and into the cell she goes. Where she discovers that the people there are much like her, including her Cousin Cora. Who lost her farm two years earlier and has been homeless every since.

      The rest of the family finds Bubba at home and wonder where Mama is, they finally head for the police station and find her locked up and refusing to leave, after the Mayor decided to release everyone before the press got wind of it. Finally after some arm twisting from Iola (who just got her own column in the local paper), the Mayor agrees to call an emergency city council meeting and Reverend Meechum opens up the church basement as a temporary shelter. While Cora moves in with Mama until she gets a place of her own.moreless
    • Mama with the Golden Arm
      Mama with the Golden Arm
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Mama emerges as a contender in an arm-wrestling competition.
    • Eunice
      Season 0 - Episode 1
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