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    Who do you think made Vint more infantile, Thelma or Naomi. Personally i think it was Naomi because if you notice in the episodes with Buzz and Sonja he was more mature.
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    Naomi babied him a lot, but I think it was the Naomi-Thelma combination that really did him in. Any man living in the same house with and trying to please both his mother and his wife is going to be threatened with emasculation!
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    That's a good question. (I still remember Vint's lunchbox Mama gave him)...

    I think it really depends on the season.

    Every show has to have a character or set of characters that's generally considered normal, so in sitcoms the audience is grounded in reality as all the hilarity ensues. In the first 2 seasons before the break, Naomi and Vint are more grounded in reality and the audience relates to their perspective more. Like when Mama throws her back out and ruins Naomi and Vint's plans. Or when Mama crashes their lover's getaway. Or the equal rights episode where Sonja is the enlightened, sane one in a crazy sitcom world.

    In the later seasons, Mama was generally always the anchor, with all of the crazy, dumb, dsyfunctional family and friends circiling around her. I'm not dissing the earlier episodes; I think they told some great stories, especially with Ellen and Eunice. I just think they really found out what worked and how their world worked so when they came back after the break they knew what they had to do.

    Long story short, I think that's why Vint appeared more masculine and less dopey in the earlier episodes. Plus, since he was (technically) no longer a father in the later episodes, his regression made a bit more sense.

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