Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 6

Found Money

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1988 on NBC
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Found Money
The mail is late,meaning Mama's pension check is late also,so she has to wait around for the mailman.Come to find out Iola had it the whole time and now it's to late to get to the bank to deposit it.So Iola suggests that Mama use the new Auto-Teller, instead of letting her checks for the bills bounce.

Mama deposits the check and asks for $20.00 cash,which the machine deducts from her account,but never gives to her.So she blasts it with her pocket book and it soon starts spitting out money.$800 to be exact.

Later at the dinner table,the family and Iola take part in Bubba's survey for his and all disagree on what people should do with found money.It soon comes out that the teller-matic gave Mama $800 and suddenly everyone agrees that they should keep the money,with everyone having ideas on how best to spend it.But Mama decides to return to the bank the next day and put it in her account instead.

While there she runs into the guy who's account the money was actually subtracted from and she returns the money without having to admit where it came from.moreless

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    Vicki Lawrence

    Vicki Lawrence

    Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

    Ken Berry

    Ken Berry

    Vinton Harper

    Dorothy Lyman

    Dorothy Lyman

    Naomi Oates Harper

    Karin Argoud

    Karin Argoud

    Sonja Harper (episodes 1-35)

    Beverly Archer

    Beverly Archer

    Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

    Allan Kayser

    Allan Kayser

    Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

    Bryan O'Byrne

    Bryan O'Byrne

    Mr. Guthrie

    Guest Star

    Shirley Prestia

    Shirley Prestia

    Louise Kambeck

    Guest Star

    Tom Williams (III)

    Tom Williams (III)

    Voice of the Teller Matic

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: Mrs. Kambeck has a green sheet printout of the money that was "deducted" from the teller machine when it went berserk... Yet, the ATM DOESN'T have a camera, like they all do, that would have proven if Mr. Guthrie hadn't, in fact, deducted said money?

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Mama: What happened to all your ethics?
        Bubba: Who needs ethics? We could get a CD player!
        Vint: Yeah. Or a camper shelf for my pick-up.
        Naomi: Or an entire layette for the baby we're gonna make.
        Iola: Oh, will you forget your hypothetical baby! *grabs Mama* Thelma, you and I could take a single's cruise to Mexico!!!

      • *Iola enters wearing a big pink floral hat*
        Iola: I'm sorry I'm late. I kept changing hats.
        Mama: Well you should have kept at it a little longer.

      • Mama: I will just make up my own random survey question, alright. Now let me think. Okay, I got it!

      • Vint: I'm sure the postman will be here with Daddy's check in plenty of time. Remember, "Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night stays these carriers from their appointed rounds."
        Mama: Shoot, they gave up that motto years ago. Now they say, "You'll get it when we're damn good and ready."

      • Bubba: Okay, here is the first question: You have just spent $185.00 at the grocery store.
        Iola: Oh my word, I never spent that much.
        Mama: Shoot, at today's prices, that's only about six items.
        Vint: *raises his hand* I'll say the answer is No!
        Naomi: Honey, he wasn't asked us a question yet.
        Bubba: As you are walking back to your car, you notice the checker has given you fifteen cents too much change.
        Vint: *raises his hand* I'll say the answer is Yes!
        Mama: Will you shut up, and let him get to the question!

      • Vint: What if she double-crossed us and took off for Mexico with all our money?
        *Mama comes in*
        Mama: Hello all.
        Vint: There see, I told you she'd be back.

      • *Mr. Guthrie says that he did not withdraw $800, but Louise reuses to believe him*
        Louise: What does that say?
        Mama: Well, that looks like a minus eight hundred dollars to me.
        Louise: See? Even this confused old lady can see you made the withdrawal.
        Mama: Now just a minute here. Isn't it possible that this machine gave out his money by mistake? Maybe if somebody pushed the wrong buttons or struck it with a large, white, patent leather object.
        Louise: You're rattling on dear. Why don't you go sit down and feed the pigeons.

      • Mama: But, just like y'all said, first thing tomorrow morning I'mma take it back to the bank. Oh, I'm starting to feel better already.
        Vint: Now hold on Mama! We've got to think this thing through!

      • *Bubba finishes reading his question*
        Mama: Now Vinton.
        Vint: Uh, somebody else go first. I didn't realize it was multiple choice.

      • *Iola tells Mama she picked up her mail as well*
        Mama: You mean to tell me you had my pension check over at your house all this time?!
        Iola: Well, don't go on about it, Thelma. That's what friends are for. No need to thank me.
        Mama: Thank you?! I oughtta beat you senseless with that God-awful hat!

      • Bubba: It's this new cereal I bought. Sugar Frosted Whole Bran Fiber.
        Mama: Brings out the kid in you, along with everything else. Well good night, what ever happened to cereal that just rotted your teeth.

      • Thelma: Bubba, don't read at the dinner table. Where are you manners? Gimme the damn potatoes!

      • Iola: *Slowly going mad* "Very well, Thelma. Was the bank concerned with the right thing to do when they cut off your Christmas Club, cause you made your June deposit in August? I think not. And where was the bank's sense of morality when they REFUSED to take back their defective free toaster? AFTER it SINGED off every hair on mother's upper lip! I DESPISE THAT BANK AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR! Down with the imperial fascists! Keep the money! I say go back and try it for a more!
        Thelma: Well now, just a damn minute here! Especially you, Ayatollah Boylen!

    • NOTES (3)

      • Behind the Scenes: A little under 5 years and a month earlier, a similar story appeared on Three's Company: episode 153, "The Money Machine." Interestingly enough, both that episode and "Found Money" were directed by Dave Powers.

      • Behind the Scenes: Strangely enough, his interesting name not withstanding, Bryan O'Byrne also played a character who lost a sum of money in the Perfect Strangers episode, Finders Keepers. There, he played Father Killion, who had left a shoebox full of his church's money on a bus. As if that wasn't enough, he shouldn't really have to worry about a fixed income, having played a bank teller in The $1,000,000 Duck.

      • Behind the Scenes: TBS muted one of Mama's line while they were all in the kitchen in the first or second scene.

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