Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 6

Found Money

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Mrs. Kambeck has a green sheet printout of the money that was "deducted" from the teller machine when it went berserk... Yet, the ATM DOESN'T have a camera, like they all do, that would have proven if Mr. Guthrie hadn't, in fact, deducted said money?

  • Quotes

    • Mama: What happened to all your ethics?
      Bubba: Who needs ethics? We could get a CD player!
      Vint: Yeah. Or a camper shelf for my pick-up.
      Naomi: Or an entire layette for the baby we're gonna make.
      Iola: Oh, will you forget your hypothetical baby! *grabs Mama* Thelma, you and I could take a single's cruise to Mexico!!!

    • *Iola enters wearing a big pink floral hat*
      Iola: I'm sorry I'm late. I kept changing hats.
      Mama: Well you should have kept at it a little longer.

    • Mama: I will just make up my own random survey question, alright. Now let me think. Okay, I got it!

    • Vint: I'm sure the postman will be here with Daddy's check in plenty of time. Remember, "Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night stays these carriers from their appointed rounds."
      Mama: Shoot, they gave up that motto years ago. Now they say, "You'll get it when we're damn good and ready."

    • Bubba: Okay, here is the first question: You have just spent $185.00 at the grocery store.
      Iola: Oh my word, I never spent that much.
      Mama: Shoot, at today's prices, that's only about six items.
      Vint: *raises his hand* I'll say the answer is No!
      Naomi: Honey, he wasn't asked us a question yet.
      Bubba: As you are walking back to your car, you notice the checker has given you fifteen cents too much change.
      Vint: *raises his hand* I'll say the answer is Yes!
      Mama: Will you shut up, and let him get to the question!

    • Vint: What if she double-crossed us and took off for Mexico with all our money?
      *Mama comes in*
      Mama: Hello all.
      Vint: There see, I told you she'd be back.

    • *Mr. Guthrie says that he did not withdraw $800, but Louise reuses to believe him*
      Louise: What does that say?
      Mama: Well, that looks like a minus eight hundred dollars to me.
      Louise: See? Even this confused old lady can see you made the withdrawal.
      Mama: Now just a minute here. Isn't it possible that this machine gave out his money by mistake? Maybe if somebody pushed the wrong buttons or struck it with a large, white, patent leather object.
      Louise: You're rattling on dear. Why don't you go sit down and feed the pigeons.

    • Mama: But, just like y'all said, first thing tomorrow morning I'mma take it back to the bank. Oh, I'm starting to feel better already.
      Vint: Now hold on Mama! We've got to think this thing through!

    • *Bubba finishes reading his question*
      Mama: Now Vinton.
      Vint: Uh, somebody else go first. I didn't realize it was multiple choice.

    • *Iola tells Mama she picked up her mail as well*
      Mama: You mean to tell me you had my pension check over at your house all this time?!
      Iola: Well, don't go on about it, Thelma. That's what friends are for. No need to thank me.
      Mama: Thank you?! I oughtta beat you senseless with that God-awful hat!

    • Bubba: It's this new cereal I bought. Sugar Frosted Whole Bran Fiber.
      Mama: Brings out the kid in you, along with everything else. Well good night, what ever happened to cereal that just rotted your teeth.

    • Thelma: Bubba, don't read at the dinner table. Where are you manners? Gimme the damn potatoes!

    • Iola: *Slowly going mad* "Very well, Thelma. Was the bank concerned with the right thing to do when they cut off your Christmas Club, cause you made your June deposit in August? I think not. And where was the bank's sense of morality when they REFUSED to take back their defective free toaster? AFTER it SINGED off every hair on mother's upper lip! I DESPISE THAT BANK AND EVERYTHING IT STANDS FOR! Down with the imperial fascists! Keep the money! I say go back and try it for a more!
      Thelma: Well now, just a damn minute here! Especially you, Ayatollah Boylen!

  • Notes

    • Behind the Scenes: A little under 5 years and a month earlier, a similar story appeared on Three's Company: episode 153, "The Money Machine." Interestingly enough, both that episode and "Found Money" were directed by Dave Powers.

    • Behind the Scenes: Strangely enough, his interesting name not withstanding, Bryan O'Byrne also played a character who lost a sum of money in the Perfect Strangers episode, Finders Keepers. There, he played Father Killion, who had left a shoebox full of his church's money on a bus. As if that wasn't enough, he shouldn't really have to worry about a fixed income, having played a bank teller in The $1,000,000 Duck.

    • Behind the Scenes: TBS muted one of Mama's line while they were all in the kitchen in the first or second scene.

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