Mama's Family

Season 4 Episode 10

Gift Horse

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1987 on NBC
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Gift Horse
The game is about to go into extra innings and Vint, Naomi and Bubba are glued to the set. Mama on the other hand wants to be glued to the set, so she can watch the last part of a mini-series she is following. When Vint points out if Mama would buy them a VCR, she could be taping her program as they finish watching the game. Meanwhile, Iola brings over the latest of her gifts to thank Mama for watching her gold fish, while her and her parents are out of town. Tired of Iola's gaudy gifts, the family comes up with a plan to get rid of the gifts and get the money for their new VCR at the same time. They decide to have a yard sale. Everything goes swimmingly as they easily earn enough money for the VCR and plus a little extra. But everyone refuses to buy even one of Iola's "Homemade Horrors." Thinking they should hide the money Vint stores it in one of Iola's unsellable gifts for safe keeping. Iola and her parents arrive home sooner than expected and she finds her "hand-made treasures" for sale. She throws a fit and takes her gifts with her when she leaves. Realizing Iola has the money for their VCR now, they're forced to invite her over to reconcile. In the end they make up, and Iola knowing they probably would, went and bought the VCR for them.moreless

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Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence

Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

Ken Berry

Ken Berry

Vinton Harper

Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman

Naomi Oates Harper

Beverly Archer

Beverly Archer

Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser

Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene where Iola is throwing all of her works of art into the box outside the house. You can see clearly that she throws something blue and it hits the ground behind her! You can even see Thelma looking at it hit the ground. Iola doesn't even pick it back up!

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Mama: That machine only cost one hundred and seventy-nine bucks.
      Iola: That's correct.
      Mama: So where the hell's my change ya crook?!

    • *Iola hands the coat hanger birdcage in the dining room*
      Vint: All it needs is a coat hanger canary.
      *Mama hits Vint*
      Mama: Don't give her any ideas!

    • Vint: Mama, where's the Kleenex caddy?
      Mama: I gave that ugly thing back to Iola.
      Vint: What?
      Naomi: Mrs. Harper, you didn't?! All our money was in that thing.
      Bubba: Great! Now how are we gonna buy our VCR?
      Vint: Well.
      Mama: AS IF I HAD TO ASK!

    • Mama: Thank you so much. And I'm so pleased these dishes are going to get a good home. I'm sure they'll look lovely on you're table.
      Harryr: Table? I'm using these for target practice.
      Mama: Well I hope ya shoot yourself in the butt!

    • Joe: I'll give you two bucks for these hedge clippers.
      Mama: Well, I believe-
      Vint: Uh, excuse me misses. My tenth wedding anniversary is coming up, amd hedge clippers is all the little woman talks about. I'll give ya three dollars.
      Joe: Four.
      Vint: Four fifty.
      Joe: Five.
      Vint: Twenty five!
      Joe: For twenty-five dollars, I could hire a gardener.
      Mama: For twenty-five bucks, I could hire a son with a brain.

    • *Bubba is talking to a girl, who he is giving free things to at the sale. Mama sees and puts a stop to it*
      Mama: And if you're so interested in a free rabbit, why don't ya take this dumb bunny off my hands?!

    • Vint: See, all it needs is a new cord and a new motor and it'll be just like new.

    • *The family is trying to find a way to raise money for a VCR*
      Naomi: I know! We could have that garage sale you're always talking about!
      Vint: Yeah. This house is just full of worthless junk.
      Mama: Well, and most of it's been made by Iola.

    • Bubba: Why didn't ya just tell her the truth?
      Mama: For the same reason I don't switch the TV to my program, because I am considerate of other people. Get the hell outta my chair!

    • Mama: How come you're not at home watching My Sister, Myself?
      Iola: Oh, I wanted to, but Mother's engrossed in Life of the Locust on PBS.
      Mama: Swear, that woman'll watch anything with six legs.
      Iola: You know, that's so true. She just loves Three's Company.

    • *Mama is on her front porch, wanting to watch her TV movie*
      Mama: Oh, glory be. The Whittikers have it on. Yep, there's a nun in a courtroom. Lord, why don't they invest in one of them big screen TVs.
      *Iola comes up the porch*
      Iola: Knock knock.
      Mama: Oh, well Iola! Lord! Don't ever sneak up on me when I'm watching TV!

    • Vint: I'm sorry, Mama, but if we had that VCR, you could be taping your program while we watched our game.
      Mama: Vinton, I don't want to hear another word about that damn VCR! That's all I need in this house is something that else that costs too much and does too little!

    • (Iola just gave mama a home made tissue box)
      Iola: Enjoy it in good health, or when you have a drippy nose or a hackin' cough.
      Mama: Or when ya get something so ugly it makes you want to cry.

    • Mama: Iola, we could never bare to part with any of the beautiful things you made for us.
      Iola: Than why does my coathanger birdcage have a $.35 price tag on it?!
      Mama: Because no one would pay .50.

  • NOTES (2)