Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 17

Guess Who's Going to Dinner

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama and Iola are preparing decorations for the Mother's Day Banquet at the church. Naomi comes in and says she will be working on Mother's Day, and Mama is surprised she wants to work on Mother's Day. Just then, Vint comes in and reveals that he has won a prize in the Mall's raffle. Everyone is excited, thinking he won the first prize of the mini-van, but Vint says that he won the tenth prize, dinner for two at the new expensive restaurant, Abdul's Garden of Eating. Naomi says how she can't wait to go, but Mama asks why Naomi would go when it is a Mother's Day dinner. The two end up getting into a fight about whom Vint will take to the fantasy dinner. Vint first tells them that neither will go, but the night before, both women try to bribe Vint. Naomi uses her body, while Mama uses her cocoa.

The next day, Naomi meets with Vint and tells him her plan for Mama to see her leave, so she won't think they are meeting for the dinner. When Naomi exits the room, Mama comes down and tells him her plan of how they will meet at the restaurant, without Naomi expecting a thing. Both women leave, and Bubba asks Vint that if he isn't taking anyone, could he have the tickets. Vint tells Bubba that he gave them both to Mama and Naomi. But each of them is expecting him to show up.

At Abdul's Garden of Eating, Mama arrives first. Naomi comes in a little later and sees Mama. They are seated at the same table and get into a fight. Vint comes in with a note he wants the women to read. When the note arrives at their table, the two fight after it and each grab a piece. Vint explains why he isn't there and that he couldn't choose over the two most important women in his life. Both Mama and Naomi are touched, and Mama has an idea. They get the food to go. At home, the whole family and Iola are enjoying the feast, and Mama adds her own touch to it. She becomes a belly dancer, just like the restaurant had.
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