Mama's Family

Season 2 Episode 18

Harper Versus Harper

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1984 on NBC

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  • Episodes like this are exactly why I love Mamas Family I can only sit back and laugh myself silly when I see this episode cause the plot and the script was very well written about what people take each other to small claims court for.

    This episode has to be one of my favorite if not
    my favorite episode of the series, Everytime I watch this episode I can't stop laughing because it shows
    the reality of our society today of the stupid and idiotic
    reasons that people take to small claims court whether it's
    because of a hair place colering someone's hair wrong or
    in this case a vaccum cleaner that mama's was operating
    burned out the moter. Vint lets mama use Naomi's vacuum
    cleaner(that Naomi has never used)so when Mama turns it
    on and starts vacuuming the floor it starts making a loud
    sound then the moter burns out and they discover that
    Naomi's keys are what caused the moter to burn out. Naomi
    then tells Mama to pay her for the vacuum that she destroyed
    when Mama refuses Naomi takes her to small claims court, Mama countersues because the vacuum burned a hole in her rug. The courtroom scenes are just hilarious because Mama
    and Naomi both start fighting and acting like children and
    the Judge has to deal with both their complaints, finally in the end the Judge has had enough of listening to both of them and fines them both and orders them to pay their own damages. Anyone out there who is a Mama's Family fan this
    is an episode you must see cause it's episodes like this one for why I love this show. The bottom line is this: I would venture to say that many small claims courts see hundreds of cases like this and goes to show how childish
    people can be, that's what makes this episode so hilarious.