Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 1

Ladies Choice

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Mama says that she's only got three minutes to talk. Iola had four charts and graphs on stage. How did she display all that in the short time of 180 seconds? Alberta could have given her more time, but Mama was limited.

  • Quotes

    • Mama: It is just like in the insect world. There are worker bees, and there are queen bees. Iola, you are a worker. I am the Queen.
      Vint: And what are we Mama?
      Mama: You're the drones.

    • Vint: Mama, why'd I hafta wear my old Army uniform. I feel so dumb.
      Mama: Vinton, when don't you feel dumb? Now you be proud of your military record. There ain't no National Guard in the Harper House.

    • *Bubba asks Mama to help him study for his American History test*
      Mama: I don't know anything about American History.
      Vint: Oh sure you do Mama. You lived through most of it. *laughs and snorts*
      Mama: Shut up, you post nasal drip.

    • *Mama is talking about her work for the CLL interfering with her home life*
      Mama: I have a higher duty. *looks up*
      Vint: Cleaning the attic.
      Mama: No cleaning the cobwebs from between your ears.

    • *Naomi and Vint leave the kitchen a bit upset since Mama is neglecting her household duties for the CLL*
      Iola: What's the matter with them?
      Mama: I dropped Vinton on his head when he was a baby. I'm not sure what her excuse is.

    • Bubba: Boy, talk about a lively debate. Now I know what they mean by mudslinging.
      Naomi: Actually, it was more like mud wrestling.

    • *Mama is getting to a high point in her speech when Alberta rings the bell*
      Alberta: That's it Thelma.
      Mama: Not now. I'm on a roll!

    • Mama: But seriously folks, I'm not here to run down my opponent. Shoot, I only got three minutes.

    • *Iola finished speaking*
      Alberta: Thank you Iola. Oh, so clear. So, so cogent. So compelling! And now we hear from Thelma Harper.
      Mama: Well thank you Alberta. I only hope I can live up to that rousing introduction.

    • Iola: And I was awarded the blue ribbon for best oven mitt.
      Mama: Probably made the blue ribbon herself.
      Iola: And I made the blue ribbon myself.

    • *Iola starts her speech in a deeper voice than usual*
      Bubba: She doesn't sound so squeaky.
      Mama: I want that woman checked for steroids!

    • *The family is amazed with the change in Iola*
      Mama: Wait till they hear her squeaky voice. She's gonna come off like Pee Wee Herman in drag.

    • Mama: A bad make-up job cost Nixon an election.

    • Naomi: You don't wanna stand here and insult each other, do you?
      Mama: Hell no! I wanna do it in public where it'll get me some votes!

    • Mama: Well, I don't need Boss Meachum because I got the ranking file behind me.
      Iola: Oh, and here I thought it was cellulite!

    • Iola: Well a lot you know. I got plenty of support!
      Mama: Yeah, well it's all in your panty hose!

    • Mama: Oh Iola, I can't give it up. You got no idea what it's like to be president. Once you've tasted that power it's like a drug, and I can't just say no!

    • Naomi: I'm simply doing the breakfast dishes like you told me too.
      Mama: I told you to wash em, not change their shape.

    • Mama *to Iola*: I've changed tires that weren't as flat as you!

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