Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 18

Look Who's Breathing

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bubba is helping Mama and Iola prepare for a big Bingo night where they could win fifteen hundred dollars. As they are playing, Vint and Naomi get home from their childbirth class and talk about it. The next night, Iola and Mama are getting ready to go to the Bingo game. Naomi comes upstairs to go to her childbirth class and calls for Vint. Soon Vint comes up with a pregnant belly. He is wearing the sympathy belly for the class to get the feeling of being pregnant. But right as they are about to leave, Vint's boss at Kwik Keys calls and needs him to come out to a motel and help him get out of a predicament. With Vint not able to go, Naomi needs a new breathing coach. She asks Bubba, but he says he has homework. So she asks Mama to go, but Mama cares about her Bingo more. Iola tells Mama of a way she can do both. After some begging and pleading, Mama finally agrees to go with Naomi and be her coach.

Mama is in a big hurry to get to her bingo, and the teacher is late. When she finally gets there, she says she attended the birth of a member of the Mama tries to rush things along during the time to relax, though she falls asleep. Then they watch a long movie, which Mama keeps fast-forwarding to get through the "dirty parts." After taking a break when the movie ends, the teacher says it is time to move on, so Mama rushes to the door. But Naomi explains that they are movie on to the breathing exercises, which is what she needs help on. Mama first gets annoyed with the fact Naomi can't find a focus point. Then she makes fun of how all the women sound doing the breathing. Naomi tells her to start taking it seriously.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Mama decides to deliver some facts about giving birth to the herself. She tells all the women that the transitional breathing won't be any help because they will be in too much pain. Mama even shows them the breathing technique she learned before Vint was born, breathe in, release a blood-curdling scream, and repeat. Mama goes on to tell them that after their child is born, they will have trouble nursing it, they will be up all night trying to get the kid to fall asleep, and their romantic lives will be gone. Mama also mentions that the women will lose their figures, and not all get them back like she did. This sends the into a complete panic, and Mama is soon asked to leave.

When at home, Naomi tells Vint and Bubba how hard it was for the teacher to get the class back on track. Mama and Iola return, but they aren't happy. They didn't win big at bingo, but Roselle Huplander won the money with only one card.