Mama's Family

Season 1 Episode 7

Mama Gets a Job

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1983 on NBC

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  • Mama tries to work at a travel agency but her family gets in the way!!

    Well, it seems I\'ll be the first to review this episode. I prefer the later episodes overall but the earlier ones have their own charm & grew on me in high school. If you\'ve seen the episode where Mama & Bubba are working at McRay\'s together, this episode is sort of similar.

    Here Mama is searching for something to do with her life other than being a homemaker and tending to the family. She decides to get a job after hearing about Aunt Effie working at the court house. One of the notable parts is when she goes to the job placement agency and the woman acts snotty to her.

    She ends up at a travel agency, where of course hilarity ensues. Between pushing the right key to answer the phone, reciting the company\'s greeting (It\'s a GREAT day here at the Raytown Travel Agency. May I HELP you???) and offering coffee to customers, Mama gets even more sidetracked when the family calls with their problems and tells them off for bothering her at work. She ends up losing her job the first day and says she can\'t work as long as her family is around to bug her. Classic Mama\'s Family for those familiar with the tone & style of the show.
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