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Mama's Family

Season 4 Episode 17

Mama Gets the Bird

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1988 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Mama Gets the Bird
A hot sticky day on the lake at Uncle Oscar's funeral finally comes to an end as the family and Iola arrive home. They start talking about how much of a success he was with his boat rental business out on RayLake. Naomi wonders aloud who will get the business now that Uncle Oscar is gone. Since his only other living relative was Cousin Cora and he hated her, Mama figures she's a shoo-in for the grand prize. The family is all busy planning how they'll run the business, when Mama gets home from the reading of the will, and reveals he left the business to Cora and gave her the bird, literally. Captain Petey, Uncle Oscar's faithful side kick. Little does the family know that he holds the keys to a treasure, Uncle Oscar's gold bars. He first gives them a clue in a rhythm and that sends the family running to take the house apart looking for gold. After Mama and Iola tear up the kitchen and Bubba and Naomi search their rooms, they get another clue about the yard. As they run for the door, Vint announces he's already looked. A third clue prompts them to take the cage outside, and upon opening the door, Petey flies away. Thinking the whole thing was a wild goose chase, they toss the cage. Only to get a letter a week after the funeral, saying it was the cage that was made of gold all along and it was worth $50,000.moreless

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    Vicki Lawrence

    Vicki Lawrence

    Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

    Ken Berry

    Ken Berry

    Vinton Harper

    Dorothy Lyman

    Dorothy Lyman

    Naomi Oates Harper

    Karin Argoud

    Karin Argoud

    Sonja Harper (episodes 1-35)

    Beverly Archer

    Beverly Archer

    Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

    Allan Kayser

    Allan Kayser

    Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • What made Frank examine the cage to find the money? He was just going to throw it away. Most garbage collectors just throw it in the truck; they don't rummage through it.

      • Mama says how Cousin Cora got the boat rental business, but in "There's No Place Like...No Place," Cora is homeless, after losing the farm and not having the job. And she says she been like that for some time. How did Cora lose the business and wind up on the street?

      • Is it really possible to retire and move Tahiti on just $50,000?

      • This was NOT a goof! If the bird cage was older, it would be made of heavier material than those we use today.
        I think that someone just wanted to see their name on the screen or something......
        Bottom line-if you are going to post to a goof, make sure it is one.

      • Well in 1988 Gold hit a high around $400.00 an ounce.. So if the cage was worth $50,000.00 that would be $50000/400 or
        125 ounces.. Now a gold ounce isn't = to a standard ounce but just for quick calculations 16 ounces in a pound.. 125/16 = 7.81 pounds. That is pretty heavy for a bird cage

      • These people didn't wonder the whole time why Petey's cage was so heavy?

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Naomi: Besides, what would an old man like that want to go down to my boudoir for anyway?
        Mama: Beats the hell outta me. I don't know why Vinton goes down there.

      • Naomi: Well, there's no gold in the basement. I took everything out of the drawers, pulled everything out of the closet, and yanked the mattress off the bed.
        Mama: Oh yeah? Straightened up, did ya?

      • *Mama tells Petey to tell the family about the bars of gold*
        Petey: Pretty bird. Pretty bird.
        Mama: Yeah. Yeah. You're a pretty bird. We've established that! Now get on with it!

      • Naomi: Isn't he adorable? It's just like he understands me.
        Mama: Ah great Naomi, ya finally found someone you can converse with on your own level.

      • Mama: It's a letter from Uncle Oscar.
        Bubba: Uncle Oscar?
        Naomi: That's impossible.
        Vint: Maybe it's from the dead letter office.

      • Mama: Vinton, what'd you do with that cage?
        Vint: You told me to throw it out.
        Mama: Well, but you didn't, did you? You never do anything I tell you to.
        Vint: I do too. Just last week I painted that back fence and I put up that new-
        Mama: NEVER MIND THAT!

      • *Mama is reading the letter from Oscar*
        Mama: All you had to do was examine the outside of Petey's home to see that beneath the black paint, the bars of his cage were solid gold.
        *The family gasps*
        Naomi: That is what he meant by "bars of gold."
        *Mama gives Naomi a look and continues to read*
        Mama: Thelma. *gives Naomi another look*

      • Mama: Next bird that comes in this house had better be in a bucket from the Colonel.

      • *The family is inspecting Mama's overturned yard*
        Bubba: Flamingoes don't look so hot either.

      • Mama: Two solid hours of tearing this kitchen apart, and what do we got to show for it? The galley from "The Poseidon Adventure."

      • Mama: Well, the only treasure I found in here is a leg of lamb from 1984.

      • Mama: I know what I heard; it was all in a rhyme. He said, "To Thelma Harper, my favorite niece, I'm leaving all the gold." And the bird has the clues.
        Vint: Mama that doesn't rhyme.
        Mama: That's not the point, you numskull! I'm just trying to give you the jest of it here.

      • Bubba: We could own our own boat rental business. And me and Uncle Vint could take turns wearing the pirate suit.
        Vint: Mama, could I go first?

      • Bubba: He was her favorite Uncle.
        Naomi: Why was that? That man was such a weirdo.
        Vint: Well, you'd be a little weird too if you spent all that time alone on a boat.
        Naomi: A little weird? Honey, he dressed up as a pirate every day of his life. He wore a black eye patch and said things like, "Shiver me timbers." Face it, he was a nutcase.
        Vint: Oh Skeeter, nutcase is a little strong.
        Naomi: Vinton, his best friend was a parrot.
        Mama: Well, what other kind of a pet would you have on a boat? A French poodle?

      • Iola: I thought it was so touching the way his ashes floated along the ripples of the water.
        Vint: Yeah. But it kinda broke the mood when that water skier swallowed right through em.
        Naomi: At least she was wearing a black bikini.

      • Mama: I just still can't believe Uncle Oscar is gone.
        Bubba: Well, he lived a long, full life Grandma.
        Mama: What are you talking about? The man was struck down in his prime.
        Vint: Mama, he was ninety-two years old.
        Mama: Yeah, well, from where I'm sittin', that's just about middle age.

      • *Mama bends over, cleaning.*
        Petey: Look's like a full moon tonight!

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