Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 17

Mama in One

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1989 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • *Vint gets off the phone*
      Vint: Good news Skeeter! Floyd over at the Jiffy Lube slipped on a grease spot and threw his back out.
      Mama: Well, let's break out the champagne.

    • Bubba: I'm pledging Sigma Alpha Pi.
      *puts on the hat that read SAP*
      Mama: Well if anyone was ever born to be a SAP, you're it.

    • Mama: The answer to every mother's prayer - a house without a family!

    • Mama: Lord, where is it written that Thelma always plays the patsy? Want somebody to watch your fish? Call Thelma! Wanna sew some draperies that'll get ya hot? Call Thelma! Want a housekeeper/cook/slave all rolled into one? Call Thelma!
      *phone rings*
      Mama: That's probably for me!

  • Notes

    • The names Bubba mentions while naming his fraternity
      "brothers" are all names of crew members from the show.

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