Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 13

Mama Takes a Dive

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Harpers are having major furnace troubles. Their furnace is broken. Vinton cannot fix it, and Mama doesn't have the five grand to fix or replace it. Iola and Naomi tell Mama she should get a bank loan. Mama doesn't want to at first, but after an explosion happens while Vint attempts fixing the furnace, she decides to. Mama visits the bank, but never is given her loan and ends up slipping on a roll of pennies before leaving, and she tells the family when she gets home. Vint, Naomi and Bubba convince her to sue, and they call "Settlement" Sam Travis, a sleazy lawyer they saw on television. He visits Mama and exaggerates her extremely minor pains. He tells the family he plans to sue for three and a half million dollars. To pull the charade off, Mama is given a neck brace and an arm sling. And the trick works in fooling people. Iola is convinced that she is doing very poorly. After Mama's best friend is convinced, the family is sure that the bank's insurance company will be as well.

Mama is tired of her new look. She tries doing dishes, but Vint and Naomi stop her so the insurance agent doesn't see this. As they are preparing for the insurance agent's visit, Bubba brings home a new walker for Mama to use to insure the fooling of the agent. Mama doesn't want to use it at first, but after Naomi says that without the money they can get she and Vint can't move out, Mama decides to use it. Miss Small, the insurance agent, finally arrives, but she does not want to pay over three million for Mama's mishap. As Mama is attempting walking a few steps to convince the Miss Small, Iola arrives, shocked to see what Mama has become. Mama finishes walking, and the insurance agent says she is not convinced. Iola stands up for Mama, and accidentally calls her "Mother," since she reminds her of her own mother. Mama can't take it anymore, so she strips off her sling and brace. The lawsuit is dropped, but the insurance company still offers her a settlement of five thousand. However, Settlement Sam tells Mama she still owes him his usual eighty percent fee, as well as other expenses, so has her sign over the check to him. Mama is really upset about this whole fiasco and blames her family for it all.