Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 11

Mama Takes Stock

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bubba is reviewing stocks in the newspaper where his stock is up. In his business class, they are learning about the stock market and buying invisible shares of stocks. Vint enters and tells the family how the head of Kwik Key's parent company, the Bernice Corporation, is coming by for an inspection, and there is the chance he might be getting a raise. Meanwhile, Naomi is looking for a Christening gown for her child, and Mama tells her that she can just use the Harper family Christening gown. As Mama and Iola are looking through some old junk for it, they find old papers. Bubba looks at one and sees it is a stock certificate. Mama's late husband Carl bought it. The worthless stock is for Tri-State Trolley. Bubba decides to take it to his business class, where they are discussing bad investments. Soon Vint returns home and tells the family that tomorrow at this time, he'll be out of a job.

It turns out that Bernice is closing Kwik Keys to open a yogurt shop. The family and Iola are worried about this. Iola plans to write a scathing letter. Vint tells the family to calm down. He has Naomi go downstairs to relax and has Bubba get a newspaper so he can search the want ads. But after they leave, he is alone with Mama and breaks down crying. Soon Mama and Naomi search the wants ads, but can't find anything Vint is qualified for. Iola comes in with a petition to keep Kwik Keys from closing, but it still feels hopeless. After Naomi and Iola leave, Bubba enters and tells Mama her "worthless stock" is actually worth $240. The Trolley Company was taken over by and merged with several other companies, and the end result is that she now owns ten shares of Bernice.

As two people from Bernice Co. are visiting Vint, including the head of the company, Mama enters with ten Bernice stockholders. They plan to impeach Mr. B.D. Larson, the head of Bernice. Mama and Larson talk, and it is revealed that Raytown already has three yogurt shops, while Kwik Keys is the only key shop. Larson decides to keep Kwik Keys open. After the men from Bernice leave, Mama reveals the women she came with weren't stockholders, but women waiting at the beauty shop.
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