Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 13

Mama's Layaway Plan

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1989 on NBC



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    • Bubba: That's our Grand Canyon money!
      Thelma: Well what's the difference? They're both holes in the ground. I can either spend 3 days looking at the big one or eternity in the smaller one.

    • Mama: Naomi, see that this obituary gets printed in the paper verbatim.
      Naomi: Okay. Except Mrs. Harper, you don't wear a size four dress.
      Mama: Just shut up and print it!

    • Bubba: What are you doin' up there anyhow?
      Mama: I'm thinkin' of becoming a go-go dancer.
      *starts dancing on the coffee table she's standing on*
      Vint: I think you're gonna hafta make that dress a lot shorter.

    • Naomi: Funerals are very depressing.
      Mama: Well of course they're depressing. What do you expect with a dead body in the room, a hoe down?!

    • Vint: Mama will bowl like a pro. She's always real up after a family funeral.
      Bubba: Why is that?
      Vint: Because they're dead and she's not.

    • *Mama is at her own funeral*
      Mama: Well, my family. They're all devastated. Well, this is wonderful!

    • Mama: I'm gonna have the perfect funeral if it kills me!

    • Vint: Mama, it's twelve thirty five.
      Mama: You like my new coo-coo clock?

    • Naomi: Couldn't we bowl while be grieve?
      Bubba: We could dedicate the first frame to Cousin Tuti!
      Mama: It's Cousin Ludie! Tuti was on The Facts of Life!

    • Naomi: Iola can take your place.
      Iola: I can?
      Naomi: Certainly! Any fool can throw a ball down the middle of an alley. You're perfect!
      Iola: What the hay!

    • Naomi: Nothing is cheaper than bowling.
      Mama: Oh yeah? You taken a look in the mirror lately?

  • Notes

    • The reports of Dorothy Van's passing may have been greatly exaggerated, as the quote goes. Other sources say she lived up until 2002, dying from Parkinson's Disease.

    • This is Dorothy Van's final appearance as Aunt Effie, sadly she committed suicide in 1995.

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