Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 1

Mama's Medicine Show

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Naomi and Vint read in a magazine how it will cost them 168,000 dollars to raise their child, they decide to come up with a scheme to make some fast money, becoming entrepreneurs. Just then, Bubba comes home feeling poorly, and Mama gives him some of her "Mother Harper's Miracle Tonic," which gives Vint and Naomi an idea. They figure that they could sell the tonic and make a fortune.

Naomi gets some bottles from the recycling bin at Food Circus, and the family starts to bottle it. The Miracle Tonic sells fast and everyone wants more. So Bubba takes a case to his swim meet, and Mama takes it with her to the Church Ladies League meeting. She passes out samples to the CLL.

At home, Vint and Naomi continue to get calls asking for more tonic. But Bubba comes home with bad news. After selling the Miracle Tonic to the members of his swim team, they lost their competition because none of the members wanted to participate, instead just hang out. Bubba tells Naomi and Vint that he had the tonic analyzed at the chemistry lab, and it contains thirty-five percent alcohol.

At the CLL, the women are having a high old time, celebrating, drinking, and dancing. Alberta even tells Mama that she's going to nominate her for CLL Woman of the Year. The family comes down to tell Mama that her tonic is laced with alcohol, but Mama doesn't want to tell the church ladies. Soon after, the family has to return all of their customers' money, and Mama and Iola are hung over.