Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 1

Mama's Medicine Show

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1989 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (Mama gives Bubba some of her tonic, which she says heals)
      Vint: Yep. I remember when she gave a big dose of that stuff to Rita Rose, and it saved her life.
      Iola: Really?
      Vint: Yeah. And believe me, that was one sick hog.
      Iola: Well, for heaven's sake Thelma, you're giving your grandson hog medicine.
      Mama: Rita Rose was just like a member of the family! Here, have another capful, sweetie.
      Naomi: It really works Iola. I used to get terrible headaches; it took them right away.
      Vint: Yeah. It's good for anything. One time, I ran out of WD40. That stuff unfroze the lock.