Mama's Family

Season 1 Episode 13

Mama's Silver

Aired Unknown May 07, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama returns home from a department store sale with Fran, already frustrated with Fran's driving and angry that the sale was not half-off as advertised. Mama discovers Vint has brought his friend Claude home for lunch, which Mama disapproves of on the grounds that Claude is a lowlife. Mama urges Vint to stop associating with people she thinks are beneath him, but really Claude is just beneath her. That night the family sits down for an unpleasant family dinner that Buzz leaves early from to go visit a friend whom Vint disapproves of, mirroring Mama's sniping earlier in the day. Vint doesn't like Buzz's friend because he's a nerd instead of an athlete, and urges Buzz to join sports and make better, more popular friends. Buzz, comfortable with himself and his friend, argues with his father and storms out. After, Ellen returns Mama's prized silver collection just as Vint receives a phone call from Claude, who is in lockup after getting into a bar fight and needs $250 in bail money. Claude guilts Vint into asking for money from Ellen, who turns him down and then lectures him about what it means to be a kind sibling after he uses their kinship as a reason for her to help him. After learning that Mama's silver is the most valuable item she owns, Vint decides to pawn it with the intention of repurchasing as soon as Claude can repay the bail money. The following morning, Mama discovers her silver is missing and panics. Vint tries to calm her with a lie but then confesses to pawning it. Mama is horrified that her son has stolen from her, and insulted that he did it in order to bail out Claude, a man she thinks is the scum of the earth. Fed up with Mama's dominance, Vint decides to leave with his children and be a more independent man, which delights Fran happy because she won't have to share a bathroom with the kids anymore. However, Mama, who derives pleasure in taking care of her son, breaks down and the two make peace--which is promptly broken as the episode closes on the two continuing their bickering match.