Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 16

More Power to You

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After the power goes out, Mama tells Bubba to go up to the attic to get his grandfather's typewriter to finish his report. What happened to the typewriter cousin Lydia gave him in Season 3?

    • Commentary/Observation: When the power goes on the morning after it was turned on, all the electircal appliances turn on, including the blender. Did Mama leave these plugged in the whole time?

    • Vint and Naomi head off to the basement to shower for Naomi's food circus awards ceremony later on. Which obviously means that Mama's house has not two but three bathrooms. Since when did the basement have a shower or for that matter a bathroom at all? Because several times in previous episodes Naomi and the rest of the family are seen going upstairs to the bathroom for a shower.

  • Quotes

    • Mama: How much do ya want?
      Bubba: Only twenty five bucks.
      Mama: Only?!
      Bubba: Yeah. I wanna rent a WANG.
      Mama: You want a rennawang?
      Bubba: I wanna rent a WANG.
      Mama: What the hell are we talkin' about here?
      Bubba: A computer. My research paper on Abraham Lincoln's due tomorrow and I wanna rent a PC from the computer lab so I can get it finished.
      Mama: Oh, so you wanna rent a WANG.
      Bubba: Right.
      Mama: Then, why the hell didn't ya just say so?

    • *Naomi is complaining that she has no way to get ready for her awards banquet*
      Mama: Think of Cleopatra. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She didn't need electricity to get herself ready.
      Naomi: Of course not. She had handmaidens and unics!
      Mama: Well, you've got Vinton.

    • *Vint comes out into the dining room in an outfit that does not match*
      Vint: Come on Skeeter! The Food Circus banquet awaits!
      *Mama takes a long look at him*
      Mama: Well, I'm sure they don't wanna start without the clown.

    • Vint: Naomi's the one that's gonna be in the spotlight, and she's feeling real uneasy about the way she looks.
      Mama: I've been feeling that way about her for years.

    • Mama: You better them to quit sendin' me those reminders, or I'm gonna give them a fist and a finger.

    • Vint: Love can be so mysterious without the lights on.

    • Vint: And I was half-way through shaving.
      Mama: Oh really? We thought you were foamin' at the ear.

    • *The phone keeps Mama on hold*
      Mama: Look, I wasn't held this long on my honeymoon!

    • *Mama takes Gus' waffles from his because he won't help her get rid of the extra $20 on her bill*
      Gus: But I had it just the way I like it.
      Mama: WAR IS HELL!!! Get out!

    • Mama *back on the phone*: Yo Al! Yeah? Did y'all find your mistake? Well I don't care what your records say I'm not paying your bill and you can't make me! (hangs up) Guess I told him. *power goes off*
      Iola: Thelma, are you sure that was wise?
      Mama: Hey, I have been a valued customer of theirs for over fifty years. They're not about to mess with Thelma Harper.
      *Power goes out*
      Iola: You were sayin'?
      Mama: Oh shut up and strike a match!

    • Vint: Oh boy, is that waffles I smell?
      Mama: It sure is.
      Vint sniffs the maker and burns his nose
      Vint: Ow!
      Mama: Vinton, Good Lord! Be careful! There is nothing I like better than making a hardy, nutritious breakfast for my family. Go get the jelly, the syrup, and the powder sugar.

    • *Thelma watches Gus load up his waffles*
      Thelma: What are you doin', The Roseanne Barr diet?

    • Mama: What a bunch of sourpusses. Don't you all know it takes a little adversity to bring people together?
      Vint: Oh, you mean like that plane crash where the survivors ate each other?
      Mama: No Vinton. I am talking about people being helpful and kind, you jack-ass!

    • Mama *on the phone with the power company*: But I already gave my customer account number to the last five people I talked to. *Pause* Oh, for Chri-, all right! It's 67390000004H/SW. One more time, I'm gonna have the damn thing memorized. What? No, ook I'm an old widow woman here, now don't you put me on hold!

  • Notes

    • This is the only episode after Naomi's New Position where it is mentioned that Naomi is assistant manager. Vint says that she is up for the Assistant Manager of the Year award at Food Circus.

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