Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 7

My Mama, Myself

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1988 on NBC
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My Mama, Myself
Iola arrives to collect for the church rummage sell. While Naomi and Vint have nothing, Mama is looking through her jewelry case. Soon finding her dear departed mother's old brouch. Naomi comments that it may be worth some serious money. Bubba then comes in and annouces his college class is going to Oswald Caverns and it'll only cost two hundred bucks. Which Mama refuses to give him. Naomi and Vint convince Mama to let them have the brouch appraised and that's when the ghost of "Grandma Crowley" appears to Mama and tells her not to sell her it. Later, as Vint and Naomi leave for the jewelers. Iola shows up and is spooked to hear the story of the ghost. Vint and Naomi arrive back and say the brouch could be worth $1600. Mama demands they go back and get it, so she rushes them through dinner, where Bubba announces he got a job to pay for his trip (which he ends up getting fired at). Iola returns to inform Mama about her findings in the latest issue of a psychology magazine. Which prompts Mama to tell her mother to beat it and sell the brouch (which was a fake) so Bubba can go on his trip.moreless

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  • Hot Damn!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Mama's Family. I love Mama's exchange with the ghost, and the family thinking she was speaking to them the whole time. That is totally hilarious. The first time I saw this ep, that I remember at least, was on my 16th birthday. I was taking a drink of soda when Mama said to the ghost, "Are you still here?" And Vint replied, "We're eating as fast as we can!" I spit what I had in my mouth out right away. That is my favorite moment of this episode, not to mention at the end when Mama tells the ghost to stay out of it get out of her life, and Vint once again thinks she means him. This is a great example of the ep to show a person trying to like this series. Love it!moreless
Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence

Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

Ken Berry

Ken Berry

Vinton Harper

Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman

Naomi Oates Harper

Karin Argoud

Karin Argoud

Sonja Harper (episodes 1-35)

Beverly Archer

Beverly Archer

Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser

Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

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    • Bubba: I got myself a job to pay for my trip to Oswald Caverns.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Oswald Caverns? Isn't that where them teenagers went in and never come out?
      Mama: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all about that.
      Bubba: Gee, how'd ya know? Did Aunt Naomi tell you?
      Mama: Tell me what?
      Naomi: That I got Bubba a job, unloading trucks at Food Circus.
      Mama: I don't want you unloading trucks.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: No. He'll lose a finger. Remember Uncle Roy?
      Mama: You'll wind up just like your Uncle Roy.
      Bubba: Who's Uncle Roy?
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: You never told him about Uncle Roy?
      Mama: I got more on my mind than Uncle Roy!!!
      Bubba: Then why did you bring him up?!

    • Grandma Crowley's Ghost: You sell that broach and I will never speak to you again.
      Mama: Hot damn!
      *Vint and Naomi look at her puzzled*
      Mama: Vinton, Naomi, take this thing back tonight.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: I'm warning you, I will never forgive you.
      Mama: Get the hell outta my life!!!
      *ghost disappears*
      Vint: Gee Mama, can't we even get a cup of coffee first?

    • *Mama tells Bubba she is going to sell her Mother's broach so he can go on his trip*
      Bubba: You really mean it? I can go?
      Mama: You bet. That's what life is all about, trying new things.
      *Grandma Crowley's ghost reappears, next to Vint*
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Have you lost your mind? You can't let him go to them caves.
      Mama: You keep out of this!
      Vint: I didn't say anything.

    • Mama: That is my mother's good diamond and ruby broach. She gave this to me on her death bed because I was her favorite.
      Vint: I thought it was because Aunt Fran didn't want it.
      Mama: Because I was her favorite!

    • Iola: Now you sit right down there. I'll tell you all about Roselle Huplander's new bedroom set.
      Mama: Iola, I don't care about where some blimp docks!

    • Naomi: Mrs. Harper, you know after you pay for Bubba's trip, there's still going to be $75 left over.
      Vint: Yeah. Mama, what are we gonna do with it?
      Mama: We are gonna buy Me my first pair of designer jeans.

    • *Mama's ghost disappears, and she is calling to her*
      Mama: Come back here! I mean it! Where the hell did you go?!
      *Vint and Naomi enter*
      Vint: To Hinkley, like you told us.

    • Mama: Do you realize that because of you I've never even worn a pair of slacks?
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Nobody wants to look at the caboose in pants.
      Mama: You made me afraid to try anything. I was 63 when I learned to drive.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Don't tell me your driving!
      Mama: Thanks to you Mother, I've always been ashamed to show affection. I never let Carl anywhere near me unless the lights were out.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Well, if you're gonna talk dirty, I'm leaving.

    • Mama: I can't get my living relatives out of my house, much less any dead ones.

    • Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Don't you heathens say Grace?
      Mama: Uh, Bubba thank the Lord like we always do.
      Bubba: In the middle of the meal?
      Mama: Just do it!

    • *Mama and her mother's ghost are fighting about the salt in the peas*
      Mama: These peas are fine!
      Bubba: Well that's nice Grandma. Are you gonna share um with the rest of us?

    • Vint: Mama, we got good news about the broach.
      Mama: Ssh! Don't say the B word. She might come back.

    • Mama: Iola, do you believe in spirits?
      Iola: Yes, but in moderation and never before driving.

    • Mama: Vinton, when you get to be my age you learn to respect the dead. You don't wanna tick off anyone you might be seeing soon.

    • Mama: Good Lord. What did I do to deserve such a brat?
      Vint: Oh, don't take it personal Mama. It's just that rebellious stage that all guys go through. You know, cutting the apron strings. Testing his independence.
      Mama: When is that gonna happen to you?

    • Mama: I'm not giving you my mother's picture. Or anything else!
      Iola: Well fine. It will be a cold day in you-know-where before I ask this stingy family for another donation.
      *Bubba enters*
      Bubba: Hey everybody! Well, hi Miss Boylen.
      Iola: You got anything for the rummage sale?!
      Bubba: Um, nope.
      Iola: It figures.

    • *Mama is showing the picture of her frowning mother*
      Naomi: Well, she looked so grim. How come she never smiled for the picture?
      Vint: That is her smile. You should've seen her when she got mad.

    • *Vint and Naomi are making out on the sofa, and Mama tells them to stop*
      Naomi: Mrs. Harper, we are husband and wife. This is just our way of renewing our wedding vows.
      Mama: Yeah? What were they, to love, honor, and be disgusting?

    • *The family is eating dinner when Mama's Mother's ghost reappears*
      Mama: *To her mother's ghost* Are you still here?!
      Vint: We're eatin' as fast as we can!

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