Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 7

My Mama, Myself

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1988 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Bubba: I got myself a job to pay for my trip to Oswald Caverns.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: Oswald Caverns? Isn't that where them teenagers went in and never come out?
      Mama: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all about that.
      Bubba: Gee, how'd ya know? Did Aunt Naomi tell you?
      Mama: Tell me what?
      Naomi: That I got Bubba a job, unloading trucks at Food Circus.
      Mama: I don't want you unloading trucks.
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: No. He'll lose a finger. Remember Uncle Roy?
      Mama: You'll wind up just like your Uncle Roy.
      Bubba: Who's Uncle Roy?
      Grandma Crowley's Ghost: You never told him about Uncle Roy?
      Mama: I got more on my mind than Uncle Roy!!!
      Bubba: Then why did you bring him up?!