Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 3

Naomi's New Position

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Actually, it is mentioned about Naomi being assistant manager. For example, in "A Taxing Situation" she says that as assistant manager, she fills out forms a lot. And in "More Power To You," she says that she is up for the Assistant Manager of the Year award.

    • When Archie Woods tells Naomi to sit down, he quickly checks out Naomi's butt before she takes her seat.

    • Naomi is said to have become the new Assistant Manager at Food Circus in this episode. Problem is it's never mentioned again in the series. In fact she's referred to in several later episodes as a checker and not the Assistant Manager. So apparently the goofy blond got demoted soon after the new Manager took over.

  • Quotes

    • *Iola keeps stabbing the orange with her mother's hat pin*
      Mama: Will you knock it off! Who the hell do you think you are? Norman Bates?!

    • Vint: It's not like Naomi to have something on her mind.
      Mama: I know sweetie, that's why you two were meant for each other.

    • Naomi: Face facts missy, you wanna get ahead in this life, you got to put out a little!

    • Naomi: From now on we're going to be known as "The Friendly Store."
      Mama: Hell, if you want a friend you don't go to the supermarket.
      Vint: Yeah, you go to a bar.

    • Mama: If by some fluke Naomi did land this job, then we got to encourage her and build her up. That's what a family is for, to cheer ya on to success. (Naomi walks in looking sad) What'd I tell ya, she fell flat on her face.

    • *Vint toasts Archie Woods*
      Mama: Drink to that and die!

    • Mama: Lord, I never dreamed I'd live to see the day. Imagine, a member of my own family able to OK a check.

    • *Vint hits his fork against his glass for a toast*
      Vint: I would like to propose a toast.
      Mama: Break that glass, I'mma toast your butt.

    • Mama: Oh, I love it when you toss your head like that. It straighten the seams in my stocking.

    • *Archie calls Rosaline over the intercom*
      Mama: Rosaline's gone to lunch. I told her to take an extra fifteen minutes. *grabs her bosom*
      Archie: Oh my God.

    • Mama: Oh, I just love it when you boys play hard to get!

    • Iola: Oprah did a whole show on it last week. You remember that Thelma; she was wearing that big purple scarf.
      Mama: Well, she's always wearing a big purple something.

    • Naomi: You know that hungry look that a man gets in his eyes when he's after you just for your body? *Iola and Mama look unsure* Well believe me, it's awful.

    • *Bubba backs out on getting his ear pierced*
      Mama: I thought you were gonna make a fashion statement.
      Bubba: I'll buy designer jeans!

    • Iola: Now Thelma, I will need an orange and some ice.
      Mama: Well, what in the world are you doing here? Piercing an ear or making an orange Julius?

    • Bubba: Ow! Ow! Ooh! It hurts! It hurts!
      Iola: Bubba, for heaven sakes, I am marking the spot with pen.

    • Vint: She was up all night, just lying there, staring at the ceiling, thinking.
      Mama: Lord, that woman does everything in the world in that bed but sleep.

    • Iola: In high school I pierced so many ears, the girls used to call me Doc Boylen.
      Mama: And here we thought it was cause you looked like Doc Sevrenson.

    • Iola: You got a nice healthy lobe there, perfect for piercing.
      Bubba: Great!
      Mama: He's got nice ankles too, but I don't want him in high heels.

    • Mama: Just see to it that you don't get a bigger head. But with all that hair, who could tell?

    • Mama: Well, if you ask me he oughtta be checking out the wobbly wheels on them shopping carts. Every time I head for the frozen food I wind up in produce.

    • Naomi: What do you think of my new executive look?
      Mama: Well, I think it's great if you're the chairman of the board of Floozies International.

    • Mama: Naomi isn't gonna go climbing any job ladder. Most she'd do is put her foot on it to display her leg.

    • Vint: Oh Mama, I'm afraid I've lost Naomi.
      Mama: Well honey, she's downstairs getting ready for work. I'm sure if you go root through that pile of dirty clothes, you'll find her.

    • Mama: (referring to Naomi) Well, what the hell is wrong with that girl? She acts like she doesn't wanna make it.

    • Thelma: (to Naomi and Bubba) What in the Hell is happening to my family here?! One of them wants to be a lady executive; the other one just wants to be a lady!

  • Notes

    • In this episode, Iola has another one of her bouts of temporary madness when she becomes too absorbed in stabbing the orange with a hat pin. She has had similar breakdowns in the episodes "Soup To Nuts," "Found Money," and "Child's Play."

  • Allusions

    • Iola: "Oprah did a whole show on it last week"
      Iola was talking about Oprah doing a show about sexual harassment. But this comment refers basically to the fact that Oprah was at that time one of the top talkers on tv. Amazing to think that some 15 years after this episode first aired that the name Oprah is still one of the best known in the industry. Not to mention one of the most watched daytime shows overall.