Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 16

Pinup Mama

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama and Iola come home from another senior mixer, disappointed because once again no men have shown up. They decide that they need to come up with a way to lure the men there. Naomi suggests that they create a flyer that they can hang up and give out. Mama and Iola love the idea and decide to go with that. They start working on it right away.

Bubba comes downstairs taking pictures of the family. He tells the family that this is part of a project for his photography He plans to take the pictures and superimpose them over a shot of Ray Lake, calling it his "Sea of Humanity." Mama tells him to stop acting like the paparazzi, and Bubba decides to set up private sessions for his family and Iola. When the day of the shoot comes, Naomi has trades in her "cheap" look for one that is much more maternal. Iola tells Mama and Naomi she is camera shy because of something that happened when she was a little girl. Her family was on vacation, and her father accidentally fell into Ray Falls while trying to get all of Mother Boylen in a shot. Iola's Mother jumped in after him, saving him. And not only did she rescue a life that day, she also ended up winning a wet t-shirt contest at their Lodge. After Iola shares her story, Vint comes in telling the ladies the reason this is taking so long is because of the particular shot Bubba is taking. Naomi takes a peek into the living room, and after seeing what is going on, she tells Vint he isn't going back in there. Mama takes a look for herself. Bubba is taking candid shots of an attractive young woman, Lisa, in a bikini. Mama tells Lisa to get dressed and to go home and tells Bubba to get ready for the family shots. The family pictures don't go smoothly at first. Naomi can't look demure, Vint has trouble looking masculine, Iola is very nervous, and Mama gets her picture taken before she is even ready. But after a while, the shots come around.

Bubba gets the pictures developed, and everyone likes what they see. As Naomi, Mama, and Iola are looking, Bubba brings Vint in the kitchen to show how the pictures of Lisa turned out. Vint likes what he sees, and Bubba tells him he has something even better. He produces a picture of Mama's head on Lisa's body. At first Vint is shocked that Mama would even pose that way, but after being told it is a joke, he gets a laugh out of it. In the other room, Mama realizes that admiring herself isn't going to help her get her flyer done, and Iola suggest that she put her picture on the flyer so the men can see the nice, respectable women they can meet. Mama loves the idea, and also ends up coming with a catchy slogan. She tells Vint to get her flyers developed, and Bubba tells him that since he is heading to the printers, he should get a poster of the gag shot of Mama. Both pictures are put in identical folders, but Mama's instructions for her flyer are separate. Vint accidentally drops everything, mixing everything up.

The next senior mixer comes up, and it is filled with men. But this is because of Mama's flyer. The shot of her with Lisa's bikini-clad body is next to her slogan "It's never too late to have a good time." All the men are waiting for Mama to finally appear. When she does arrive, they all crowd around her and are very friendly. But the older women are all very mad at Mama. As Mama is telling the men about the plans they have for the night, Iola is asking the other women if they'd like to stay. They tell her "no" and give her the infamous flyer. Iola looks at it and goes to show Mama why she is suddenly so popular. Mama doesn't pay attention at first, but Iola finally succeeds in showing her the flyer. Mama screams and tells the men that while that is her face, it isn't her body. The men tell her to prove it, and she opens her coat, showing that she doesn't have the body of a girl in her early twenties. Upset, the men make their exit. After a dance with each other, Mama and Iola go home. Bubba apologizes, but also jokes about this, and Mama hits him on the head with the poster of her that should have been on the flyer.