Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 16

Pinup Mama

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Vint drops the folders with the pictures in them, why didn't he just check inside them to see which folder had the right shot of Mama? He could have prevented the mistake.

    • Iola reveals that she's been camera-shy since childhood due to a traumatic incident involving her mother. But if you go back to "Hawaii Part 2" Iola is clearly smiling in front of the camera as Thelma is about to take her picture.

    • Why didn't Mama or Iola see the flyer? If they had to put them up in places, you think they might have had a glance at them.

    • The pictures Bubba takes of everyone are very close (if not actual) of what the cast members were saying and doing at that time.

  • Quotes

    • (Naomi comes upstairs after getting ready for pictures to be taken)
      Naomi: Hello ladies. How do I look for my photo session?
      Iola: Well, my goodness, you look so different! You look so much less uh…um. What's the word?
      Mama: Trashy? Cheap? Sleazy? Cheap? Tawdry? Cheap!

    • Iola: Okay Thelma, I think this one's gonna fly. "Gentlemen, are you lonely, depressed, feelin' blue? Only your radio to keep you company?"
      Mama: Iola, we're trying to promote a senior's mixer, not a suicide hotline.

    • Naomi: I would love to have my photo in your Sea of Humanity, Bubba.
      Bubba: Okay Aunt Naomi. Smile! (holds the camera to take her picture)
      Naomi: Oh, no. Not now. You've got to give me some time to make myself beautiful.
      Mama: Well, hell Naomi, he's gonna graduate in two years.

    • (Mama runs off Bubba's female model)
      Mama: It is time to take family pictures, so you forget about the cheese cake, and let's bring on the fruit cakes!

    • (Bubba comes downstairs and starts taking pictures of everyone)
      Naomi: What's with all the photos Bubba?
      Bubba: I'm working on an assignment for my creative photography class.
      Mama: Yeah what is it? "Portrait of an Annoyed Family?"
      Bubba: No Grandma, I'm taking photos of people I know, and I'm gonna superimpose them over a picture of Ray Lake. I'll call it, "Sea of Humanity."
      Mama: Sounds more like, "Lake of Losers."

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to the 1944 movie, "Pin Up Girl". It starred Betty Grable, who was a very famous pin up girl.