Mama's Family

Season 4 Episode 25

Pomp and Circumstance

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1988 on NBC

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  • A serious but yet fine example of parents who abandon and mistreat their children in the modern world today.

    This is probably one of the most depressing but yet most serious episodes of Mamas Family of the entire series because it brings out the modern world today of how some
    parents don\\\'t care about their kids. All Bubba wanted was
    to have his parents Ed and Eunice pay attention and be proud
    of him. But they never did, First when Bubba is in Juvenille
    Hall his parents move to Florida and stick Bubba with Mama and now in this episode Bubba and Mama are graduating night
    school together and Bubba wants Ed and Eunice to attend his graduation and to go to collage down in Florida where Ed and Eunice live and Eunice phones mama and says that she and
    Ed can\\\'t make it to his graduation and that they don\\\'t want
    Bubba down in Florida with them so mama has to break the news to Bubba which breaks his heart. What is sad about the
    whole situation is that there are alot of parents out there
    just like Ed and Eunice who never have cared about their children and never wanted them and in my opinion this episode also brings out that mama through all her crankiness and sarchasm truly cared about Bubba and tried to love him. I encourage anyone especially a parent who has seen this episode to think twice about how they raise and treat their children.