Mama's Family

Season 4 Episode 25

Pomp and Circumstance

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Mr. Hanson first started teaching and Mama wanted to impress him, she said that one of the things she could lose was her B average. But it this episode she has gotten straight A's. Did Mama somehow do extra work to get that all up, or does dating your teacher pay off?

    • If Mama was valdictorian, nobody in Bubba's class was able to maintain a straight A average? It seems a bit unlikely that not one student could keep their grades so high.

  • Quotes

    • Eunice: All we got is a one room studio with a broken hotplate and a bed that comes out of the wall.
      Mama: Move up in the world, have you?

    • Bubba: I heard from Florida State.
      Naomi: Oh Bubba, don't tell me they rejected you.
      Bubba: Oh, they said I should consider a school less academically demanding, like bartender school.

    • Mama: Lord, how in the world could I have raised such a hateful, unloving mother?
      Vint: Hey Mama.
      Mama: What the hell do you want?

    • *Iola is saying how she found her accordion*
      Iola: It was all boxed up underneath a pile of bricks in the back of a garage. I wonder what made Daddy store it way back there.
      Naomi: Must've been love of music.

    • *Vint is describing his alarm system*
      Vint: Highly sophisticated, yet simple enough for a child to use.
      Mama: Well, it's in the right hands.

    • Iola: Hey Thelma, what about a little post-graduation sing along?
      Mama: Sure Iola. Sing along with this. *plugs in the alarm and it starts going off*

    • Naomi: Mrs. Harper, how are you gonna persuade Bubba to change his mind?
      Mama: With love, compassion, and understanding.
      Naomi: Oh! *Leaves*
      Mama: Bubba, you get your butt down here right now!!!

    • *Mama is reading her speech and Bubba starts dialing the phone*
      Mama: Esteemed faculty, welcomed guests, fellow classmate. I come before, before you. I come before you tonight with a burning question in my heart. What the hell do you think you're doing?!

    • *Iola continues to play the Graduation march*
      Mama: Iola, knock it off!

    • Naomi: But Bubba, you don't have to make something of yourself to go home to your family.
      Vint: Yeah. Look at me. Mama's tickled to death to have me here.
      *Mama gives an annoyed look to Vint*

    • *Vint's alarm isn't working right*
      Vint: Problem must be a little short.
      Mama: Yeah. A little short of brains.

  • Notes

    • This is the last time we see the character of Allan Hanson, even though his previous two appearances indicated that he and Thelma might have been forming a possible relationship.

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