Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 8

Psychic Pheno-Mama

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama, Bubba, and Iola are home playing Yahtzee!. Bubba and Iola aren't into the game though, because they are both worried about something. Naomi and Vint return from Luann's new mobile home out on Route 5, bragging about the psychic that was there. Bubba and Iola are impressed by the story, though Mama does not believe it. Thinking about all the questions they have, the family, minus Mama, and Iola pool their money and decide to invite Madame Rita over to the house for a night.

The family is having a great time as Madam Rita tells about all of her past experiences. Mama decides to see what all the fuss is about. Soon after Mama comes out, Madam Rita goes into her trance and becomes The Duchess. She asks the family what they'd wish to know. Bubba wants to know if he and his girlfriend will get back together, and The Duchess tells Bubba to wait and then go back to her. Mama still doesn't believe in this, until The Duchess tells her that someone wants to talk to her, by the name of Carl. Mama soon talks to Carl for twenty minutes. After Carl "fades away," Madam Rita comes out of her trance. The family, with unanswered questions, decides to invite her over again.

Madam Rita continues to visit, and all of her predictions have come true. But this is making Mama very suspicious. She realizes most of the information could have come from the people who come into the beauty shop where Rita works. But Naomi questions how The Duchess could possibly know about the information with Carl, and that is the one thing Mama can't figure out. When Vint and Rita arrive, Vint tells Mama that Madam Rita likes to listen to his stories, and Mama figures out that's how she found out that Carl used to call her a special name. Vint even tells her the story that he told her that night, which The Duchess repeats that night, confirming everything for Mama. To bust Madam Rita, Mama goes into a trance of her own, becoming Esmerelda, the Queen of the Gypsies. "Esmerelda" tells the family how Madam Rita is a phony and has tricked them, and Rita confesses to it all.