Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 8

Psychic Pheno-Mama

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1989 on NBC



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    • (Madam Rita says that the spirits aren't choicy about the body they enter)
      Vint: You mean I could be working at my key grinder, and all of the sudden start talking like an old pirate?
      Madam Rita: Stranger things have happened.

    • Mama: (in Esmerelda's voice) Good news for you, Vinton Harper. Esmerelda sees you coming back in a future existence as a much higher lifeform: a mushroom.

    • Naomi: But why would you wanna take over my mother-in-law's body?
      Mama/Esmerelda: It was the best I cound find in a pinch.

    • Iola: Mother's anxious to know if tomorrow's a good day for travel. She's thinking of going out in the backyard.

    • Madam Rita: Tonight, Mars is alligned perfectly with Pluto.
      Vint: Ooh, what about Goofy?
      Mama: Shut up, Dopey.

    • Madam Rita/The Duchess: Wait! He has a message for his Snookie Ukims.
      Mama: Oh my Lord, it is Carl! He always used to call me Snookie Ukims whenever he wanted to . . . Well, he didn't call me that very often.

    • Madam Rita/the Duchess: What do you wish to know?
      Bubba: (raises his hand) Ooh, me! Pick me! Ooh, please!
      Mama: Bubba, you're not in school, just go ahead!

    • Mama: (in Esmarelda's voice) I also see Madame Rita sitting in a pickup truck, getting Harper family secrets from a nitwit.
      Vint: Wow! That's me!

    • Mama: I'm surrounded by morons.

    • Mama: (in Esmarelda's voice) I walked this earth a thousand years ago and believe me I'm bushed.

    • Madame Rita: (in the Duchess' voice) I am a duchess.
      Mama: (in Esmarelda's voice) Oh, yeah? Well, I out rank you toots. I'm a queen!

    • Iola: (to Mama) Well Esmerelda, what brings you to Raytown?
      Thelma: (as Esmerelda) Well, it wasn't the number 92 bus.

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