Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 20

Reading the Riot Act

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1989 on NBC



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    • Mama: So we were wondering if you, like so many others, have noticed that Lolly's performance as president is just, well, not up to snuff.
      Inez: What did she say?
      Florence: Up to snuff!
      Inez: No thank you. I gave it up years ago. I do take a chaw now and then.
      Mama: What the hell do you do, stick it in your ears?!

    • *Lolly comes in, and Iola starts shaking, causing the platter she is holding to shake. Mama grabs the tray*
      Mama: Get a grip.
      Inez: What did she say?!
      Florence: Get a grip!
      Inez: I just asked a simple question!

    • Mama: Where the hell have you been?
      Iola: Oh, I took the girls over to my house. I could be much more persuasive with my felt board.
      Inez: What did she say?!
      Florence: Felt board!
      Inez: Oh, don't tell me she's dragging that thing out again!

    • Iola: Uh ladies, why don't we step out on the porch where I can speak up?
      Inez: Good. Don't spit up in here!

    • Vint: She's got to chair tomorrow's panel discussion. It's called, "What'll It Be: Paper or Plastic?"
      Mama: Well, let's all drop everything and grab the next Greyhound to Hinkley.

    • Mama: Hey, with Naomi outta town, it's gonna do him good to try sleeping in that bed for a change.

    • Vint: Why didn't ya just tell Lolly no at the meeting?
      Mama: Vinton, a church lady does not say no to her president. Instead, you just smile politely, then ya come home and take the damn phone off the hook!

    • Vint: Hey Mama, pretend this call is Lolly Purdue's head. Show me what you'd really like to do to her.
      Mama: Don't be ridiculous Vinton; Lolly's not nearly that good-lookin'.

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