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  • My favorite show of all time!

    What can I say? This show, as corny and cheesy as it was, is my absolute favorite show of all time. There is Thelma "Mama" Harper, the blue-haired, sharp-tongued, never at a loss for words matriarch of the family. Then you have Vint, her dimwitted son and his wife Naomi, a supermarket clerk who likes to wear anything that shows off her shoulders. Next is Bubba, Mama's once troubled grandson whom she takes in and raises as one of her own. He actually continues to cause some trouble in the family, but not enough to send him back to "juvvy". Last, but not least, there's my favorite character, Mama's best friend and across the street neighbor, Iola. Iola is probably the queen of handicrafts and can make just about anything out of well, just about anything. She also fancies Vint and flirts with him constantly. Again, it's pretty cheesy and corny, but I think we can all identify with the characters and storylines.
  • Mommas Family is one of the best shows I ever watched.

    A actually found this show on mistake when I was going to put channel 21 in my remote I accidently put 11 and thats when I saw Mammas Family it looked like a intresting show so I kept on watching it and I was laughing out loud since the show was so funny then I started becoming addicted to the show waiting every night for the show to come up but for some reason my family said they dont like the show but i strongly disagree with them I am one of Mammas Family fans of the show and I hope you like the show to.
  • Hilarious!

    No matter how bad of a mood you are in, if you watch an episode of Mama's Family you will laugh and feel better. This may not be the best-written show ever, but it is what it is and what it is is funny! You can't ask for more than that from a sitcom and Mama's Family is funny.
  • mama's very sarcastic humor just cracks me up.. what a super good show.. even though i wasnt alive while it came on.. i remember watching it on re-runs when i was really young in the mid 90-s.. and i still watch them now..on TBS..

    every mornig at 5 and 5:30 AM Mama's family comes on TBS.. now i record them everyday and just get a kick out off it.. i crack up to this 60 something year-old lady that is really only 30 something.. it is amazing that all of the charactors on that show are older than her.. except bubba.. my all time person though on the show would have to be carol burnette (eunise..sp) i just wished that she would have been in more episodes.. if they had on DVD i would go to the store right now and buy this show is just soo good..
  • Mama's Family took place in the midwest, during the 80's; in the town of Raytown. She first lived with her sister, Fran. Her son moved in with his kids, and then got married. She had 2 other kids. Later, her grandson lived with her after being released fr

    Mama's Family has always been one of my favorite shows. I watch it every morning on TBS. It is funny, and sometimes can be suspenseful. The show ran from '83-84, and then ended. In 1986 it started again and ran until 1990. Always very funny, always a different situation. Originally Mama was on "The Carol Burnett Show", as a comedy sketch. Years later, this show started, and Carol Burnett made several appearances, as Eunice! Funny cast, funny plotlines, and a terriffic show!
  • This show was a personal favorite of mine since it hit the air waves on NBC.

    Many people may not know that the house in the opening and closing credits when the show was on NBC was a different house than when it went into syndication. Also, my client Sonny Shroyer auditioned for a part on this show. He never got the call back, but I'm sure fans don't know this.
  • I think I live in Raytown.

    This is one of the best comedy series of all time. I am convinced many times that this show is based on my grandmother. Thelma "Mama" Harper is one of my favorite characters ever to grace the television screen. I love all the shows, the one's from the network and the syndicated one as well. This show reminds me a lot of the Southern town that I was born, raised, and still live in. Frankly, if these characters were real I would expect them to live here and be related to me. They may be dysfunctional, but what family isn't nowadays?
  • Though this show was on before my time, I still look forward to catching the reruns whenever I can. It's a little over the top, and a bit retro, but it's fun without too much thought.

    Though this show was on before my time, I still look forward to catching the reruns whenever I can. I love the look and feel of this hilarious small town life of Mama's Family. I love Thelma in particular. I really sympathize with her. If I had a famiy like that I would run for the hills. Vint is the biggest idiot on Raytown and Naomi is a wonderful tacky cashier. Iola is too cute with her crafts and crazy recipes. While the show is a little bit over the top sometimes, I chalk that up to its being a little retro. Overall it is just fun to watch and doesn't require too much thought to enjoy.
  • Delightful cranky Mother

    One of many personal favorites that I love to watch on a day off. I kinda wish We could have seen them raise baby Tiffany Thelma.Although it's a great show. I wish that it would be released on DVD like so many of my favorite shows LIKE so many of my favorite yet newer shows.
  • One of the greatest sitcoms on television! It never gets a fraction of the credit it deserved! This show should be released on DVD pronto! It's not fair that all of these terrible shows are being released on DVD, but a great show like this is stuck in tel

    One of the greatest dramas on television! It never even got a fraction of the credit it deserved! This show needs to be released on DVD pronto! It's not fair that all of these terrible shows are being released on DVD, but a great show like this is stuck in television limbo. They don't even show reruns! We get nothing!
  • This show is about Thelma Harper aka Mama and the experiences she goes through with her crazy family!

    This show is sooooo funny!! I absolutely love Thelma and her take no crap personality!! I especially love Vint because he is so loveable and like the way he says, "Mama." Whenever I'm up early I make sure to watch this show on TBS because it always brings a smile to my face in the morning!
  • Mama's Family is a delightful show!

    I really wish DVD's of this show would come out. I have all but about six episodes on VHS. There's something strangely comforting about this comedy - Mama's yardwork and housework and all of the homecooked meals that wind up at the dinner table with Vinton and Naomi's non-stop libido, Iola's prudishness and neediness, Mama's cantankerous yet maternal presence, and Bubba's latest misadventure, usually having to do with either a class project, a girl, or T-Boy and Dwayne. Despite Mama's attitude, you can see that she really does love her family the best way she knows how. (Her own mother really messed her up psychologically, as we see on the episode of Grandma Crowley's ghost haunting her.) Mama's loyalty to her "thankless family" comes out in telling scenes smattered throughout the show - even loyalty to Naomi when her second husband Leonard Oates comes after her when she's already married to sweet, dim-witted, naive Vinton. Despite her short temper and sarcasm, Thelma Crowley Harper protects her family with the same maternal viciousness that she complains about them with. It's always a good time to visit the Harper Family! From first to last, the episodes are always fresh, funny and comfy.
  • this one needs to come back- with Mama helping to raise her grandbaby- tiffany thelma-

    this is another one of the rare ones- wish we had mama and her family with new grandbaby back-tiffany thelma will be right in the middle of mama and naomi and dad- along with iola- we can't do without her- and wouldn't it be great if carol burnett would agree to come -even if just for a few episodes- naomi can even have another one and would be halarious if iola were pregnant at same time as naomi-
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