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  • Mama made life funnier than it really ought to be.

    There is no show that deserved a syndication run like this one. If the networks weren't such idiots, then this would have been around a little longer in the primetime. But I digress. This show is so perfect and I cannot wait until it begins to come out on DVD like the website has almost guaranteed. And none of that best of crap, full seasons people!

    I didn't start watching Mama's Family until a couple of years ago when I got a TV in my room. That was the show I would watch every morning to wake me up. God bless you mama, you sure did know how to make me laugh. Thanks for treating your family like mud, it was glorious fun.
  • Mommas Family is one of the best shows I ever watched.

    A actually found this show on mistake when I was going to put channel 21 in my remote I accidently put 11 and thats when I saw Mammas Family it looked like a intresting show so I kept on watching it and I was laughing out loud since the show was so funny then I started becoming addicted to the show waiting every night for the show to come up but for some reason my family said they dont like the show but i strongly disagree with them I am one of Mammas Family fans of the show and I hope you like the show to.
  • We always see those crazy, messed up families, but is there any one that is crazier and more messed up than the Harpers?

    Mama's Family is a show about a family in the Southern Midwest. We have Mama, a woman who loves her family and yells at them to show it, her son Vint, a dumb guy who cares very much, Naomi, Vint's sexy wife who has given her mother-in-law since the day they met, Iola, the neighbor who made the dessert, and grandkids: Bubba, Buzz, and Sonja who all have given Mama good times and bad. We have her daughters who fight constantly, and of course neighbors. Mama's Family is such a great show to watch. We can always expect someone doing something to upset Mama, and her getting her comebacks out which continue to make people laugh. The sad thing about the show is that they rarely had a happy ending. But it is a bit of a show people could relate too. It can be easy to relate one or more of our family members to one or more of Mama's. Her family is crazy and messed up, and that is only the reason we love them more. I hope this show is on a lot longer because I would really hate to see it go. It could make anyone laugh. Mama's Family has influenced the dysfunctional family persona greatly. It was a trendsetter that was a bit ahead of it's time. It will forever be known as that.
  • I wake up every morning at 5:00am just to watch this show! Best show ever made! Why is it not on DVD yet?

    I've seen everything from I love Lucy to Friends on DVD, why not Mama's Family? One of the only shows you can watch with your children and not be afraid of it's content. Wonderful cast and great comedy. I don't think they made one episode I didn't like. Any chance of a reunion?
  • Really Love this show

    Wish more tv shows today were like this one.
  • One of the best shows on TV in the 80s/early 90s. Love love love the show!

    I absolutely love Mama's Family. It was way underappreciated at the time. I wish the show had lasted longer and the cast of seasons 2 and on would of been the cast since the beginning. I rated the show a 9.5 only because I thought that it was the weakest of all the seasons of the show and the cast just didn't have the magic that the rest of the seasons did. I am so upset that only season 1 has been released. I hope the rest of this brillant series will be released in the near future. Miss this show.... I just can't say enough about it but so hard to put into words.
  • Thelma Harper faces the trials and tribulations of small town life everyday, along with her best friend Iola, son Vint and wife Naomi, and wacky grandson Bubba.

    What an amazing show! I'd like to give the person who came up with this show a big pat on the back, because it's absolutely superb.

    Vicki Lawrence plays the kicky Thelma Harper, who, might I add, is freakin' hilarious. Vint and his wife Naomi like to pretend they're classy, but end up acting even stupider in the process. They add nice comedy to the show.

    Bubba's dumb as a doorknob; does that boy know ANYTHING? But, anyway, the stunts he pulls always lead up to some kind of hilarious climax.

    I recommend this show for fans of those classic TV shows that consistently keep you rolling on the floor, laughing your butt off.
  • I loved this show even though I was like 7 or 8 when it first aired.

    I just liked the comedy and the people, it just really amused me. I was obviously too young for the Carol Burnett show, but later on I saw repeats, and saw how these came about and were they came from. The house reminded me of my grandma's house, even though she was nothing like the character of Thelma Harper. I guess it was that familiarity that made it good. They were kind of rednecks but that's also what made it funny. It's obvious Mamma stole the show, but the other characters were just as good. I wish they would show this show in re-runs again because it always is good for a laugh.
  • The closest to a real family on television

    I adore this show. I think its timeless. we need a show like this right now. A reunion would be AWESOME! I have always been so curious as to what the rest of the cast is up to now and more importantly, what would the characters be up to now?
    Wonder if there are plans to have other seasons on DVD and what about EXTRAS! I myself never purchased the 1st season DVD because i was told there were no extras on the dvd. I still tape the show almost every week nite, I love the episodes with Iola and Bubba.
  • mamas family

    Lllllllllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee the show wish they would put back on the air
  • Mama\'s family has always been a personal favorite of mine. Ever since i was two years old, \"Even to this day Mama\'s family still makes me laugh!!

    Mama\\\'s family has always been a personal favorite of mine. Ever since i was two years old, \\\"Even to this day Mama\\\'s family still makes me laugh!!I also Enjoy that the i network is showing reruns of Mama\\\'s family.I think it\\\'s great! that a whole new generation can view Mama\\\'s family the way I did When I was little. Now that I\\\'m 19 and watching the show now a days.The jokes make more sense then they did years ago, it keeps getting funnier as I view the episodes all over again.My grandmother was the cause of this love affair with Mama\\\'s family.And I thank her for getting me hooked on such a wonderful show.
  • No crime drama or sex scandal--just laugh-out-loud fun!

    Who wouldn't love a gray-haired matriarch sweet as pie, tough as nails, and funny as a rubber chicken? That, in a nutshell, is Thelma Harper, the titular character of Mama's Family, which is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time.

    I would have to say that MF is in a class of its own. What made it so unique? Probably the fact that it was made with only one goal in mind: comedy. And comedy it was! The producers, writers, and directors didn't care about family concerns, social issues, or even being "true to life". They just cared about making us laugh. And they certainly succeeded: the sharp, opinionated, sardonic Thelma and her dim-witted family and neighbors were excellent foils for each other. The family's activities in and around the home and Thelma's forceful, one-sided opinions of them provided many good laughs. The most memorable part of the series was undoubtedly Thelma's many clever quips and one-liners. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

    The show had two runs, one on NBC and one in syndication. The syndicated episodes, in my opinion, were much more enjoyable than the network ones. Thelma showed more of her always-funny sarcasm in the syndicated episodes, and Vint and Naomi became more active characters. Bubba, Thelma's college-age grandson, replaced Buzz and Sonja, the high-school-age grandchildren from the NBC episodes, thus removing the unneeded "teen angst" portion of the show. Iola, Thelma's naive friend and next-door neighbor, proved funnier than Thelma's rebellious daughters Ellen and Eunice and her high-strung sister Fran. But the show was still hilarious throughout all of its run. We love you Mama!!!
  • One of the best!

    This show (based on sketches from "The Carol Burnett Show") was one of the funniest sitcoms ever! Even when Carol Burnett's and Harvey Korman's characters were written out of the series, it still continued to be funny. Although the show had a little bit of trouble with the development of the characters at the beginning, it managed to pull itself together toward the end of the NBC years. When it went into first-run syndication, it turned to be even better, despite the fact that it had less characters then than when it did at the struggling beginning. One thing that made it different from most sitcoms is that not every episode had a happy ending, but one knew that things would manage to continue on. Mama was absolutely hilarious when she shot off her venomous mouth, and the various catchphrases ("Good Lord!" "Well, I'll bet the neighbors are just lovin' this!" "Thanks a lot, Mama!" "Knock, knock!") will live on forever. If you've never seen this show before, please start watching it!
  • I really can't hate this show, it was the 80's version of the Beverly Hillbillies and for once, that's a good thing.

    I wasn't that old when Mama's Family premiered in '83, I was actually 2, but what I do remember is that Thelma and her fam were all hilarious. No, there's nothing particularly brillant about this show- except that all of the actors gave consistent, even performances. There was nothing forced about their Southerness or lack of sophistication. Their humor was effortless and always true to the roots, that of Vicki Lawrence, a vet of sketch comedy by way of the Carol Burnette Show. Her beer swilling

    and lack of fashion sense never disappointed. Even funnier

    still was her lack of patience with the rest of nitwit family, especially daughter-in-law Naomi.
  • My early morning coffee date with the Harpers

    This is one of my all time favorite shows! While the rest of my family is fast asleep, my dad and I have made it a ritual to watch this show together every morning. I wake up every morning just before 6am...I gotta hear the theme song! We TiVo it if we absolutley can't watch it...but its not the same! For the most part nothing interferes with our early morning coffee date with Thelma Harper and the family!
  • A Great Old Time Classic Show

    Mama's Family is one of the great shows of the 80s.It has a Feuding family, good humor, and a cranky blue collor old lady with blu hair and an attitude of a crocidile! if it weren't for here yelling, it wouldn't be one of the aspects of a VERY FUNNY show.
  • My favorite show of all time!

    What can I say? This show, as corny and cheesy as it was, is my absolute favorite show of all time. There is Thelma "Mama" Harper, the blue-haired, sharp-tongued, never at a loss for words matriarch of the family. Then you have Vint, her dimwitted son and his wife Naomi, a supermarket clerk who likes to wear anything that shows off her shoulders. Next is Bubba, Mama's once troubled grandson whom she takes in and raises as one of her own. He actually continues to cause some trouble in the family, but not enough to send him back to "juvvy". Last, but not least, there's my favorite character, Mama's best friend and across the street neighbor, Iola. Iola is probably the queen of handicrafts and can make just about anything out of well, just about anything. She also fancies Vint and flirts with him constantly. Again, it's pretty cheesy and corny, but I think we can all identify with the characters and storylines.
  • mama's very sarcastic humor just cracks me up.. what a super good show.. even though i wasnt alive while it came on.. i remember watching it on re-runs when i was really young in the mid 90-s.. and i still watch them now..on TBS..

    every mornig at 5 and 5:30 AM Mama's family comes on TBS.. now i record them everyday and just get a kick out off it.. i crack up to this 60 something year-old lady that is really only 30 something.. it is amazing that all of the charactors on that show are older than her.. except bubba.. my all time person though on the show would have to be carol burnette (eunise..sp) i just wished that she would have been in more episodes.. if they had on DVD i would go to the store right now and buy this show is just soo good..
  • Mama's Family is a delightful show!

    I really wish DVD's of this show would come out. I have all but about six episodes on VHS. There's something strangely comforting about this comedy - Mama's yardwork and housework and all of the homecooked meals that wind up at the dinner table with Vinton and Naomi's non-stop libido, Iola's prudishness and neediness, Mama's cantankerous yet maternal presence, and Bubba's latest misadventure, usually having to do with either a class project, a girl, or T-Boy and Dwayne. Despite Mama's attitude, you can see that she really does love her family the best way she knows how. (Her own mother really messed her up psychologically, as we see on the episode of Grandma Crowley's ghost haunting her.) Mama's loyalty to her "thankless family" comes out in telling scenes smattered throughout the show - even loyalty to Naomi when her second husband Leonard Oates comes after her when she's already married to sweet, dim-witted, naive Vinton. Despite her short temper and sarcasm, Thelma Crowley Harper protects her family with the same maternal viciousness that she complains about them with. It's always a good time to visit the Harper Family! From first to last, the episodes are always fresh, funny and comfy.
  • this one needs to come back- with Mama helping to raise her grandbaby- tiffany thelma-

    this is another one of the rare ones- wish we had mama and her family with new grandbaby back-tiffany thelma will be right in the middle of mama and naomi and dad- along with iola- we can't do without her- and wouldn't it be great if carol burnett would agree to come -even if just for a few episodes- naomi can even have another one and would be halarious if iola were pregnant at same time as naomi-
  • This show was ahead of its time. Except for a few refrences here and there, I understand every joke.

    Thisshow was so cool. NBC had it to begin with and then CBS picked it up and not only revived it, but perfected it. This show was and still is one of my all-time favorite shows. TV shows like this do not come up anywhere anymore. This show was about a widowed old lady and her crazy family. Her son, daughter-inlaw, Grandson & even crazier neighbor. This was a suburban family of the 1980's in a fictional town called: "Raytown". This was in the heart of America, yet the state never was mentioned (not to my knowledge, anyway; Texas would be my guess). VERY good show.
  • my best lifetime freind betty boop is mama personified. so i laugh out loud all the time its the best my favorite is the zirconia one i always said id never shop at home ontv and the first time i saw it i ordered so i identify

    mamas family was the best show on tv and i still can laugh til im sick almost twenty years later.shes so like my friend \'tough and acting as if she \'mama\'could care less for her family and the tiger claws coming out when the\'re in any danger. i love \'her daughter\'carl burnett shes justthe greatest self pity whiner how did mama ever have her they cant be related.its corny down home family entertainment and as i said previously i laugh out loud at some of the lines. iola is the best .i wish there were shows like this on tv today.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!

    Me and my brother would watch this show whenever it was on back in the 80s-early 90s as kids. We loved this show so much especially BUBBA! We thought he was the funniest thing we ever saw! And recently they have re-aired the show and last night they played 2 eps. with Bubba and he still is the funniest thing I have ever seen! I loved it when he was on the phone and he was bobbing his head all dorky and happy cause some guys on the other line were singing "I Can't Get No Satisfacion" to him cause he couldn't get a date for a dance. He's so air-headed but definitly not in an annoying way! I LOVE that guy! I really hope they get this show out on DVD if they haven't already! I really want it for my DVD collection! This show has so many snappy comebacks and great one-liners mostly from "Mama" herself. I HIGHLY recommend this show, it's definitly one of the best shows ever!
  • Wonderful and delightful! Mama is sure to make you laugh for the entire episode and after! No doubt that this "blue-haired old dragon" is one big laugh machine!

    "Mama's Family" is sure to have you rolling on the floor for each and every minute you tune in to this great sitcom! Mama is saucy, spicy, and fun. She is not afraid to voice her opinion, and often does so to her son Vinton, her daughter-in-law Naomi, and grandson Bubba. Mama is also prone to give advice to her quiet, shy, and reserved neighbor Iola Boylen.
  • Mama Family Help!

    My wife and I love this show so much! Mostly we watch her old videos but would love to know if anyone knows of a GOOD site that sells all the seasons? Im pretty sure there was a box set made but am having a very hard time finding it anywhere other than sites that are shady. We have season one on DVD but would appreciate any help finding the others - thanks in advance and glad so many others enjoy Mama's Family : )
  • Hilarious!

    No matter how bad of a mood you are in, if you watch an episode of Mama's Family you will laugh and feel better. This may not be the best-written show ever, but it is what it is and what it is is funny! You can't ask for more than that from a sitcom and Mama's Family is funny.
  • Mamma tries to keep heself sane while dealing with her crazy family and friends.

    Mamma's Family will always be one of my favorite shows. It is timeless comedy that isn't too crude and isn't too childish. I can't see myself ever not enjoying the reruns.

    When I was younger, I thought Vicki Lawrence was really a little old lady. Boy was I surprised when I saw her at an award's ceremony. Now when I watch, it is painfully obvious that she is in a get-up, but it doesn't take away from the reality of the show. I love it!

    The additional characters are also wonderful. Iola is a lady that you love and hate at the same time. She is quite annoying, but such a good friend. You have to love her 1,000 ideas for cozies. Vint and Naomi are also easy to love and hate. Together, the cast truly makes the show a classic that will never go out of style.
  • One of the best classic tv shows of our time.

    This show was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I was probably only born when it first aired but I still watch the re-runs and love every minute of it. I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD. The comedy in this show was the best of the best and I can only hope that there will be more of these great comedies to come in the near future.
  • Mama's Family <3

    I Absolutely Love This Show Wish I Could Watch All Seasons. . Best Show Ever. . . They Don't Make Em Like This Anymore. .
  • Little Tiffany!

    Ok... WHO AGREES THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD MORE EPISODES WITH TIFFANY THELMA HARPER!!!!! It made me angry because they ended the show like that. I would love to see more Tiffany!
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