Mama's Family

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • We always see those crazy, messed up families, but is there any one that is crazier and more messed up than the Harpers?

    Mama's Family is a show about a family in the Southern Midwest. We have Mama, a woman who loves her family and yells at them to show it, her son Vint, a dumb guy who cares very much, Naomi, Vint's sexy wife who has given her mother-in-law since the day they met, Iola, the neighbor who made the dessert, and grandkids: Bubba, Buzz, and Sonja who all have given Mama good times and bad. We have her daughters who fight constantly, and of course neighbors. Mama's Family is such a great show to watch. We can always expect someone doing something to upset Mama, and her getting her comebacks out which continue to make people laugh. The sad thing about the show is that they rarely had a happy ending. But it is a bit of a show people could relate too. It can be easy to relate one or more of our family members to one or more of Mama's. Her family is crazy and messed up, and that is only the reason we love them more. I hope this show is on a lot longer because I would really hate to see it go. It could make anyone laugh. Mama's Family has influenced the dysfunctional family persona greatly. It was a trendsetter that was a bit ahead of it's time. It will forever be known as that.