Mama's Family

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • One of the best!

    This show (based on sketches from "The Carol Burnett Show") was one of the funniest sitcoms ever! Even when Carol Burnett's and Harvey Korman's characters were written out of the series, it still continued to be funny. Although the show had a little bit of trouble with the development of the characters at the beginning, it managed to pull itself together toward the end of the NBC years. When it went into first-run syndication, it turned to be even better, despite the fact that it had less characters then than when it did at the struggling beginning. One thing that made it different from most sitcoms is that not every episode had a happy ending, but one knew that things would manage to continue on. Mama was absolutely hilarious when she shot off her venomous mouth, and the various catchphrases ("Good Lord!" "Well, I'll bet the neighbors are just lovin' this!" "Thanks a lot, Mama!" "Knock, knock!") will live on forever. If you've never seen this show before, please start watching it!