Mama's Family

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Thelma Harper faces the trials and tribulations of small town life everyday, along with her best friend Iola, son Vint and wife Naomi, and wacky grandson Bubba.

    What an amazing show! I'd like to give the person who came up with this show a big pat on the back, because it's absolutely superb.

    Vicki Lawrence plays the kicky Thelma Harper, who, might I add, is freakin' hilarious. Vint and his wife Naomi like to pretend they're classy, but end up acting even stupider in the process. They add nice comedy to the show.

    Bubba's dumb as a doorknob; does that boy know ANYTHING? But, anyway, the stunts he pulls always lead up to some kind of hilarious climax.

    I recommend this show for fans of those classic TV shows that consistently keep you rolling on the floor, laughing your butt off.