Mama's Family - Season 1

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Vint and the Kids Move In
    Mama is in a hurry to get to the mall, but her plans are ruined when Fran has to go into work. Mama's son Vint and his two children, Buzz and Sonja, stop by to do some laundry. But while there, Vint ends up revealing that he has gotten evicted and they need a place to stay. Mama tells them they can move in with her. As the family is moving in, Mama's neighbor Naomi Oates drops by and demands Mama trims the branches on her elm tree. When she sees Vint, they have a mini-reunion, and Vint starts falling for her. Fran comes home, and asks what's going on, and learns Vint and the kids will move in. Fran is upset at first and says she will move out, but decides not to since it isn't a good time.moreless
  • For Better or For Worse
    As the family is sitting down to dinner, Naomi comes over and announces that she has sold her home and is going to move away. To celebrate, she and Vint head to the Bigger Jigger. After drinking and celebrating, they return to Mama's, and Naomi ends up spending the night. The next morning, Mama sees Naomi leaving and freaks out. She tells Vint he cannot see Naomi anymore, and Vint tells Naomi. But Naomi has a plan to move to Arizona to manage a trailer park that wants a husband and wife team. Vint ends up asking Naomi to marry him, and she says yes. Vint tells Mama, who is in shock. She calls Naomi a tramp, and Naomi puts Mama in her place. They say they plan to just get married on their way out of time. But Mama tells them they can get married at her house.moreless
  • The Wedding (1)
    The Wedding (1)
    Episode 3
    Naomi and Vint's wedding is coming up. Mama, Naomi, Fran, Ellen, and Sonja clean up the house in preparation while Vint and Buzz go to a bachelor party. While the women, minus Sonja, are having a little party, Ellen is worried that her husband Bruce is having an affair, and the family tries to tell her that he is not. She believes them, and they begin talking about Eunice and end up making fun of her. But when Eunice visits, she makes trouble and tells Ellen that her husband is cheating. Buzz returns with his intoxicated father, and soon a fight breaks out, mainly because no one wants Eunice to sing.moreless
  • The Wedding (2)
    The Wedding (2)
    Episode 4
    The day of the wedding has come, and Mama is under a lot of stress trying to clean the house for the ceremony. She gives Vint her late-husband's sapphire ring and tells him to not let Eunice know because she wants it. When Eunice does arrive, Mama tells her she won't have a solo. But Eunice goes ahead and asks Naomi, who tells her to go ahead. Eunice is helping Naomi get ready, when Naomi reveals Vint was given the sapphire ring. Eunice becomes angry and gets drunk. When the time for her solo comes, she acts up and starts attacking the family. Soon a fight breaks out, but it is resolved when Ed takes Eunice home. When the wedding is over, Mama and Fran are sitting in the living room, enjoying having the whole house back. Then Vint and Naomi return and reveal they have to move back in because the Arizona thing was a scam and they lost all their money.moreless
  • Family Feud
    Family Feud
    Episode 5
    Vint tells the family about his plan on taking Mama, Ellen, Naomi, and Buzz with him to play Family Feud after getting a letter being invited on the show. Mama is against going, but Vint tells her they need her because she is an important factor, being the "sweet old lady." Mama agrees, but doesn't do well when the family practices playing the game. When they are on the show, they do pretty well and come very close to winning the game. It is Mama's turn to answer the final question, and the family gives her two answers, but she answers with something different, and hers turns out to be wrong, while the answers the family gave her are right. The Harpers lose, and when it is time for the episode to air, Mama asks for Carl to spare her the embarrassment. Suddenly, the power goes off on the entire block.moreless
  • Cellmates
    Episode 6
    Eunice is given a surprise birthday party at the Bigger Jigger by her husband Ed, Mama, and Vint. But she is upset because she was promised a fancy dinner. The party soon takes a nasty turn, and Mama and Eunice get into a fight. They get arrested after accidentally hitting two police officers and have to share a cell. Soon Scarlet, a prostitute, arrives, and she and Mama start a conversation. Eunice and Mama continue to fight about things, and Scarlet can't take it anymore and makes them realize their problems aren't so bad. Ed comes to bail Mama and Eunice out, and says high to an "old friend" Scarlet after she recognizes him. When they get home, Mama and Eunice have a heart-to-heart conversation.moreless
  • Mama Gets a Job
    Mama Gets a Job
    Episode 7
    After learning Aunt Effie got a job, Mama is upset because she has nothing productive to do with her life, so Naomi suggests she get a job. Mama goes to an employment agency, and after freaking out on an entry test, she has her interview. Though Mama doesn't have experience or an education, she lands a job at the Raytown Travel Agency as a receptionist. She starts on Saturday, but has trouble her first day. She can't figure out how to answer the phone because she didn't know which button to press, and when she gets her first customers, the Brennans, the family ruins it for her. They keep calling with problems they want Mama to solve: Buzz can't find his sneakers, Vint needs his shirt ironed, and Naomi can't put her makeup on because Sonja locked herself in the bathroom. Mama can't take it anymore and becomes rude with everyone, including the Brennans. She is fired because of how she is acting, which she blames on her family. Mama gets home, solves all the family's problems in a few minutes, and tells Vint that it is their fault she got fired.moreless
  • Double Standard
    Double Standard
    Episode 8
    Buzz and Sonja are getting ready for their Homecoming dance, and Vint tells them to be home by midnight. Both are upset about this, but Sonja, who is older, believes she should stay out later because of her age. Vint tells her she has to be home early because she is a girl. This makes Sonja mad. As the two are getting ready, Vint tells Buzz he can stay out later because he is a boy. Sonja finds this out when they are getting ready to leave, and she storms out. Before midnight, the family is awaiting the kids' return. Buzz comes home by midnight, and Sonja comes in a little later. She and Mama have a talk, and as Sonja is going up to bed, Vint tries to talk to her. Mama defends Sonja and her rights as a woman.moreless
  • Mama's Boyfriend
    Mama's Boyfriend
    Episode 9
    Mama is in a really good mood because she ran into an old friend who she is going out to dinner with. Woody Miller, her friend, is also an old flame of hers, and after dinner, they talk about going up to a cabin by the lake. Mama decides to go with him, but the family is against this. When Mama and Woody get to the cabin, Mama becomes very nervous and won't loosen up. She ends up going home the same day. The family is glad to have her back, and Mama sees that she did the right thing.moreless
  • Fran's Dress
    Fran's Dress
    Episode 10
    Fran and Vint both have big nights, which they are nervous about. Vint, who has a bowling tournament, wants Mama to wash and iron his shirt and have dinner ready early. And Fran, who has an awards banquet that night, asks Mama to iron the dress she plans to wear. Ellen comes by to pick Mama up and has to remind her of an appointment she has. Mama isn't paying attention to what she is doing, and because she is in a rush to get to her hair appointment, she accidentally burns a hole in Fran's dress. Mama and Ellen rush to Neidermeyer's, hoping they can find the exact same dress. They come home with one they were promised was the same, but it turns out it is different. Fran gets home early and tries on the dress. Vint gets home, learns Mama didn't wash his shirt or make dinner, and storms out. Fran comes downstairs in the dress and asks why it is different. Mama reveals what happened. Fran freaks out about the dress and other things Mama has messed up. Mama breaks down and starts worrying that she is losing it. Fran tells her not to worry and decides to wear another dress.moreless
  • Alien Marriage
    Alien Marriage
    Episode 11
    Claude has come up with another hair-brained scheme and tells Vint that he could make nearly two thousand dollars by marrying a woman who needs her green card. Vint agrees to do this and no plans on revealing this to the family. But they find out because the woman, Zenada, comes over. The IRS needs to know this is a real marriage, so it will look less suspicious if Zenada is living with Vint. Mama is not for this. As Mama is bringing in laundry, Naomi comes over to complain about the sap dripping from Mama's tree, and Mama tells her what Vint is doing. Naomi tells her how it is illegal and he could get arrested if the false marriage was discovered. Claude stops by with Zenada and some of her things, and Mama tells Vint how if discovered, he could be in serious trouble. Vint decides not to go through with it, and tells Claude and Mr. Costa, Zenada's brother, decide to find someone else for the job.moreless
  • Positive Thinking
    Positive Thinking
    Episode 12
    Eunice comes to Mama's to drive her to the foot doctor, feeling bad about the way her life is going. She feels nothing good ever happens. Buzz gets home and tells them he made the debate team after buying a tape that made his start thinking positively. Eunice buys the same tape, listens to it, and begins thinking positively. She becomes very cheerful and nice, gives the family presents, and even finally gets a role in a production at the Pepper Pot Playhouse. However, Mama comes with her one day to a rehearsal because she needs a ride to a sale. That day, the show's star, Sally, has Eunice's lines cut way down. Mama is surprised to see that she'd even take the treatment, and Eunice ends up getting into a fight with Sally and gets fired. Eunice decides to give up from positive thinking philosophy.moreless
  • Mama's Silver
    Mama's Silver
    Episode 13
    Vint threatens to move out of the house after stealing Mama's silver and pawning it for bail money for his slacker friend Claude.