Mama's Family - Season 2

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • A Grave Mistake
    A Grave Mistake
    Episode 22
    Mama can't get anyone to go to the cemetery with her, so she just goes by herself. After arriving and having a long talk with Carl, she notices that the grave that is reserved for her actually has another woman there. Mama is distressed by this and rushes home. When she gets home, she cries to the family and complains. Ellen, who purposely arrived late so she wouldn't have to take Mama to the cemetery, offers to go visit the cemetery to clear things up. But when they meet with an employee, he discovers that Carl's headstone was put on the wrong grave, and Carl is actually buried two plots down. Mama now feels ashamed that she has been pouring details of her life to a complete stranger. Mama has been cheating on her husband, in her opinion, and says Carl has to send her a gift that shows he forgives her. Soon after, Sonja returns from her date, upset that he was talking to a cheerleader. Her date, Michael, comes in, and after Sonja doesn't forgive him, he gives the flowers he brought to Mama. Mama believes this is the sign because she is allergic to the flowers, and only Carl would give her flowers she's allergic to.moreless
  • Ask Aunt Fran
    Ask Aunt Fran
    Episode 21
    Fran demands absolute silence from the family because she is filling in for an advice columnist. She needs the house to be quiet so she can concentrate on helping these people solve their problems. When she tells the family about some of the letters, Mama gives advice on what to tell them. Fran uses Mama's advice and becomes a hit. She impresses her boss, and he arranges a lunch date with her. Fran believes her editor might even want to syndicate the column, which would mean big bucks. Since Mama has given Fran all her advice, Buzz insists Mama gets half of the profits, but Fran refuses. Fran's editor picks her up for lunch, and during dessert, he tells her about a problem a "friend" has. This "friend" has feelings for an older woman he just hired, though he is married. He asks Fran's advice, and Fran rushes to call Mama, who tells her that she is the older woman and her editor is the "friend." Fran goes back, tells her editor off, and quits.moreless
  • Mama Cries Uncle
    Mama Cries Uncle
    Episode 20
    As the family is eating dinner, they get a visitor. It is Mama's brother-in-law Roy Harper. He has come to visit Carl for his birthday, not knowing that his brother is dead. Against Mama's wishes, Vint asks Roy to stay for a while. Everyone is thrilled to have Roy stay there, except Mama. At the same time, Sonja is preparing for a beauty pageant. Roy tells the women about the time he met Princess Grace, and that story influences Sonja's look. The day of the pageant comes, and Mama has sent Roy on an errand, but Roy doesn't return home right away. When he does get home, he hasn't gotten what Mama asked for, and she complains. Mama complains about Roy, the two get into a small argument, and Mama ends up revealing she has feelings for Roy that she is afraid to express. After the family leaves for the pageant, Mama and Roy have a talk, and Roy leaves. That night, the family is celebrating Sonja's victory, and wonder when Roy will return. Mama says she is sure he will come back to claim what is his.moreless
  • Mama's Birthday
    Mama's Birthday
    Episode 19
    It is Mama's birthday, but she does not want to make a big deal out of it. Instead, she wants everyone to help her clean the attic. Buzz is the only family member to not make up and excuse, so he ends up helping her. As they are cleaning out the attic, Buzz asks Mama to tell him about her thirtieth birthday. Mama tells him what all happened, that Carl was supposed to get a promotion, though didn't get it. And Mama later discovered that he gave it up to another co-worker. Besides this going on, all of her children were helping out with her birthday party, which turned out to end badly. Mama finishes her story, and Buzz and Mama head back downstairs, where the family has organized a small surprise party. They give her the freezer she wanted on her thirtieth birthday party, and that night, she talks to her late husband.moreless
  • Harper Versus Harper
    Naomi is tired of the way Mama treats her because she won't let her do anything for her husband or stepchildren. Mama's vacuum cleaner has broken, and Vint tells her that she can use Naomi's. When Naomi finds out, she is very upset. Mama uses it, but it blows up. Naomi blames Mama for ruining her vacuum cleaner, and Mama blames Naomi's vacuum cleaner for ruining her rug. Vint examines the vacuum and finds Naomi's keys. Mama and Naomi blame one another for this and take each other to court. In court, Mama causes trouble, and Mama and Naomi's bickering angers the Judge. The Judge also gets mad at Fran when she "confesses" to taking off the tag of the rug. In the end, he finds them both Mama and Naomi in contempt of court, fines them each one hundred dollars, and orders that they pay their own damages. When they all get home, Mama and Naomi continue to fight, and Vint yells at them and tells them he'll solves both problems, which quiets them.moreless
  • Mama for Mayor (2)
    Mama for Mayor (2)
    Episode 17
    Mama is sworn in as Mayor and the whole family attends her inauguration, but she soon finds out that the job is not as easy as she originally thought. Mama is swamped with different amendments, bills, and propositions. She has to read all of the paperwork, but there is a lot to attend to. Mama also has trouble at her first Council Meeting. Mama can't make any decisions and even causes a garbage strike and a transit walkout. The Cub Scouts and the Sons of Lithuania are mad at her, and many are calling for her resignation. Ellen hears of all this and decides to help. She and former Mayor Tutwiller help Mama. Tutwiller gives Mama some advice, telling her to send the Cub Scouts candy and get the police the dental insurance they want, and that solves the problem. Mama decides to resign, turns the job back to Tutwiller, and returns home to the family.moreless
  • Mama for Mayor (1)
    Mama for Mayor (1)
    Episode 16
    Ellen talked Mama into holding Mayor Tutwiller's reelection campaign at her house. But during the Mayor's speech, Mama and the senior citizens complain he hasn't done anything to help them. The Mayor gets tired of Mama complaining and challenges her to run herself. The next morning, a news team is out on the lawn. Ellen says Mama won't be running, but Mama says she will be. Both Mama and the Mayor campaign, but Mama is doing very well. So Mayor Tutwiller challenges Mama to a debate, feeling she'll be unprepared. But Mama is a success, much to Tutwiller and Ellen's surprise. Election night comes, and the whole family tunes in to see the results. But one by one they fall asleep, and end up missing the results, that Mama is Raytown's new mayor.moreless
  • No Room at the Inn
    No Room at the Inn
    Episode 15
    It is the morning, and the family is interrupting Vint and Naomi. Sonja asks Vint to have a slumber party, but Vint says that that day is the one-year anniversary of when he married Naomi, and that he is taking her to a romantic motel. Before they leave, Mama gets a call from Aunt Effie, who needs her help because she fell down. Mama hitches a ride with Vint and Naomi to Effie's. Later on, as Vint and Naomi are enjoying their honeymoon, there is a knock on the door, and it is Mama. She explains what happened and says wants to go home. Vint refuses to do so, so she says she'll spend the night there. There are no rooms available, so she gets a rollaway bed. She has trouble sleeping there and wants the waterbed, but ends up in the rollaway bed anyway. Mama continues to cause trouble when she watches TV and learns it is a porno. She wakes Vint and Naomi up, and they all head for home, when Sonja's sleepover has gotten out of control.moreless
  • Supermarket
    Episode 14
    Mama is getting annoyed with Naomi at Food Circus and tells all her customers to go to a different checker. Mr. Palmer, the manager, gets to talking with Mama, who gives him advice, and he ends up offering her a job. She will be the Customer Consultant and give the customers advice and is put right next to the express lane. Naomi isn't pleased with any of this. Things get even worse when Mr. Palmer tells Naomi to train Mama to be a checker and gives Mama Naomi's check stand. Mama does okay on the test run, but when the customers come, Mama has trouble. When some products don't scan, she has trouble entering them by hand. And with one particular can of chili, Mama can't find the price. By the time she does find it, there is a long line of customers. Mama has even more trouble and ends up quitting. After she does so, everything is well again in the Harper house.moreless
  • Mama Buys a Car
    Mama Buys a Car
    Episode 13
    Mama cannot make her Meals On Wheels deliveries because Fran didn't come back in time, so she decides to buy her own car. While looking through the ads, Mama sees a used car salesman, realizes she knows him, and figures she can get a good deal on a car from this Willie Potts. Mama goes to Willie's dealership, finds a car she falls in love with, and gets Willie to sell it to her for one thousand dollars. Mama drives it home and the whole family wants to be taken for a ride. When she pulls off the curb and starts driving, the hubcaps pop off, and the engine blows up. Mama and Vint go to visit Willie. Mama asks for her money back, but Willie refuses to refund her money and tells her to get out. As they are leaving, Vint remembers that Willie was a weasel as a child. Mama storms in Potts' office and tells Babcock, who is interested in buying all the cars, what happened. Mama ends up getting all her money back, and Babcock doesn't buy any of the cars. Mama decides to look for another car from someone she doesn't know.moreless
  • Black Belt Mama
    Black Belt Mama
    Episode 12
    Naomi returns from her self-defense class and shows the family what she learned. Fran and Sonja are impressed with what Naomi does and says and decide to join. Mama doesn't want to go though and decides to go to her Bingo game. But that night, Mama returns home to Vint and Buzz, holding only her purse strap. She is trembling and reveals she was mugged at the bus stop. After describing him and calling the police, Mama decides to join Naomi, Fran, and Sonja at the Karate class. Mama tells the class about what happened, but her family starts putting the blame on her. Mama also has trouble doing the stretching exercises before they learn any moves. After those, Chuck, the instructor, tells Mama she'll work with the star pupil of the class, who happens to be Naomi. Mama doesn't enjoy working with her, but does do well in the class. A few days later, Mama is waiting at the bus stop with an elderly lady and tells her things she learned at her self-defense class. Soon, the same mugger attacks Mama again, and after a challenge, she gives her purse away, and before he leaves, she tells the guy to take the other woman's purse. As his back is turned, she hits him with the iron she just bought. The family celebrates Mama's accomplishment when the story is printed in the paper.moreless
  • Mama Learns to Drive
    Mama desperately wants to go to the mall and pick up a hat she really wants, but no one can drive her. The family suggests that she learns to drive. Mama refuses because she says that she is too old. When Mama leaves, the family starts trying to figure out who will teach her, and it becomes Vint. He teaches her about the different keys. Then Buzz and Sonja decide to teach her the rules of the road. Mama doesn't do well in that. Mama asks Fran to drive her to the mall, but Fran has Mama drive instead. It doesn't go well and Mama gets in an accident. Ellen decides to help teach Mama to drive in the Mall's empty parking lot. Mama ends up crashing Ellen's car into a plant in the center of the lot. Soon after, the store calls and tells Mama if she doesn't pick up her hat in forty-five minutes, they won't hold it any longer. Mama borrows Fran's car, picks up her hat, and heads to the DMV for her driver's license. She has some trouble there, but gets her temporary license and tells the family, who has been worried about Fran's missing car and Mama, all about her day. The family is really impressed, but they refuse to lend her their cars.moreless
  • The Mama Who Came to Dinner
    Vint and Naomi return from a dinner party, but Naomi is complaining. She is upset because she cannot host any parties or invite anyone over. But Fran comes up with a way Vint and Naomi can have a dinner party. Mama is against it, until Naomi says anything they could have at Mama's would be second rate. Mama then decides to let Naomi have her party. The food is served buffet style. But the night of the big dinner, right before the family leaves to go to a movie, Mama bends over to pick something up and has a back spasm. The family lays her on the floor in the middle of the living room. Fran, Buzz, and Sonja leave to go to the movies. Naomi and Vint's friends come over, and Mama ends up ruining the mood of the party. The guests leave only an hour and fifteen minutes after arriving. Vint is angry with Mama, but Naomi helps calm him down. After Vint leaves, Naomi teaches Mama a lesson by putting a "table" over her, covering her with a tablecloth, and leaving her there.moreless
  • Amateur Night
    Amateur Night
    Episode 9
    Mama, Naomi, and Fran take Vint to the Bigger Jigger to cheer Vint up because he didn't get a promotion at work. As they are about to eat, a talent contest is announced, with the fist prize of one hundred dollars, and Naomi suggests he do his Fred Astaire routine, with Fran playing piano. Vint and Fran are nervous before they go on, but Naomi helps calm them down. When they get on stage, all goes well. Vint is a big hit and ends up winning. But this starts going to his head. He changes his head lining routine to something completely different as Vinnie Vegas, fires Fran for a professional pianist, and tells Naomi, who is still supporting him, to not be his wife and just be a groupie. The women decide to not go, until they realize how harsh the Jigger crowd can be. They head down there to stop Vint from making a fool of himself. Mama follows him into the men's room to tell him a story, and Vint finally realizes not to be Vinnie Vegas. He is about to go on, but they get locked in the bathroom. Afterwards at home, Vint is better and all is well again.moreless
  • Gert Rides Again
    Gert Rides Again
    Episode 8
    Mama's Aunt Gert is having a birthday, and Mama is heading down to the nursing home to visit her. But when she is down there, she sees that Gert is very bored and is not lively and exciting like she normally is. When she is there, the nurse says that Gert will have a surprise party the next day, but not to ruin the surprise. When Mama gets home, she starts fearing that she will end up like Gert, especially when the family treats her the same way they treated Gert. So Mama decides to head down to the surprise party. But Mama accidentally spills the beans about the surprise party and tells Gert to get dressed and ready. After a while, Gert becomes her old self and picks out a dress. After she arrives at her party, she and Mama brighten it the boring event up and everyone has some fun. The next day, Gert and her friend Alvin show up and tell Mama they are moving into their own place, having just spent the night together.moreless
  • Ellen's Boyfriend
    Ellen's Boyfriend
    Episode 7
    Ellen has been torturing the family with slides from a trip to Europe, which the family has not been enjoying. But this time Ellen just drops the slides off because she has joined a group for the widowed and the divorced. At this group, Ellen has met an attractive, younger man named Glen, but doesn't want Mama to meet him because of the age difference. At the same time, Vint has been vying to win a contest and Kwik Keys. That night, as Glen and Ellen are at dinner, Mama, Vint, Naomi, and Fran show up because Vint won the fancy dinner. After the family learns Glen is Ellen's new boyfriend, Mama freaks out, and Glen ends up leaving. Ellen doesn't go with him thought because of Mama. Afterwards, Ellen visits Mama, and the two get in a fight. But Mama reveals she is jealous that Ellen moved on after losing her husband, though she never could. They make up, and Ellen heads to make up with Glen.moreless
  • Obscene Call
    Obscene Call
    Episode 6
    Naomi is trying to win the Friendly Employee of the Month at Food Circus by being extremely kind to everyone, but Mama isn't pleased with this because she is taking her time. Naomi ends up winning, and while the family is celebrating, she gets an obscene phone call. Naomi doesn't tell the family, but the guy calls again. Then she reveals what is going on. The phone rings a third time, and Mama has Vint answer, but he gives the phone to Naomi. The family tries to figure out why this guy is after Naomi and how to avoid this, but the tries fail. After Buzz and Sonja leave, the family tries to figure everything out, and Mama, Fran, and Vint start blaming Naomi for getting the calls, and she storms out. The next day, the guy calls again, and talks to Mama, Fran, and Vint. They now feel for Naomi and head to Food Circus to apologize. After a while, she accepts the apology, but when they get back home, the obscene phone caller calls again. This time Mama answers and tells him off, and he hangs up.moreless
  • Rashomama
    Episode 5
    Naomi, Ellen, and Eunice are in a panic at the hospital because Mama has had an accident. Vint comes and asks what has happened. But each of the women has their own tale about how it happened. In Naomi's story, she is Mama's darling and Eunice and Ellen fight and accidentally hit Mama with the pot. In Ellen's story, Ellen is the saint, Naomi acts like a child, Eunice is mean, Mama is two cans short of a six-pack, and it is Naomi and Eunice who accidentally hit Mama. In Eunice's version of the story, Ellen is an evil, rich snob, Naomi is a complete tramp, and Ellen and Naomi hit Mama with the pot. After the stories are told, Mama is released, and Vint asks who hit her, but she says she's never seen any of them before in her life. Later at home, they are sampling the jam, and Vint helps Mama clean up, accidentally hitting her with the pot.moreless
  • Naomi and the Stork
    Naomi isn't feeling well, and hasn't been for a while. She tells Mama her symptoms, and Mama realizes she has felt the same way before. She has Naomi take "Aunt Ida's Tater Masher Test," and after Naomi passes it, Mama says it means she is pregnant. Naomi is very nervous about this and is afraid to tell Vint. That night at dinner, Naomi is sick and runs downstairs after Vint says they'll be living at Mama's for five more years. While Vint is away, Mama tells Fran, Buzz, and Sonja that Naomi is pregnant. This angers Fran, and she almost spills the beans to Vint. Mama tells Vint to go talk to Naomi. Naomi asks him if he is ready for a baby, and he freaks out, but when Naomi says she is already pregnant, Vint is ecstatic. Afterwards, they say they don't want the baby to live in the basement, and the family starts fighting because none of them want to give up their rooms. The next day, the whole family heads to the obstetrician's office to offer their rooms. After a fight, the doctor tells Naomi her test results are in, and the family comes home disappointed because it turns out Naomi isn't pregnant.moreless
  • Country Club
    Country Club
    Episode 3
    Vint is in shambles because his bowling ball is missing, and Vint, Naomi, and Mama are searching for it. Ellen comes over to announce that she was named Raytown's Woman of the Year. The family isn't very impressed by Ellen's news. But Ellen has another reason for her visit too. She wants to borrow Mama's Mother's diamond broach, and Mama lets her. Vint and Naomi are upset that Mama gives Ellen whatever she wants when she already is rich and belongs to the Raytown Country Club. Mama isn't impressed by the Country Club because she got an invite to join. Vint and Naomi see the letter and discover it is an invite to the Women of the Year Banquet. They decide to go. At the Banquet, Ellen is having a delightful time, until her family arrives. They embarrass her, first by ordering beer, then by taking an entire plate of hors d'oeuvres, then by dancing, and then by complaining about dinner and wanting another dessert. After the dinner, Mayor Tutwiller, starts the ceremony and has Mama say a few words about Ellen. Mama does some stand up and tells an embarrassing story about Ellen as a child. Mama, Naomi, and Vint get home and reflect on the enjoyable night.moreless
  • The Return of Leonard Oates
    Naomi's ex-husband comes to town with the goal of winning Naomi back. After visiting her at Food Circus, he comes to the Harper house, with gifts for the family. Leonard tells her when he is going to be leaving and to meet him at the Jigger tomorrow. As Naomi is debating whether to go, Mama is demanding she takes the perm she gave her out. The next morning, Naomi talks to Fran about the dilemma, and Fran gives her advice. Mama comes in with frizzy hair and demands her hair be fixed. Naomi tells her what to do before talking to Vint about Leonard. Vint believes Leonard has returned to make up for the bad way he treated her, and Naomi realizes what she'll do. She heads to the Jigger, followed by Fran, Mama, and Vint. As she is fixing Mama's perm with curlers and beer, Naomi tells Leonard that she won't go with him. After hearing that, Leonard leaves.moreless
  • Flaming Forties
    Flaming Forties
    Episode 1
    Vint and Naomi are cleaning out some of Mama's old things from the attic for the high school rummage sale. But Mama does not want her stuff given away. When everyone leaves, she looks through all the old clothes from the 1940s. Buzz and Sonja come in and see all the vintage clothes. They love them and think they'd be perfect for the school dance because they want its theme to be the1940s. Mama gets excited for the idea, but when Buzz and Sonja return a little later, they tell her that their proposal was turned down and the dance will have a punk theme instead. Mama is disappointed by this and tells the family to just get rid of her 1940s things. When the dance comes, Mama regrets giving her things away and heads to the school to get them back. But trouble starts when the band can't show up, so Buzz and Sonja get Mama to help out with her old records and to tell everyone about the 1940s. Mama does so and ends up saving the dance.moreless