Mama's Family - Season 4

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Mama on Jeopardy
    Mama on Jeopardy
    Episode 19
    When Iola hears that Jeopardy's holding local auditions in Raytown, she drags Thelma along instead of going to the white sale. Iola is mostly interested in meeting Alex Trebek (who isn't in town). So as it turns out Mama is the only one who could answer more than two questions correctly (both about Shakespeare) and they end up inviting her to appear on the show. Her opponents on Jeopardy quickly jump out to a huge lead and Mama has a hard time getting into the game. At the end of the Double Jeopardy! round, Mama lucks up and answers a thousand dollar question right and then gets a Three Stooges question and manages to get herself out of the hole by $100 and is elgible to play Final Jeopardy! The Final Jeopardy! category is Shakespeare, but the question completely stumps her, and the champion wins again! Thelma thinks she's going home with Press-On Nails, but announcer Johnny Gilbert tells her she's won a trip for 4 to Hawaii. She kisses Alex, which makes Iola faint & annouces she's taking her worthless family with her to Hawaii.moreless
  • The Key to the Crime
    The "Courteous Crook" is loose in Raytown and the police are stumped. So Mama has all the locks changed in the house and goes to quick keys to get her new key copied for everyone. While there she runs into a long line and wants to go right to the front of it. But the other customers refuse, until a nice gentlement offers her his place in line and his pin to fill out the Key Club registration card. A little later as Mama, Iola and the family come back home from an evening on the town, they discover they've been hit by the "Courteous Crook". Who did a real nice job cleaning the grout in the downstairs bathroom. Officer Sneed soon arrives to take a statement and make a list of what's missing. After Vint talks in detail about some of the locks, Sneed asked him to come downtown with him. Where they arrest him as being the "Courteous Crook". Mama and Iola become determined to find the real culprit. They begin to talk about the Mama's visit to Quik Keys earlier, where she realizes who the crook really is. So they head for Quik Keys for the evidence, problem they are met by the crook himself. Seems he was getting all the address's from the Key Club cards and all he had to do was find a lock smith dumb enough to make the keys for him (that's Vint). So Mama and Iola crack the case and free Vint.moreless
  • Naomi's Identity Crisis
    Mama complains about Naomi never doing anything around the house and to please her Naomi heads for the kitchen to help her do the dishes. Before she reaches the kitchen door, Mama comes back through and accidentally hits her in the head, knocking her cold. When Naomi wakes up, she can't remember anything or anyone (including her own husband).

    Finding out it may be weeks or longer before she gets her memory back, Naomi goes to Mama for some advice on what she used to be like. Mama, sensing an opportunity to lighten her own workload, explains to Naomi she used to be a whiz around the house and she loved to do the very things Mama hated most. Like cleaning the toilet and waxing the laundry room floor.

    After a few days everyone begins to notice something is wrong and Mama is certainly the blame for Naomi's new found love for housekeeping. An argument soon ensues and ends when Naomi is once again whacked by the same door that caused her amnesia in the first place. Only this time it restores her memory and for the first time since being married, "She has a headache."moreless
  • Gift Horse
    Gift Horse
    Episode 10
    The game is about to go into extra innings and Vint, Naomi and Bubba are glued to the set. Mama on the other hand wants to be glued to the set, so she can watch the last part of a mini-series she is following. When Vint points out if Mama would buy them a VCR, she could be taping her program as they finish watching the game. Meanwhile, Iola brings over the latest of her gifts to thank Mama for watching her gold fish, while her and her parents are out of town. Tired of Iola's gaudy gifts, the family comes up with a plan to get rid of the gifts and get the money for their new VCR at the same time. They decide to have a yard sale. Everything goes swimmingly as they easily earn enough money for the VCR and plus a little extra. But everyone refuses to buy even one of Iola's "Homemade Horrors." Thinking they should hide the money Vint stores it in one of Iola's unsellable gifts for safe keeping. Iola and her parents arrive home sooner than expected and she finds her "hand-made treasures" for sale. She throws a fit and takes her gifts with her when she leaves. Realizing Iola has the money for their VCR now, they're forced to invite her over to reconcile. In the end they make up, and Iola knowing they probably would, went and bought the VCR for them.moreless
  • The Sins of the Mother
    Bubba comes in drunk from a post football party, well after his curfew (around 1:00 AM). Mama flies off the handle and promptly grounds him for 4 weeks and then quickly makes it six as her anger boils over. Iola shows up and the reason for Mama's seemingly unreasonable anger is revealed.

    It seems that when Eunice was Bubba's age she begged Mama to get her on the Mother's Day show at the church, so she could showcase her singing case. The day of the event Eunice's long time crush Duke Reeves and his friends invites her on a picnic with the popular kids, and wants her to bring the food.

    This makes her late for the show with Mama and when she does show up, she's drunk. Her and Mama end up getting in a huge fight in front of everyone and it ruins the day. Bubba then realizes why she was so hard on him and promises to never do it again. So she lets him go to his swim meet.moreless
  • Bubba's Double Date
    Bubba's Double Date
    Episode 22
    Bubba and Vint are busy preparing for the annual school prom, which he and Naomi will be shaperoning this year. Meanwhile, Iola stops by to introduce her niece Vernette and to see if Thelma has any books that need to be repaired. Vernette is completely speechless when she meets Bubba and has an instant crush. Bubba gets bad news when his girlfriend Wanda Lynn cancels their date at the last second. He tries in vain to find another, even resorting to asking the 'Borden girl from down the street'. Who's only 14 but can't go anyway because she has to go to a family reunion. Finding this out, Iola hits upon an idea. Vernette can go with Bubba. Mama happily agrees without even asking Bubba. Bubba is wondering who Mama has him a date with and is pleasantly surprised when Wanda Lynn calls and decides to go with him afterall. Vernette arrives only to find out the bad news. Wanda Lynn demands that Bubba leave with her immediately, while he's worried about Vernette's feelings. Growing tired of her actions, Bubba dumps Wanda Lynn and asks Vernette instead.moreless
  • A Big Hand for Mama
    After nearly being hit by lightning, Mama finds a new outlook on life.
  • Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend
    Vint's trying to pull Naomi away from the TV, so they can go bowling. But she's hooked on the KRAY teleshopper, he finally does get her to leave. Mama at first thinks it's silly, but after seeing a ring she likes at such a great price and then deciding to order the matching necklace, she quickly becomes hooked on it. Ordering any and everything she sees and refusing to miss a show. She becomes such a regular customer that the on-air host, Travis, knows her by name. Vint, Naomi, Iola and Bubba take notice when the bill for Mama's credit card arrives and it's over $1500. Mama of course refuses to admit she has a problem and complains endlessly as the family boxes up all of her recent purchases to send them back. She holds out several items of jewelry, hoping to get to keep them. But gets caught, because the TV is rigged with an alarm, when she sneaks and tries to watch the Teleshopper again. The family and Iola then go about the task of breaking her shopping habit. It involves watching the shows with her and whenever Mama goes for the phone to place a new order, they whack her in the head with a newspaper (much like you would do a new puppy) and scream "NO". Prompting Mama to say "All I did was use the phone, I didn't make a mess." Safe to say it eventually works.moreless
  • A Room With No View
    A Room With No View
    Episode 13
    Vint has a cold, and Naomi swears it's because they have to sleep in the basement. Being it's damp and just a breeding ground for germs. Meanwhile, Bubba is also upset that Mama cleaned his room and mis-placed his drum sticks. She also refuses to let his 'loser' friends Dwayne and T-Boy, who he's wanting to form a band with, even in the house. Seeing that everyone's already unhappy, Iola suggests they air their grievances in front of the hole family. After hearing everyone's complaints, Iola proposes a plan that the family can vote on, Vint and Naomi will switch rooms with Bubba. That seemingly solves all the problems, being that Bubba can now have his band and Vint and Naomi finally get the bedroom they've always wanted. But Mama refuses until she's out voted and forced to go along. The switch doesn't work as well as planned though with Mama being kept up all night with Naomi's "heavy breathing" and Bubba refusing to stop playing his loud music. It all comes to a head when Mama returns from a delightful day out, to find the house in an uproar. Bubba is soon forced to stop playing his music and decides he no longer wants the basement if he can't have his band, and Vint and Naomi agree, so everyone goes back to status quo.moreless
  • Bed and Breakdown
    Bed and Breakdown
    Episode 23
    During breakfast Vint mention the Tri-State fair and how it's gonna be the biggest ever. Naomi says the Chamber of Commerce has asked people to rent rooms in their homes since all the hotels are filled. While Mama can't get the oven door to stay shut or even get it to work at all. Which gives her the idea to rent a room in the house out to earn money for a new one. Problems arise when first Mama and then Bubba and lastly Naomi all book the room at the same time. Bubba refuses to tell the cheerleaders they can't stay and Naomi might lose her job if she tell's her boss' nephew no. So it's decided since they have three rooms, the entire family will sleep in the living room as all the guests move in. Trouble starts when everyone wants to sleep on the couch. Iola comes up on the idea of drawing to decide where everyone sleeps. Mama ends up in the hammock, which is difficult to get into and right as she does, she's interupted again. Which spirals into a huge mess, complete with Peggy Sue the Pig eaten Miss Throirnberry's prize winning Rose and Mr. Thornberry walking in on the cheerleaders, and everyone ends up checking out in the middle of the night.moreless
  • I Do, I Don't
    I Do, I Don't
    Episode 16
    The family along with Iola, Amy and Allan attend the wedding of Cousin Izzy and Ida Sue, which prompts Bubba, Mama and Iola to picture married life with their respective others, or their wanna be others. Bubba first asks if Vint and Allan think it's to soon to give Amy his I.D. bracelet. He then begins to picture his life with Amy as a married couple. They've already got a set of twins, with a set of triplets on the way, not to mention Mama who has gone senile. This unsettling thought makes Bubba think twice about tying himself down so young. So he takes her Amy home so she can wait for some other guy to call. Next Iola has a fantasy about what her life would be like if she married Vint. With her a carbon copy of Naomi and vice versa, while Mama's a lush. Naomi stops by and Mama invites her to dinner, which is Vint and Iola's 2nd wedding anniversary. Mama complains about being out of beer, so she sends Vint and Naomi on a beer run. With Alan talking about his beloved ex-wife Rebecca, Mama has a spooky fantasy about being married to him. In it it's their anniversary and he is trying his best to turn her into his ex-wife, with the aid of her own family and Iola.moreless
  • Mama Gets the Bird
    Mama Gets the Bird
    Episode 17
    A hot sticky day on the lake at Uncle Oscar's funeral finally comes to an end as the family and Iola arrive home. They start talking about how much of a success he was with his boat rental business out on RayLake. Naomi wonders aloud who will get the business now that Uncle Oscar is gone. Since his only other living relative was Cousin Cora and he hated her, Mama figures she's a shoo-in for the grand prize. The family is all busy planning how they'll run the business, when Mama gets home from the reading of the will, and reveals he left the business to Cora and gave her the bird, literally. Captain Petey, Uncle Oscar's faithful side kick. Little does the family know that he holds the keys to a treasure, Uncle Oscar's gold bars. He first gives them a clue in a rhythm and that sends the family running to take the house apart looking for gold. After Mama and Iola tear up the kitchen and Bubba and Naomi search their rooms, they get another clue about the yard. As they run for the door, Vint announces he's already looked. A third clue prompts them to take the cage outside, and upon opening the door, Petey flies away. Thinking the whole thing was a wild goose chase, they toss the cage. Only to get a letter a week after the funeral, saying it was the cage that was made of gold all along and it was worth $50,000.moreless
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
    Seperated Vint and Naomi are forced to live with Mama.
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 8

    After the family acts like a bunch of hooligans in church, the Reverend and Mrs. Meechum come by to ask Thelma if she would watch little Eugene while they visited the shut-ins at the hospital. Of course, being the president of the Church Ladies League, she could not say no. Eugene is no picnic to be with. Firstly, while Thelma is making her stew, Eugene tells her that Papa always takes him to Burger Boy on Sundays. When she tells him that he is having stew there with the family, he calls her fat. As soon as she leaves the kitchen, he steals the bottle of hot sauce and plans to use it against the family. While Thelma and Naomi are fixing the table for lunch, Vinton and Bubba are playing hide-and-go-seek with Eugene. Then, Eugene comes into the dining room and tells them that the boys got tired of playing that, and he didn't know where they went to. After that, Eugene complimented Naomi on how lovely her dress was. Then, he pinched her butt. She told him to keep his hands to himself and to sit down and eat.Vint and Bubba come into eat all dirty and scummy. When asked what happened to them, the explained that Eugene had locked them in the garage and that they had to break themselves out. Thelma is dusting when Eugene put a sign on her butt that says "Caution: Wide Load" on it. He is drawing at the table, and he draws a big picture of a farm scene. When Thelma asks where he got such a big piece of paper, he reveals that he drew all over the good tablecloth. While Eugene has himself locked in the bathroom to hide from Thelma, Iola comes over with a gift for him. It turns out to be a ball on a stick. Eugene doesn't like it, and he breaks the ball off. When Iola sees this, she breaks the toy in half and threatens to stab him with it. Just when Thelma thinks that the nightmare is over, Alberta explains that Lloyd was run over by a wheelchair at the hospital and that she needs to be with him. So, Thelma is volunteered to babysit Eugene overnight. As Thelma goes to walk up the stairs for the night, Eugene asks her if she will tell him a story. She does, and he falls asleep on her. Not wanting to wake him, she sleeps with him on the couch. Thelma wakes up and finds herself tied up. Vint thinks that they are playing a game, so he thinks nothing about untying her. The Meechums arrive later, and then they untie her. Thelma tells them about how bad he is, and how he deserves to be spanked. Alberta says that they do not believe in that, but Lloyd has a different idea. You can hear Lloyd spanking Eugene as the show closes.

  • Pomp and Circumstance
    Mama and Bubba will graduate from high school together, but Bubba wants to skip the ceremony.
  • Workman's Holiday
    Workman's Holiday
    Episode 11
    The church rummage sale is rolling around once again and Mama's cleaning out her attic to help do her part.But refuses to give away a little handy craft she made for Vint when he was young,a pink bunny rabbit lunch box,named Binky.Little does Mama know that it is a sore spot with Vint.He considers it a child hood trauma.They ofcourse have vastly different memories of the lunch box. So when Vint forgets his lunch at home,Mama takes it to him,in Binky.Which causes Vint to freak out and catch his finger in the key grinder and pass out from the sight of his own blood.The resulting "tragedy",leaves Vint unable to work or do anything for himself.But Mama decides it's time for him to go back to work and tells Vint's boss that he will be there to open up the store the next morning. Vint refuses saying after what he's been through,he may never go back to work.Iola comments the only way to get Vint back to work is to restore his confidence.So Mama forces him to down to the store,and gets him to show her how to use the key grinder, bragging on him the whole way.It works perfectly as Vint goes back to work.moreless
  • Educating Mama
    Educating Mama
    Episode 1
    Bubba's teacher lets him know he won't be graduating high school unless he goes to night school to make up a course in English that he did poorly in during the semester. So while Mama's making a big stink about Bubba not graduating, the news comes out that Mama never finished high school either. So she joins Bubba at night school to try and get her high school diploma.

    But she is soon faced with the same problem she was some 40 years ago. It seems the reason she quit in the first place was the teacher wanted her to read "The Scarlett Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne. But when she couldn't get past the first page he humiliated her in front of the entire So she left and never went back. So what do you think the first book the is asked to read in this time around?

    Iola comes over and Mama is once again struggling to get past the first page, but once she figures out it's all about sex and romance, she can't put it down. While Bubba tries to slide by (along with every other person in the class) with Raynotes (a version of crib notes). As it turns out Mama's the only one who actually took the time to read the book.moreless
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 7
    Mama tries to become romantic with her night school teacher.
  • Mama Goes Hawaiian (1)
    Mama and the family are packing to leave for Hawaii, when Iola bursts in and announces she going too (now that she's sold her mother's Mink). Arriving in Hawaii, Iola has a hole list of things to do, and first is 'Lover's Grotto'. Where legend has it, if you toss a flower into the ocean, you'll find your true love. Bubba and Iola both toss a single flower, while Mama tosses all of hers. Iola meets her 'True Love' in Lars Johanssen, a cook aboard a tanker, they discover their plans for seeing all the sights are the same and decide to go together. While Bubba meets his 'Love' in Lani, a native who welcomes him to the island. Mama too meets someone, but he's not who he appears to be, she thinks he's a beach bum, because he mooches her drink and sandwich and then won't leave her alone. Meanwhile, Naomi is sunbathing and Vint is busy watching the girl next to he and Naomi. So instead of putting sunscreen on her back as she had asked, he puts on bath gel instead. Which results in Naomi getting a head to toe sunburn and being confined to the hotel for the next few days.moreless
  • Mama Goes Hawaiian (2)
    Mama has grown tired of playing cards with Naomi in the hotel just to avoid Billy. So she gather's Bubba and Iola along with their significant other's and they go searching for a hula lamp Mama is wanting desperately. Due to the fact that Roselle has the same one and has been bragging about hers for years. Meanwhile, Vint leaves Naomi behind at the hotel and takes in a round of golf. Where he meets three guys who mistake him for a stock market insider, when he says his wife is a "Market Checker." He unknowningly gives them some advice and it triples their earnings in less than two hours. Mama finally finds the Hula lamp, but drops it as Billy surprises her from behind. It's then revealed Billy is really R.W. Fields, the owner of Field Corp. Thankful for all the help Vint has given them, R.W. invites Vint and the family to a farewell party. Trying to figure out a way to get rid of Billy once and for all Mama invites him to dinner to gently break it off. Only to discover at the party, his real secret. While Bubba discovers his new flame is not a native of Hawaii, but a native of New Jersey. Mama gets her Aloha Hula Lamp in the end, as Billy has it flown over from Las Vegas as a way to say goodbye.moreless
  • A Friend Indeed
    A Friend Indeed
    Episode 15
    Iola spends all her time with a new friend.
  • Mama's Girls
    Mama's Girls
    Episode 18
    Mama leads a tap dancing routine with other seniors.
  • Mama Sees Red
    Mama Sees Red
    Episode 12
    Mama and the Family are busy playing a game of Pyramid,which her and Bubba win easily,when a knock comes at the door.It's a guy from the State Department,who wants Mama to host a Russian exchangee for one day as apart of 'Project Heartland'.Mama finally agrees and they get ready to welcome her. Olga arrives and immedaitely starts cleaning the house from top to bottom.Which drives Mama nuts,because she had broken her back getting it ready in the first place.They finally convince Olga to take a break and Naomi gets the idea to give her a make-over.She is so pleased with it,she decides she looks to good to go back to Russia and she's gonna defect to America. Wondering how they'll ever be able to explain to Mr. Peters that Olga won't be leaving,they decide to play another game of Pyramid.Which soon turns into an all out screaming match when it becomes clear Vint and Naomi are gonna easily defeat Mama and her mis-matched partner Olga.Fortunately the screaming match make changes Olga's mind and she decides to go home afterall.moreless
  • Mama Mania
    Mama Mania
    Episode 9
    Mama's dinner is interrupted by Vint and Bubba leaving to watch wrestling on TV, women's wrestling no less.They are soon joined by Naomi and Iola, and of course Mama.Naomi recognizes one of the girls in the match as one of her old High school friends and fellow cheerleaders. So she calls her mother and invites her to dinner.

    But Didi arrives 45 minutes late and informs everyone that her partner was just put into traction and she might have to forfeit the upcoming match for the championship.Until she talks Naomi into doing it.

    At the arena Mama starts mouthing off to the Bee's opponents and gets in the ring with a bucket,with which she accidentally hits Didi with.So Mama has to take her place. In the end Mama and Naomi win the match and the championship.moreless
  • Flounder's Day
    Flounder's Day
    Episode 6
    Thelma comes out with a wheelbarrow, seeing who wants to help her mulch the yard over the weekend. But everyone, except her has plans for Founders Day. Vint will be riding on the cobra float, Naomi will be selling cotton candy by the waterfront, Iola is the stage manager for the outdoor pageant, and Bubba is starring in the play as James A. Ray. Mama talks about how she just hates that day, because of her being beat out for the lead in the pageant 50 years ago. The part she was beat out for is still sung by Verna Mae Ray. Mama tells them about how she could sing circles around her, but they picked Verna Mae because of the name value. Grandma Crowley always said her day would come. Just then, Iola comes in with bad news. She says that Verna Mae will not be able to sing this year. Mama asks why, and Iola says that she is dead. Bubba suggests that the show must go on, and Iola says that she will hold an audition for anyone who wants to try out. Thelma calls around to see if anyone wants to audition for the part. She makes the day on the day of choir practice, so none of the good singers can make it. The Director of the play shows up for auditions, but Mama is clearly out sung by her only competition and ends up giving the part to her.moreless