Mama's Family - Season 5

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Ladies Choice
    Ladies Choice
    Episode 1
    Mama's reign as the Church Ladies League President only has two weeks to go and being that it's limited to one term Mama needs someone to nominate her for a second term. So she drafts Iola to take on the CCL's power broker in Alberta Meechum. but it doesn't quite go as planned as a very nervous Iola stumbles through her nomination of Mama. Thelma versus Iola Alberta makes it clear that she thinks it's unfair to ask anyone to carry the load of being president for another two years. So in a shocking twist she nominates Iola and it's soon decided to have an election. The campaign turns nasty quick and Mama challenges Iola to a public debate. One which features a new more confident Iola. With Vint, Naomi and Bubba at her side, Mama makes a passioniate plea to be re-elected. Which only starts the name calling back and forth between the her and Iola. In the end neither of them are elected as they began fighting and have to be broken up by Lolly Purdue, who in turn is then elected to be the new president in Mama's place.moreless
  • Baby Talk
    Baby Talk
    Episode 2
    Mama and Iola are working hard on a homemade quilt to enter an upcoming contest when Iola comments about the house being so quiet lately. Vint and Naomi arrive home from visiting a friend of their's who just had a baby girl. Which gives Naomi the idea that she wants one too. Mama's dead set against the idea and makes it clear to Vint about her feelings. When that bit of pushing fells to get through. Mama decides to give them a taste of what having a baby is like. So, thinking they have a day off, she sets a little plan into motion to discourage them. Namely asking to babysit for one of her neighbors, who has a baby with a real penchant for high pitched crying. Problem is Naomi and Vint have decided to go into work late, leaving Mama to baby sit little Garth. It's a chore to finally get him to stop crying, but every time Mama gets him to be quiet someone slams a door and he starts again. In the end, Mama is wore out and falls asleep right as Naomi and Vint come in. Never having seen Mama so relaxed, they decide a baby is just what the family needs.moreless
  • Naomi's New Position
    Naomi's on top of the world with the news that she has an interview for the now vacant Assistant Manager's job at Food Circus. While Vint worries if she gets the job she'll never be home. All of this is because a new manager (Archie Woods) has taken over and begins to shakes things up, including firing the old Assistant Manager. Naomi arrives for her interview full of new ideas for the store. Problem is there are several job requirements that she didn't count on when she applied. Like, for instance, having to make it with Mr. Woods if she wants the promotion or for that matter to even keep her old checkers job. She's horrified and it takes a while before she can explain to Mama and Iola what exactly happened. Mama's outraged and heads down to Food Circus to confront Mr. Woods. Who thinks it's Naomi at first but then sees Mama come barreling through his office door. She says Naomi's not interested but she is and begins chasing him around the office, coming on to him. She then secretly turns on the store microphone and gets him to admit what he did to Naomi so everyone could hear. Then she beats the snot out of him with her purse.moreless
  • The Really Loud Family
    Mama's already annoyed and trying to avoid Roselle so she won't have to head up the latest charity drive. While Bubba's late for dinner, which of course annoys Mama even more. He's learning to use the school video camera as he's planning to make a film about the Harper family for a school project. So to begin he has everyone gather at the dining room table, problem is their all decked out in their best clothes. Bubba catches Mama on film talking to Roselle, which forces her to agree to do the charity event. But Bubba soon realizes that everyone is acting to stiff so he scraps the project and starts again. First by talking to Naomi about her former puppy. Then he talks to Uncle Vint, who tells a funny story about Mama plastering the bathroom. Next he talks to Iola who tells the story of Eunice and Ellen's dolls. Mama then has her say on the way kids are being raised today and a few comments about her own family. Lastly, Bubba catches the whole family fighting in the front yard and Mama mouthing off about Roselle. Problem is the camera had a short in it and only caught some of what Bubba taped. The end result has Naomi looking like a tramp and Mama looking like a drunk and a bad mother. But it gets her out of the toy drive.moreless
  • Many Unhappy Returns
    It's the day before Mama's birthday and Vint decides to make her a present instead of buying her something. It ends up being a really ugly cocktail belt, which Bubba's not sure what to think of when he sess it. A little later, a knock comes at the front door and it's Vint's boss, Mr. Carstairs. He wants Vint to hold on to a gift he bought for his "Mother", his pet name for his wife. A $200 diamond bracelet. The problem's start when Mama finds it and thinks it's for her after she reads the card and it says "to my darling mother." So not being able to except such an expensive gift she takes it back to the store and exchanges it. Buying gifts for everyone else in the process. Bubba gets an LP, Naomi gets her bed sheets and Vint's get the watch he wanted. While Mamma get the thing she wanted all along, a cordless electric mixer. Then the whole story comes out about how Mama got the money for the all the gifts. Right as Mr. Carstairs arrives, Vint explains to Mama that the bracelet wasn't for her. But the whole situation is resolved when Mr Carstairs excepts Mama's electric mixer as a replacement and says he'll dock Vint's pay for the rest.moreless
  • Found Money
    Found Money
    Episode 6
    The mail is late,meaning Mama's pension check is late also,so she has to wait around for the mailman.Come to find out Iola had it the whole time and now it's to late to get to the bank to deposit it.So Iola suggests that Mama use the new Auto-Teller, instead of letting her checks for the bills bounce.

    Mama deposits the check and asks for $20.00 cash,which the machine deducts from her account,but never gives to her.So she blasts it with her pocket book and it soon starts spitting out money.$800 to be exact.

    Later at the dinner table,the family and Iola take part in Bubba's survey for his and all disagree on what people should do with found money.It soon comes out that the teller-matic gave Mama $800 and suddenly everyone agrees that they should keep the money,with everyone having ideas on how best to spend it.But Mama decides to return to the bank the next day and put it in her account instead.

    While there she runs into the guy who's account the money was actually subtracted from and she returns the money without having to admit where it came from.moreless
  • My Mama, Myself
    My Mama, Myself
    Episode 7
    Iola arrives to collect for the church rummage sell. While Naomi and Vint have nothing, Mama is looking through her jewelry case. Soon finding her dear departed mother's old brouch. Naomi comments that it may be worth some serious money. Bubba then comes in and annouces his college class is going to Oswald Caverns and it'll only cost two hundred bucks. Which Mama refuses to give him. Naomi and Vint convince Mama to let them have the brouch appraised and that's when the ghost of "Grandma Crowley" appears to Mama and tells her not to sell her it. Later, as Vint and Naomi leave for the jewelers. Iola shows up and is spooked to hear the story of the ghost. Vint and Naomi arrive back and say the brouch could be worth $1600. Mama demands they go back and get it, so she rushes them through dinner, where Bubba announces he got a job to pay for his trip (which he ends up getting fired at). Iola returns to inform Mama about her findings in the latest issue of a psychology magazine. Which prompts Mama to tell her mother to beat it and sell the brouch (which was a fake) so Bubba can go on his trip.moreless
  • Full House
    Full House
    Episode 8
    Mama, Naomi and Iola are planning to go to a show at the Pepper Pot Playhouse, while Vint and Bubba are set to play poker with the "poker pals". Mama finds out who's starring in the play and decides not to go, so Naomi and Iola leave as the "pals" arrive. Mama's headed off to bed when the phone rings, come to find out the other guys can't play. So Vint begs Mama to set in. Mama proves to be a much better player than anyone expected and is soon the hit of the evening, sharing embarrassing stories about Vint as a kid. Until she gets pulled away from the table by Vint and he begs her to build him up, so the "pals" will think he's a big man. Problem is that doesn't go as well and Mama soon begins boring every one with her endless stories. The last shoe drops when Mama reveals, in another story, that Vint touches the end of his when he's not telling the truth. Which ends up costing him a hand and he storms out mad. Naomi and Iola return and Naomi thinks the play was horrible. Later, Mama finds Vint on the front porch and he says he wants her to stop coming to his rescue everytime he's in trouble. Then he touches his nose, which makes her believe he wasn't telling the truth after all.moreless
  • Bedtime for Bubba
    Bedtime for Bubba
    Episode 9
    Mama's sitting up late waiting for Bubba when Vint and Noami come in and start telling her about the new best seller they just bought.It seems the book gives couples ideas on how to get pregnant more easily.One of them they seem intent on trying is doing it in different places. Bubba finally does come in and introduces his new study buddy Toni Malone,a girl.Mama flips and refuses to leave them alone until Bubba threatens to move into the college's Co-ed dorm.Which convinces Mama to go to bed. The next morning,while cleaning Bubba's room they find a black lace bra in the sheets.Thinking it's Toni's,Mama tries to get Bubba to admit to it over dinner,but he doesn't.So Mama and Iola get the idea to stitch bells to his mattress,that way if Bubba and Toni do decide to do something they'd be caught.But in the middle of the stitching job,they hear someone coming so they hide in the closet. It's Vint and Naomi,and as it is soon revealed,the bra was Naomi's and they where in Bubba's room the night before. So now Mama's convinced she can trust Bubba,and the next time she happily goes to bed as he and Toni begin to study.They start making out though as soon as Mama's leaves.moreless
  • What a Dump
    What a Dump
    Episode 10
    Mama plays host to the neighborhood block party, where Mayor Tutwiller is set to make a major announcement. Mama thinks he's going to award her the "Golden Trowel" award for the best yard in Raytown. But he instead announces that the city council has voted to make Raylane the new city dump and buy all the houses on the block. Mam though refuses to move, even though everyone else is for it.
    Bubba plans to move into the dorm and Vint and Naomi find a newspaper ad for their dream house, which with the money they'll get from the city for the old house, they can now afford. Meanwhile, Bubba is working on a history paper for on the founder of Raytown, James A. Ray. It seems he can find plenty of facts about his life but nothing about his death.
    Until he goes to the hall of records. While Mama tries unsuccessfully to start a petition to save the block, then just as the day of demolition arrives, Bubba announces he found out that James A. Ray died at a house at 1 Old Decatur Road. The exact address of Mama's house before the street name was changed. So Mayor Tutwiller is forced to name it a historical landmark.moreless
  • Mama Bell
    Mama Bell
    Episode 11
    Mama forgets one of Bubba's phone messages but refuses to admit she needs to write them down, as she did earlier with Naomi. So Iola suggests they get a answering machine. Thinking it would cost to much, Mama refuses, until Iola says she has one they can have for free. Meanwhile, Naomi brings a stray dog home and her and Vint try to find a home for it, while trying to keep it hid from Mama. They lock it up in the garage, where Mama keeps hearing it bark but they convince her she's losing her mind. After intercepting a series of phone messages, Mama becomes convinced there gonna send her off, because she's going crazy. But all is soon revealed, and the dog finds a home at the senior citizens center.moreless
  • Very Dirty Dancing
    Very Dirty Dancing
    Episode 12
    Mama is sacked out on the couch after laser surgery to remove a Corn from her toe. Having Bubba wait on her hand and foot, when Vint and Naomi come in, dressed for a dance contest their going to. Mama's starts talking about her memories of the place where the event being held and everyone decides to go along with them as their cheering session. Mama runs into an old friend, Ramon and they decide to enter the contest against Vint and Naomi, as do Bubba and Iola. Two of the final three are ofcourse Vint/Naomi and Mama/Ramon. It comes down to having to draw from a hat to determine which dance your gonna do. In the end Mama and Ramon win in an upset after doing the "Latin Sizzle" aka Dirty Dancin.moreless
  • Mama's Layaway Plan
    Mama's Layaway Plan
    Episode 13
    Vint, Naomi and Bubba are preparing for the upcoming Bowl-A-Thon, hoping to beat the Huflanders, who've won 8 years in a row. When Mama returns with Aunt Effie from their Cousin Ludie's funeral, were they where the only mourners. Deciding this won't happen to her, Mama begins to plan her own funeral. Including spending the $1200 the family had saved for their Grand Canyon trip. Having to replace Mama on their team, Vint, Naomi and Bubba choose Iola, as Mama refuses to go, saying it's to expensive. Soon after they leave though, Mama gets a shock from the lamp and passes out. Dreaming about her own funeral and how everyone walked out to go bowling. She wakes up to find out, the family won the Bowl-A-Thon, after the Huplanders had to forfeit. She decides postpone payment on her dream funeral and announces their going to the Grand Canyon next weekend.moreless
  • My Phony Valentine
    My Phony Valentine
    Episode 14
    It's Valentine's day and Naomi feels unloved and Vint buying her cheap stuff for doesn't help. Mama and Iola however are busy making hearts for the Valentine's day banquet at the church. Naomi starts bugging Iola about not having a date,so she says she had one but turned it down, while getting some snacks Mama hears this. Feeling sorry for her, Mama tells Iola that the movie they were gonna watch tonight is off and she should get herself a date. Mama then comes up with the story that she too has a date. Now Mama has to try and find a gentleman to go out with. Iola comes over later the afternoon and tells Thelma that Roselle got a date from "Rent-A-Gent". So feeling desperate Thelma calls "Rent A Gent" and gets a date herself. When he arrives however she finds out that he's a 30 something,not a 70 something like she had ordered,seems they run low on them around this time of year. Naomi and Bubba's date are insulted when they find out that Mama got a heart shaped box of chocolates and roses while they got cheap junk. Thelma then sends her date home. Later that night Iola comes in and tells Thelma that she made the whole thing up because Naomi made her feel jealous.They sit together and agree from now on they'll be more trithful with each other.moreless
  • The Big Wheel
    The Big Wheel
    Episode 15
    The entire family is abuzz with Lotto fever, except Mama that is, who just wants Iola to get back with the cinnamon so they can start on the snickerdoodles for the church bake sale. Iola returns with a lottery ticket she bought with the change from Mama's money. Trying to pick her numbers, Mama suggestions Iola can borrow her kids birthdays. The night of the drawing, Bubba and Naomi have two tickets each while Vint spent his entire check on tickets. To everyone's surprise, Iola matches all 6 numbers and wins a chance to appear on the Lotto Show. That is until Mama decides she wants her ticket back, Iola refuses and Vint announces he matched all of the numbers too (just not all on the same ticket). So after a huge fight, Mama invites Iola back over and they convince her to share the ticket with them. Mama is picked to spin the big wheel for a chance at 2 million dollars. It lands on the million slot, but as they start celebrating it moves again and lands in the 100 dollar slot.moreless
  • More Power to You
    More Power to You
    Episode 16
    Naomi and Vint rush in to get ready for the awards banquet that night for Food Circus. While Mama complains to the meter guy about her electric bill saying it's always a certain price but this month it's $20.00 higher and she refuses to pay it. Bubba comes in wanting $25 to rent a computer to do his paper on, about Abraham Lincoln for History class. Mama's attempts to try and sort out the problem with the Power Company fail as she is continously giving the run around.After a final refusal by her to to pay the bill,they cut off her electricity.Bubba loses his paper and Vint and Naomi have to get ready in the dark.He ends up dressing like a clown and she looks worse. With Iola's "Candles of the Holiday's" collection lighting the house,Mama and the family set down to dinner and she tells the story about the Ray river flood.Which gives everyone the idea to have a sing-a-long.But Iola ruins the mood when she let's it out that Mama is the reason there's no power. As it turns out Bubba's paper turns out great and Naomi loses the award and since she didn't show up, it looked like she didn't care.But the best news comes when the Power Company turns the power back on and admits there was a error in the billing. ofcourse now they want Mama to pay a $50.00 reconnect fee.moreless
  • Mama in One
    Mama in One
    Episode 17
    Trying to update the church's phone directory is hard enough, but having to do it with everyone running in and out is impossible. But fortunately for Mama her wishes of a quite house are answered. First Bubba announces that he's pledging a fraternity called "Sigma Alpha Pie" or "SAP" and will be away all weekend. Then Iola asks Mama to watch her goldfish for the weekend while she takes her parents on a trip. Vint gets a call next and he and Naomi are invited to use a friends cabin all weekend. Mama anticipates a few days of peace all alone, but after finishing the update on the phone directory and realizing the Tv is on the blink and not being able to read, she is totally consumed with boredom. So much so that she starts talking to the goldfish, while also over feeding him. Not to mention reorganizing the kitchen is a complete failure as she ends up out on the front Porch "Singing in the Rain" literally. Mama can't wait for the family to get back and she prepares a big turkey to welcome them home. But Vint and Naomi go straight to bed in an attempt to recapture the megic of the weekend. Then Bubba, who has just become a "SAP", comes in and also goes to bed, seems he's tired and full from eating worms and other assorted items. Lastly Iola arrives to pick up her goldfish, but she can't stay cause her mother got a rash and has to be rubbed down every twenty minutes. So Mama's all alone again.moreless
  • There's No Place Like...No Place
    Bubba's off to a rally for the homeless, as Mama and Iola are off to the Rayplex, while Vint and Naomi are headed out to route five to see the new housing development. Mama gives Bubba $20 just in case he needs it and then he accidentally packs her wallet in his back pack and heads out. She only notices this as her and Iola are leaving. So Mama heads for the rally to get her wallet back and Iola heads for the theatre.

    But Mama gets arrested along with the the other's at the rally and gets locked up, even though she tries to convince them she's not homeless. The phone is busy when she calls home so she's out of luck and into the cell she goes. Where she discovers that the people there are much like her, including her Cousin Cora. Who lost her farm two years earlier and has been homeless every since.

    The rest of the family finds Bubba at home and wonder where Mama is, they finally head for the police station and find her locked up and refusing to leave, after the Mayor decided to release everyone before the press got wind of it. Finally after some arm twisting from Iola (who just got her own column in the local paper), the Mayor agrees to call an emergency city council meeting and Reverend Meechum opens up the church basement as a temporary shelter. While Cora moves in with Mama until she gets a place of her own.moreless
  • April Fools
    April Fools
    Episode 19
    April fools day has Mama in a particularly foul mood, as always. First Bubba gets her with a hand buzzer and Vint scares her with a plastic snake. Before leaving Naomi gets her too with a sign on her back that Iola finds. The fun though isn't contained to the family as Iola gets her too with a special 'lemon sponge cake', that turns out to really be a lemon and sponges. All this time, Mama is hoping to win the golden troll award. The last draw is when Naomi, Vint and Bubba blow off yard work for a day on the lake watching the ski show. While Mama's next door, the family gets a call telling them they've won the award and should expect the media around 4 0'clock. Only problem is Mama doesn't believe them when she's informed of the wonderful news. Thinking the family's pulling another big joke on her. Mama and Iola plan their own April Fools day joke, by covering the front yard with all the junk from the garage. Only to find out it wasn't a joke by the family, so then Naomi, Vint, Bubba and Iola go about doing the work they had promised to do earlier. In the end, Mama announces that the whole thing was a joke of hers, she had called from next door and set it all up.moreless
  • Reading the Riot Act
    Bubba and Vint are playing basketball out back, when Mama comes out and starts talking about Lolly Purdue and how bad a job she is doing as the CCL President. Mama's also trying to avoid Lolly because she doesn't wanna have to hand write the thank you notes Lolly wants. But little does Mama know, that Iola has already agreed to do it. Just as they are finishing Lolly shows up with some bookmarks she wants put in the envelopes, even though they've already been sealed. That gives Mama and Iola the reason they need to try and impeach her. So they schedule a special meeting of the CCL's board. But Lolly shows up unexpectedly, and Mama puts her to work in the kitchen. As Iola and the other ladies move to the porch (then onto her house), Mama makes a major discovery; Lolly can't read. That's why she messed up the recipe and a number of other things. So as her and Mama began to talk, they decide to start a program for people who wanna learn to read and write.moreless
  • A Taxing Situation
    A Taxing Situation
    Episode 21
    Vint and Noami are doing their taxes while Bubba works on Mama's, but their using the long form and she's using the short. So they figure out they'll get a $300 refund, while Bubba tells Mama she'll owe $250.T hat is until she starts listing items she could deduct. Like pies she made for the bake sale and clothes she gave away for a rummage sale. Thinking she's now gonna get a refund, Mama and Iola go shopping. When they get home Bubba tells them an IRS agent was by and made an appointment for Monday morning to come back by. Thinking she's gonna get audited and hearing all the horror stories of what can happen, she makes the family help out in a scheme to try and get sympathy. The agent arrives and Mama offers him a piece of pie as Bubba comes to the door dressed as a boy scout, soon followed by Vint and Naomi taking up money for an overseas charity. The Agent then reveals he's there to give Mama a refund for $250. That is until she opened her big mouth and told him she hadn't declared all of her income. So now she'll have to re-file and pay extra interest and penalities for being late.moreless
  • The Mama of Invention
    Iola meets a man that is interested in one of her inventions.But as it turns out Vint,Naomi and Bubba have an invention of their own,the Petlocks.When Mr. Wheeler arrives he barely glances at Iola's invention before noticing Vints' invention and saying he thinks it's a brilliant idea.He asks for 800 dollars in Good faith money to start,with which he will match with 800 of his own. Mama is skeptical and refuses to let Vint have the money.That's when Detective Sneed shows up and drops the news that Wheeler is a con artist.He enlists Mama and Iola in a plot to catch Wheeler red-handed.Sneed gives Mama 800 dollars in marked money and has her wear a wire to record the conversation. Vint decides at the last minute that Mama is right and the lock idea is dumb,and Mama has to talk him out of it. Wheeler arrives to pick up the money with Sneed parked across the street in an unmarked fan. They quickly agree on the deal and Sneed busts in and arrests him.He outsmarts them and pulls a gun,and tries to make a get away.But he's recaptured by Iola and her Invalid tosser.moreless
  • Hate Thy Neighbor
    Hate Thy Neighbor
    Episode 23
    Mama's sworn enemy and next door neighbor, Fred Gebhart blows leafs back into Thelma's yard which starts a screaming match that has to be broken up by Iola.She then makes Bubba rake up the leafs,where he meets Fred's grand daughter Terri,who just moved to Raytown.The attraction is instant between them. After only two dates Bubba and Terri announce their getting married.Which makes both Fred and Thelma insist they break up.Vint and Naomi think it's great as does Iola,as this becomes the topic of conversation until Thelma can't handle it anymore. Fred then comes to visit and they come to realize that since their gonna be in-laws they had better try to settle the feud.It comes out that the whole fued had nothing to do with them,it was actually there spouses who did everything.So they bury the hatchet. Just then Bubba announces the engagement is off because he and Terri have differing opinions on where they should go on there honeymoon.Which brings Thelma and Fred into the fight and the fued starts again.moreless
  • Dependence Day
    Dependence Day
    Episode 24
    Mama and Iola are planning to go on a cruise, but Iola's mother forbids it. Mama tells Iola it is about time to stand up to her mother, and by doing so, Iola's mother kicks her out. She ends up staying with the Harpers, and soon after, the family wants her out.moreless
  • Mama Makes Three
    Mama Makes Three
    Episode 25
    Vint and Naomi learn that they can't naturally conceive a child. Iola suggests that they adopt a child instead. So they decide to do so. Everything goes incredibly well for them, until they have to meet with a psychiatrist after telling the Adoption Agency that Mama would help raise the child. Mama's behavior at the session upsets Vint and Naomi, making them fear they will not get their child. But luckily, after getting bad news from Iola, Naomi comes in with great news.moreless