Mama's Family

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

Naomi isn't being fast enough for Mama, and she gets to complaining. Mama tells all of Naomi's customers to go to another checker, and Mr. Palmer, the manager of Food Circus, comes over to see what is wrong. Mama tells Mr. Palmer that Naomi wasn't doing her job right so all the customers had to go somewhere else. Before Naomi can defend herself, Mr. Palmer sends her away. Mama talks to Palmer about Food Circus and gives him advice on how to run the store and how to sell more items. Palmer is very impressed and asks Mama for more advice.

At home, Naomi complains to Vint about Mama, and when Mama comes in a few minutes later, Vint asks her to shop on the days Naomi isn't working. Mama agrees to this, but mentions that her job might get in the way. She tells them that she now is working at Food Circus as the Customer Consultant, giving the customer help and advice. On her first day, Mama does very well, but Naomi is not pleased and tries to reason with Mr. Palmer. Mama's post is right next to Naomi's lane, and Mama tends to butt in Naomi's job. Palmer comes up with an idea, after Mama says that Naomi isn't fast enough for the express lane. Palmer tells Naomi to teach Mama everything she knows about checking. Naomi reluctantly agrees and does so. Mama does okay on the test run, and Palmer is so impressed that he gives her Naomi's lane. Sadly, Naomi is reduced to bagging.

That night during dinner, the meal is doing fine until Mama and Naomi get into a fight about the job. The next day, Mama gets her first customers. She does fine with the first person. And she is able to give advice for someone contacting Ask Thelma. But trouble starts brewing when Mama cannot find the price of a can of chili a man is trying to buy. She finds it after a long while. She has gained a long line of customers, and when she says the price, everybody cheers. The next customer gives her trouble too; she can't ring up the bakery and ends up destroying it. Then she tells the overweight woman to just buy Lean Cuisine. Mama then gets another person wanting to talk to Ask Thelma, and she yells at them. As she gets another customer, the cash register starts going haywire, and Mama can't handle it. She decides to quit. But doing so solves the family problems at the Harper house, and she starts getting along with Naomi again.