Mama's Family

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Thelma and Naomi are scanning the groceries and the buzzed ones come up, you can clearly see that they are not even scanning the bar code.

  • Quotes

    • Vint: Ya just made a total jackass outta yourself just because I asked ya.
      Mama: Well, that's alright Vinton. You've always done the same for me, and I've never even had to ask.

    • Mama: (in the microphone) Sue Lampasey, your break is over. Get up here, quick. Mr. Palmer, take this job and shove it!

    • Mama: (To heavy customer) Well, I'll tell ya what. Why don't ya go over and get yourself a fresh package. Uh, better still, you don't need this junk. Go over to the diet section and get you some Lean Cuisine.

    • Customer: I never waited like this with Naomi.
      Mama: I'm movin' as fast as I can chubs.

    • Mama: Long Horn Chili. Here it is! Two dollars and . . .
      (Everyone applauds)

    • Mr. Palmer: (to Naomi) Starting tomorrow morning, you're gonna teach her everything you know!
      Mama: About checkin'. Anything else she could teach me I closed the book on years ago.

    • Mr. Palmer: I can't force people to buy our baked goods.
      Mama: Well, if ya give out some free samples. Shoot, I know plenty of girls got their husbands doin' that.

    • Naomi: (to Mama) I don't have a home life; I have a basement life!
      Mama: Well, get down in it where you belong.

    • (Mama scans an item that won't ring up and can't find the price)
      Mama: I guess these are free today.

    • (Mama finally finds the price of an item on the list of specials and gives the customer his total)
      Customer: (frustrated) How long will it take for change?
      Mama: You're getting on my nerves four eyes! (gets the change) There's your change!
      Naomi: Thank you sir, and come again.
      Mama: Don't encourage him to come back.

    • Mama: (to Naomi) For somebody who's allergic to baggin', you sure are in an all-fire hurry to jump in the sack!

    • Customer: I have a question for Ask Thelma.
      Mama: Ask Thelma is busy right now!
      Customer: I just need to know what to do about a tea stain in the rug.
      Mama: Put a chair over it!

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