Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 9

Take My Mama, Please!

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama, Vint, Naomi, Bubba, and Iola spend the night out at the Bigger Jigger, where they are having a special rib-tickler night. Hosted by Shecky Lewis, a broken-down comic, as Mama says, he performs a routine, and Mama heckles him. They have an exchange of insults, and Lewis challenges her to perform at the Open Mike Night in two days. Thinking she could do better, Mama accepts the challenge for Monday.

The next morning, Mama is still proud of her triumph last night. The family asks her what she plans to do for her new routine on Monday, and she figures she will make something up. But they tell her that won't work, and she decides to just not do it. After all, she won't be disappointing anyone important, just a run-down comedian and a few lushes. Iola enters after attending church and tells how the Reverend congratulated her and said to see her perform the next day. Mama realizes that she has to go through with it now. The family offers help with their own routines. Iola has a joke she wrote, Bubba has a Rocky impression, Naomi has a limerick she heard at work, and Vint has a routine with a balloon. But Mama bought a book and plans to use the jokes in there.

The big night comes, and Mama has prepared the perfect routine. But, after being put as second in the showcase, the guy who goes before her uses the exact same jokes in the order she planned to. Mama has no idea what to do, though Vint suggests she tells the same jokes over. When she goes on stage, she tries out the different routines that her family showed her. While trying her own version of the impression Bubba showed her, she bombs, and Bubba tells her to do Jack Nicholson. Mama makes fun of Bubba, which gets laughs. So she follows this pattern and makes fun of Vint, Naomi, and Iola. Her night was a success, but the family is not pleased after getting home. Her time in the spotlight was bought at the expense of them all.
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