Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 9

Take My Mama, Please!

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • A week after this episode aired in Syndication, NBC's flagship show at the time (Golden Girls) aired an episode entitled "Comedy Of Errors" where Dorothy does stand up comedy.  This is almost a direct rip off of the Mama's Family episode that aired only a week earlier.  Obviously the writers of the Golden Girls had just seen this episode of Mama's Family, as it would be too much of a coincidence to have both the main characters doing the exact same thing!

  • Quotes

    • Iola: Thelma, I don't appreciate you telling the whole congregation about the Patrick Swayze collage in my bedroom.
      Mama: Oh, what are you griping about? Shoot, the Reverend's wife offered ya fifty bucks for it!

    • (Mama is doing her Sylvester Stallone impression)
      Mama: Yo, I'm Rocky! Yo, I'm Rambo! Yo, I'm dead.
      Bubba: Do Jack Nicholson!
      Mama: Who?
      Bubba: You know, the Joker! (imitates the Joker's grin) Wait'll they get a load of me!
      Mama: Wait till I get a hold of you. (audience laughs) I have to apologize for my grandson Bubba. He's the one who talked me into doing that stupid Rambo impression. I wish he would do an impression of a person with a clean room.

    • Mama: This is my daughter-in-law Naomi, the one over here with all the make-up. Compared to her, Tammi Baker's got the natural look.

    • Vint: It's about time comedy came to Raytown.
      Mama: Comedy came to Raytown the day you were born.

    • Vint: Well, what about that old saying - The show must go on?
      Mama: I got another saying, Vinton - The hell with it!

    • (Mama is on stage at the Bigger Jigger with the Church Ladies in attendance)
      Mama: There once was a man with a bucket.. (church ladies gasp) ..who kept water in it, in case of a fire. That's what he did with that bucket.

    • Mama: Bubba is in his second year of college, and I know what he's going to be when he gets out: an old man!

    • Mama: (about Iola) Her idea of living on the edge is embroidering without a hoop.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is an allusion to a famous one-liner, "Take my wife, please." The line was written and frequently used by Henny Youngman (1906 - 1998). The ironic part is that Mr. Youngman was married to the same woman for over 60 years and ended only upon her death.

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