Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 15

The Big Wheel

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Mama gives Iola the numbers, she gives them in order of birthday. But when they are named on TV, they aren't in the order Mama gave. When you win, they numbers must all be in order, unless Iola switched them all around.

    • Mama says Vint was born on March 10th, however in episode #53 he says he was born on April 23rd.

  • Quotes

    • Iola: Hey, Thelma, let me put this on. Us Boylens always wear it for good luck.
      Mama: Well, Iola, how lovely! I don't believe I've ever seen pearls quite so big.
      Iola: Well, they're not pearls; they're Mother's gall stones.
      Mama: Well Good Lord! Get these things off of me! Get em off right now! Good night, I need luck, not body parts!

    • *Vint takes out his lotto tickets*
      Naomi: Honey, how many of those did you buy?
      Vint: A whole pay check's worth.
      Naomi: Well . . .
      Vint: But, now I figure my odds of winning are down to only 100,000 to 1.
      Mama: Is that all? Well, I don't know why the chicken even bothers; they oughtta just hand you the grand prize.

    • Vint: Oh, I wish that chicken would slow down. I can't keep up.
      Mama: You can't keep up with Big Bird on Sesame Street.

    • Larry: Tell us Chad, what are your plans for the money if you win the grand prize.
      Chad: I'm going to invest 50% of it in real estate and the rest in C.D's and T. Bills.
      Mama: Well Chad, what a fun guy.

    • *Mama says she is making Snicker doodles for the Daughters of Raytown Tea*
      Vint: Oh, snicker doodles. You used to always make those for me whenever I did something to make you proud. Remember Mama?
      Mama: Yep. I haven't baked these suckers in over forty years.

    • Bubba: Wait a minute Uncle Vint. You got all six numbers, but they're on six different tickets.
      Vint: So?

    • Iola: I got all six numbers. I won. I WON! I'M GONNA SPIN THE BIG WHEEL! I'M GONNA OWN THIS TOWN!

    • *The numbers are chosen*
      Naomi: Well, I'm a loser.
      Mama: What's new?

    • (Iola goes to turn in her numbers)
      Mama: Well, where is your sense of values? Chasing after a million bucks when there's snicker doodles to be made.

    • Mama: And uh Eunice was born on December 19th. Good Lord that was the worst Christmas present I ever got.

    • Bubba: Half of one percent of the money goes to our schools.
      Mama: Well, boy. Oughtta keep them cafeteria ladies in hair nets for a whole month.

    • Mama: Give me my two mill or I'm gonna kill!

    • Mama: You give that back to me, you thief!
      Iola: I am not a thief you liar, this ticket is mine, mine, mine!
      Mama: You fork it over right now or you're gonna be dead, dead, dead!

    • Bubba: Grandma, Uncle Vint took the last waffle. Can you make some more?
      Mama: Bubba, can't you see I'm busy here? Just fill up on syrup.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Mama says, "That chicken is more talented than Vanna," she was referring to Vanna White on the TV game show Wheel Of Fortune.