Mama's Family

Season 3 Episode 8

The Love Letter

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1986 on NBC

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  • Naomi is looking for romance from Vinton. Bubba helps Vinton write a love letter. At first Naomi assumes Bubba wrote it for her. The letter gets all around the house, and each person assumes another person wrote it for them. It's love chaos at Mama's!

    NOTE: Spoilers below

    This episode was so funny! It's like the most funniest one of them all. This is exactly why I watch Mama's Family. This episode was absolutely hillarious. It starts out with Naomi complaining that Vinton isn't romantic enough. So Bubba helps Vinton ride a 'love letter' to impress Naomi. Vinton puts it in her manicure kit, but Bubba takes it back out and puts it into her yellow purse. Naomi sees Bubba from the top of the stairs, as Bubba walks off. She check her purse, and reads the letter. She's shocked. She assumes Bubba wrote it for her. Then it goes on later to where, Iola gets the letter, and assumes Vinton wrote it for her. Then Iola leaves it on the kitchen table, next to where the plumber (who's working on the refrigerator the whole time) left the bill. The plumber tells Thelma that he 'left a surprise' on the table, meaning the bill, but Thelma reaches for the letter. Thelma reads it, and is shocked. She starts going 'oh, oh, oh' breathing hard and deep. It was so funny. Then the plumber does some stunts that are probaly casual to him, but seem like a turn to Thelma. In the living room, Naomi has a talk with Bubba, about 'his love'. She accuses him of writing the letter, and he confesses (assuming she figured out Bubba wrote it for Vinton). He says he did, but didn't make it clear it was for Vinton. Naomi goes "But you're my nephew!". It was so funny! Then Iola is on the porch with Vinton. Dressed fancily, she acts 'romantically' to Vinton, who doesn't have a clue. The she gives him a big reach with her arm, and is hanging on him. Vinton is shocked, and goes hysterical, yelling, "Mama! Mama!". Then all 6 of them (inc. the plumber) meet in the living room, and they argue over about the letter until it's straightened out. The whole epsiode was just so funny. I wish I could see it again.
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