Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 4

The Really Loud Family

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While this is no doubt one of the best episodes of the entire series, there is a small issue of artificiality that keeps this episode from getting a perfect score of 10. For example, when Naomi says in the unedited version of Bubba's film, "I'd rub his (the dog's) belly and he would lick my face." she says it in a loving way and finished the quote with a higher pitch in her voice. However when she says the same thing in the edited version with the camera shorting out, Naomi has a more sensuous and abrupt tone. It is clear that this version is actually a second recording made by the actors and not the original version that just happened to have the camera shorting out.

  • Quotes

    • *The edited version of Naomi's documentary with Naomi talking about love*
      Naomi: "Even when I was a child I knew who was hot…" *recorder pause* "…Ever night I'd leave my window open, and Marlon would sneak into my room. He'd sleep in my bed all night long. I'd rub his belly, and he would lick my face."

    • Naomi: Bubba, you've ruined my reputation!
      Mama: Aw, what reputation, ya tramp!

    • Mama: This is one pleasant family meal he's just gonna miss out on. Pass the damn rolls!

    • Naomi: But Mrs. Harper that might have been somebody important.
      Mama: Nobody important is gonna be calling us.
      *Iola comes in*
      Iola: Knock, knock. I just tried calling you.
      Mama: See?

    • *Mama is spinning the crank for the Jack in the Box when it pops out at her*
      Mama: Well, Good Lord. If I had a face like that, I'd hide in a box too.

    • *Roselle tells Mama she's never going to head up another charity drive again*
      Bubba: Sorry Grandma.
      Mama: Sorry? Hell, turn that sucker back on. Go on. With any luck, it's gonna get me out of the church bazaar too.

    • *Mama's segment finishes airing*
      Vint: Oh Mama, don't be so hard on yourself. You're not that bad a mother.

    • Naomi: That last student video was so sweet. Can you imagine that entire family getting together to surprise their parents on their sixtieth anniversary?
      Vint: Yeah. What really got to me was when they danced the anniversary waltz in their walkers.

    • *Vint is hopping around on the pair of Mr. Springies*
      Mama: Take those things off so I can hit cha!

    • Mama: There's even a program with three guys raising kids. You don't where they came from.

    • Mama: I know none of us have ever set the world on fire, cept for Cousin Oscar, and that was just a service station.

    • *Iola is talking about Mama's daughter's dolls*
      Iola: Well, I cleaned them up, just as good as new. Unfortunately the next day, Eunice decided to play Joan of Arc; she burned them at the stake.

    • Bubba: Miss Boylen, how come there are so many chairs in doll houses? I mean, you never really see the dolls sitting around in em.
      Iola: Well, the chairs aren't got the dolls who live in the house Bubba. They're for company.

    • *The wheels fall off the wagon Vint was fixing*
      Vint: Bubba, hand me those ice skates. I'm gonna turn this sucker into a sled.

    • *Naomi is talking about her puppy*
      Naomi: I named him Marlon, after Brando. Even as a child, I knew who was hot.

    • *Mama walks into her yard and sees all the broken toys dumped on the lawn*
      Mama: Well good night, my front lawn looks like an explosion at Toys R Us.

    • Vint: Yeah. It's not easy carrying Mama in every scene.

    • Mama: Well, I'm just lovin' this. First I'm a lush, now I'm an abusive mother. *hits Vint* Gimme my beer!

    • Iola: "I'll never forget the shock when Thelma took me into her daughters' bedroom..." *recorder pause* "...those poor things had been totally neglected. They were filthy, their clothes were in rags. I don't think their hair had been brushed in years..." *recorder pause* "I asked Thelma how she could stand to see them that way, and she said..." *recorder pause* "...why should I clean them up? They'll just get dirty again."

    • *For Bubba's video, Mama is talking about her family, before this airs on TV*
      Thelma: But, when all my children gather around at Christmas, before the mood turns ugly...

    • *The edited version on Bubba's documentary with Mama talking about her kids*
      Thelma: "When I think about my family, my kids and all of their kids..." *recorder pause* " just turns my stomach. Husbands beating their wives! Wives cheating on their husbands! Kids stealing and running wild. And, you know where I place all the blame..." *recorder pause* "...right with this old lady! I guess, some people might say that I'm a failure as a mother..." *recorder pause* "and, I would have to agree with them!"

    • *The edited version on Bubba's documentary with Vint talking about Mama and her household repairs*
      Vint: "Seems like every time Daddy went out of town..." *recorder pause* "...Mama fell off the wagon! *recording pause* "...she got completely plastered. What a mess..." *recorder pause* "...that's when she started having men in..." *recorder pause* "...course, she made us kids swear not to tell Daddy!"

    • Vint: Oh no. Fish again?
      Mama: Quit complaining Vinton. Fist is brain food. Give you a double portion.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • After the family watches Bubba's movie on television, Vint tells Mama not to be so hard on herself, as she's not that bad of a mother. Mama responds, "I know that you pea-brain. Cecil B. De-moron put words in my mouth." This is an allusion to the famous film director Cecil B. DeMille.