Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 19

There is Nothing Like the Dames

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama is holding a fancy luncheon, hoping to become a Dame, and Iola is helping her. After they read about Merv Griffin's poolside party where he served chicken wings, Mama decides on that. Bubba gets home and says that he has gotten the lead in his fraternity's play. However, he isn't all that excited because the lead role is of a woman. Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi have been out looking for their own home, and when they get back home, they say that they finally found a place, but it turns out they bought a mobile home and plan to live in a trailer park. Mama, Bubba, and Iola all agree to pitch in and help clean it up. Plus, Mama really wants them out of her house.

Everyone pitches in to make the trailer look halfway decent. The day Naomi and Vint are planning to leave also happens to be the day of Mama's big luncheon. It is also Bubba's dress rehearsal. As Vint and Naomi are about to leave, the mobile home breaks down, and no one can fix it. On top of that, the Dames arrive early. Mama tells Vint and Naomi to stay in the mobile home. When the Dames see the mobile home, they are disgusted. Mama starts lying to save herself. She tells the Dames that the mobile home is being fixed for charity, and Iola is her maid. Everything seems to be going okay, at least, for a while.

The afternoon starts going bad. The Dames mention that they hope the lunch is not chicken wings because that is all they have been served. So Mama quickly stops Iola from serving the chicken and grabs hamburger meat, telling the Dames it is blackened meat loaf. As the Dames are saying what they look for in a potential Dame, which is mostly a family of high moral standing, the trailer starts shaking. Mama fears the worse and pounds on the trailer, yelling "STOP IT!!!" Vint comes out and tells her that he was just trying to jimmy the table leg back into the broken table. Mama clears that up and says how her family has moral values, but just then Bubba shows up in his costume, a dress and heels, saying he forgot his purse. The Dames are shocked and call the family "low class," and Mama tells them to get out. Mama doesn't get to be a Dame, and Vint and Naomi find out the cost of getting their trailer fixed will take up their money to rent the space at the trailer park. They plan to stay at Mama's, but live outside in their trailer.