Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 5

Tri-State's Most Wanted

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Iola wants Mama to donate her sofa for the play she is producing for The Pepper Pot Playhouse. But she refuses, until she meets the star of the play itself, New York actor Leslie Lemoyne. After spending the afternoon with him eating cookies and drinking tea, Mama and Lemoyne make a date for the night of the premiere. Mama promises him some real home cooking. Bubba gets involved in the theatre too, landing a small role as a delivery boy in Leslie's play.

Meanwhile, Vint and Naomi decide to try and become bounty hunters after hearing about the $20,000 reward offered for the capture of fugitive Bobby "Tex" Snider. They head to the mall, hoping to find and catch him. But they return home with no success. So Vint and Naomi decide to give up on getting Tex, and decide to make a fresh start. The night of Mama's big date with Lemoyne, they are watching "Tri State's Most Wanted," hoping to find someone new. Mama is trying to get the couple out the door to prepare for her date, which she finally does.

After kicking out Vint and Naomi, Mama catches the end of "Tri State's Most Wanted," and after seeing the reenactment of the latest felon, she mistakenly believes this murderer is Leslie. When he arrives, she panics and ties him up. Leslie is enjoying what he thinks is role-playing, until Mama calls the police to have him arrested. This causes him to miss the play. Vint and Naomi return sometime later after another unsuccessful try at catching a crook. Then Bubba and Iola return from the play, which was a complete disaster. The star was missing, Iola had to read his part, getting booed off stage, and Bubba became nervous and said his one line wrong. They wonder where Mama and Leslie are, and Naomi suggests checking her bedroom.

Mama and Leslie arrive home from the police station moments later. Mama tells everyone she had him arrested because she saw him on TV killing a lady, and Leslie explains he was playing the part of the murderer in a re-enactment. He leaves angrily, and Mama says that the next time she tells an actor to "break a leg," she'll mean it.