Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 5

Tri-State's Most Wanted

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1989 on NBC



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    • Leslie: Any idiot knows that a real criminal would not commit a murder in front of a TV camera!
      Vint: He wouldn't?

    • Bubba: Well, gee, I thought your Australian accent was pretty good.
      Iola: It was supposed to be Austrian!

    • Vint: They're about to show the Felon of the Week!
      Mama: You're about to be the Victim of the Month if you don't get your butts out of here!

    • Vint: Just our luck to live in a crime-free community.

    • Vint: Oh now Skeeter, we can catch that crook. Alls we's got to do is keep our eyes peeled. The secret to being a good detective is paying attention to detail.
      (Tries to sit on the couch, not noticing it is not there, and lands on the ground)

    • Leslie: I believe the smaller the town, the nicer the people.
      Mama: Well, we've always prided ourselves on our...smallness.

    • Bubba: I play the second delivery boy.
      Mama: A star is born.
      Bubba: Well, gee Grandma, there were a lot of guys up for that part. Some of them even had experience.
      Mama: Acting experience?
      Bubba: No, delivery experience.

    • Naomi: Oh, sweetheart, Don Johnson has nothing on you.
      Mama: Oh yeah. Cept looks, money and five o'clock shadow.

    • Naomi: How dare you criticize my work. I've been told I have natural talent!
      Mama: Well, you shouldn't believe everything you hear in the backseat of a Chevy.

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