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  • Season 4 Episode 25: Pomp and Circumstance

  • When Mr. Hanson first started teaching and Mama wanted to impress him, she said that one of the things she could lose was her B average. But it this episode she has gotten straight A's. Did Mama somehow do extra work to get that all up, or does dating your teacher pay off?

  • If Mama was valdictorian, nobody in Bubba's class was able to maintain a straight A average? It seems a bit unlikely that not one student could keep their grades so high.

  • Season 4 Episode 23: Bed and Breakdown

  • The scene with Thelma and the hammock is very reminiscent of one in an episode of Three's Company called A Camping We Will Go. Dave Powers directed that and this Mama's Family episode.

  • Season 4 Episode 22: Bubba's Double Date

  • At the end of Bubba's big dumping scene with Wanda Lynn on the front porch, after he makes his big speech and walks by her a member of the studio audience can clearly be heard saying "Alright!"

  • Season 4 Episode 20: Mama Goes Hawaiian (1)

  • Iola mentions that she is allergic to hamsters. Later on in "Guess Who's Going to Dinner," she claims that she's raised hamsters for over a decade.

  • When Billy has a cramp in the water, Mama rushes in to save him. But it is a beach, so where exactly is the life guard through all of this? The reason they are there is to help people in trouble. Why was this particular beach lacking?

  • When Iola and Bubba get their flowers back, they get ones identical to the ones they threw in the Lovers Grotto. Mama throws her whole purple lei in. When she gets one back, she says that is exactly like the lei she threw in the water. However, it is not exactly like it. The one she gets is very light purple while the one she received at the airport is a darker purple. So, unlike what Mama said, they are not exactly alike.

  • Goof: Not once in the show do they mention the fact that the trip was won in the previous episode, "Mama on Jeopardy". However, they do say that she *won* a trip, but not where, however.

  • Goof: When Naomi is lying out in the sun and wants that "George Hamilton glow" she's wearing pantyhose. What kind of tan can you get while wearing pantyhose?

  • Season 4 Episode 19: Mama on Jeopardy

  • Thelma tells Alex Trebek that if he has not yet found his significant other, Iola is the one for him. Alex was, in fact, single at the time of this episode. He had been divorced for about 6 years from his first wife, Elaine Kares. Alex got remarried 2 years after this episode to his second and current wife, Jean Currivan.

  • Goof: Even though clearly in the episode "Pomp and Circumstance" Thelma, and Bubba graduate, but in the beginning of the episode they mention they have to do work in school!

  • Timeline: This is the 2nd time the family goes on a Game Show. The first time was episode 7, "Family Feud."

  • Goof: During Gameplay, sometimes they would answer when the timer lights on their podeum went out. But, in actual gameplay, their turn would have been over. And someone else would answer.

  • Goof: Unlike when the family went on Family Feud, Mama must have been on some strange live television version of Jeopardy. She's not there at the Harper House while the rest watch her on TV, so, it must be inferred she's on the game show in real time as she's being watched. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 months from taping a Jeopardy to editing it, distributing it, and airing it.

  • Season 4 Episode 18: Mama's Girls

  • Betty Bunch (Belle Scoggins) previously appeared in "Grandma USA" as Contestant #1 and danced in both episodes.

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Mama Gets the Bird

  • What made Frank examine the cage to find the money? He was just going to throw it away. Most garbage collectors just throw it in the truck; they don't rummage through it.

  • Mama says how Cousin Cora got the boat rental business, but in "There's No Place Like...No Place," Cora is homeless, after losing the farm and not having the job. And she says she been like that for some time. How did Cora lose the business and wind up on the street?

  • Is it really possible to retire and move Tahiti on just $50,000?

  • This was NOT a goof! If the bird cage was older, it would be made of heavier material than those we use today.
    I think that someone just wanted to see their name on the screen or something......
    Bottom line-if you are going to post to a goof, make sure it is one.

  • Well in 1988 Gold hit a high around $400.00 an ounce.. So if the cage was worth $50,000.00 that would be $50000/400 or
    125 ounces.. Now a gold ounce isn't = to a standard ounce but just for quick calculations 16 ounces in a pound.. 125/16 = 7.81 pounds. That is pretty heavy for a bird cage

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